I want to take the idea of RockStar Crazy to a different level today by using two different songs to show how we lose, how we put off until it’s too late to make the choice needed to make a success, and cause ourselves pain and regret.
Too Late For Love This was one of those early songs from Def Leppard. Today’s blog is not actually about the song, but about the subject in life. How many times do we not take the action needed to build what we want in our lives? We put off and put off until it becomes too late.

Look at the concept of love like it is described in the song. So many people in life act in ways that ruin the relationships they are in. In the last year I have coached and worked with many women who just want out of the unhealthy relationships they are in. As soon as they start to take the steps to get out, then their partner runs to do anything to improve things so he can keep the love he had in his life but by that time, it’s often too late.

With our problems in life we are the same way, we put off and put off getting the help we need until it’s too late. When I was working in debt settlement, I wish I had kept a count of the people I had to tell “It’s time to hire a bankruptcy lawyer and walk away; you are too far gone for our help.”

So many times people come to me for coaching as a last resort. They figure everything else didn’t work so now, when everything they’ve tried alone has failed, they’ll try this. At that point they make some choices and a few changes but within three months they still have not fixed the long list of problems they’ve gotten themselves into and they get discouraged. It took the 10 years to create this mess and it will not go away with a new coach in three months. You will not build a dream income in a matter of six months. You must follow the building concept and create it from the ground up.

There are no miracle cures. The quick fixes are like putting a patch on a tire; the tire is still worn down and it will not last forever. We hope that patch on the tire that cost five bucks will let us avoid buying the $400 tire. But, no, it will only get you a little longer until the rubber wears out someplace else; you will still have to replace the tire.

Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) This Cinderella song is the second one I want to bring up. Again this is not about the song, but the title. So many people who have started coaching programs leave. Some people who start plans of action walk away with only half the work completed. We need to follow the course of action until it is complete. This is not just about coaching; it’s about other relationships you build. That new friend you just met at this morning’s networking meeting is probably not the instant answer to all your business problems.

People have walked into and out of relationships, jobs, businesses. All kinds of great things in life we quit because we did not see the results right away. Or we felt the course we were taking was getting harder and harder.

My great friend here in Dallas, Rob Skiba, from the TV series, SEED, once gave me a great piece of advice: “If you give up now, all that you just went through was for nothing.” Many times I have told people that as soon as you set a big goal the next thing that comes is a big obstacle. You will face these in life and you must be willing to walk through them if you want big results. Even last week I was given an obstacle to my Las Vegas workshop; but I am not worried as I know the bigger the goal the bigger the obstacle.

The RockStar Crazy ideas are related to songs and as the titles suggest, we need to follow through on our action plans in life. Before we look at the easy way out, think of how what you’re doing may be RockStar Crazy and how that might work to your advantage. We started the week off talking about how crazy we thought Axl Rose seems. Walking away from a dream because it got hard may put you back to ground zero where you have to start over.

RockStarTim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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