Ok. I know you are worried this is ANOTHER post about the Coronavirus.

But this is different. Allow me to share:

For what it’s worth these are my PREDICTIONS:

  1. What is happening:Things are going to get strange. But they will get better. 

This is a virus. It’s contagious. It gets people really sick. Some people will die. That’s the part that really sucks.

  1. What “everybody” is going to do:People are going to panic, and they might panic more, but it will stop…

People are going to panic because this is a scary virus, and many are uncertain about it. When people are uncertain, they get scared and panic.

But also…

The media is going to make people panic. First the traditional media, then Social Media.

People see the news, they worry. Then they read what others are saying on social media. Some will share what they think are facts, and let’s face it we like to share information, sometimes without checking to see if that information is all true.

The traditional media makes their money by getting viewers, and the biggest thing that drives viewership? FEAR.

In my opinion the World Health Organization and the CDC are the places you should get your information about things like this.

  1. What this means for business: Well that depends.

This is not going to be doing “the economy” any favors.

But you know …You are the person who creates your economy.

So, if you want to control your business, don’t let this thing control your business.

How do you not let it control your business?

If you are watching the news media and searching for answers on social media, it’s not going to help.

You need to keep your focus on your business. So, focus on your business. And washing your hands, avoiding crowds would also be helpful.

  1. Can you use this as an opportunity?

YES, you can and you SHOULD.

First let me say, please don’t think I’m saying its cool to take advantage of people, to find ways to make a profit from the suffering of others. IT’S NOT.

That being said…

 Let’s think about this in a different way:

What is most of your competition doing right now? Many will sit around and talk about the Coronavirus; some may do it while drinking a Corona. They will watch the news and look for updates to the virus and keep glued to the TV and Social Media.

What that means is they are not promoting or marketing their businesses. They have left a hole for you to fill with your solutions.

They have stopped creating content, making advertisements, and making sales, because of the economy.

What this is doing is leaving a huge Leadership Gap in your industry.

I’m sure you have gotten the many emails, letters, and notices from all those companies saying “We’re taking precautions, we are here to support you… blah blah blah.”

You know, it’s like they have a form letter they pass around that everyone copies and adds their company name to it.

But those communications are MEANINGLESS.

Let’s face it: every industry right now is experiencing Uncertainty, Worry, and Disruption.

They are looking for someone like you to stand up and become the leader.

What I’m doing personally:

  1. I’m taking care of my health, washing my hands, keeping things clean and being cautious about touching others and being in large crowds.
  2. I’m only looking to leaders in the health industry for instruction. I have stopped taking advice from passing information on social media and self-proclaimed experts. I’m not letting things suck the time from me like watching news and reading social posts.

Instead it’s time to focus on business.

Let’s face it: I can’t do anything about this situation other than follow the Simple Easy instructions of the real doctors:

  • Avoid crowds,
  • Wash hands
  • Protect yourself

What I can do is take advantage of what I know, what my mission is, and keep creating content, planning for the next Blog and Video Con. I can spend time with my clients, helping them find ways to promote their businesses and keep going through this.

And I think you should focus on your business and what you can do to build it.

Keep marketing, keep running ads, keep making sales, keep helping your current clients.

If we are the only people who are showing up and still marketing, still building, that should make it much easier to become the leaders. We are filling the vacuum in our industry because others aren’t focusing on their businesses.

Ok?  We are going to get through this, so let’s not get obsessed with it, let’s not worry about it, let’s not panic.

Let’s keep focused on the mission at hand.

Stay awesome…


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Not tom petty, simple Easy Marketing, Tim Gillette, RockstarTim Gillette is a Speaker, #1 best selling author, Award winning blogger, and Creator of Simple Easy Marketing, a trademarked system to get clients faster online. Tim hosts Simple Easy Events, and Blog and Video Con. To find out more click here. 

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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