One of the things that cemented this week’s idea was hearing speaker and money expert Loral Langemeier. She is known as “The Millionaire Maker” and if you want to see her, she is speaking in Phoenix tonight at the Phoenix 2% Club Summit. She told the story on Sunday of bidding on a business and winning the bid. She had no idea of how to run this business, or how to make it work so she formed a partnership with one of the other bidders.

Some people will always say “no” when they look at what they have and not look to what they can find to make something work. As I started this theme off this week, I told about how this has been an issue for me. I am lucky to have a wife who actually has pushed me at this since we started our life together — not just in business but in many areas in life.

Last year I wrote a blog about how I sold some things around our house, from bike parts to antiques we just had hanging around. I invested that money into a great stock that has been climbing in value due to the company making great products and choices to put them at the top of their field.

You can read that blog here: Money for Nothing

But recently we had to choose to make some investments in ourselves; that means another round of what we talked about yesterday: cleaning out and raising money from places to make the investments.

Yes, I spent years buying what I call junk now; but at the time it was stuff I needed, like tools and other things for my business at the time. They were good to have for the time but now I need to unload them to raise capital for investment. I have recommended many times if you want to start a business, look for a low cost start-up and sell whatever you can do without to raise the money to get started.

Remember last year when I ran the blog about entrepreneurs I want to meet? I wrote the story of John Schnatter and how he sold his prize Camaro to start his pizza business. You may recognize his company, Papa John’s.

Read that story here: Entrepreneurs I want to meet.

Bottom line: do not let things hold you back from the business ideas you find. If you cannot achieve it on your own, partner with others who can make it happen.

That goes for people who are, themselves, coaches. Currently we are starting to work with other coaches to help them stand out like RockStars in their niche areas. So what are you going to say “yes” to now?

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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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