Get the EXACT Blueprint I Use to create ALL my content. From Podcast, to Videos, to Blog posts, to Events. 

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The  blueprint  has been used to create new content in the last year for all our clients.  Even if you've struggled to write, put ideas together or have no list. This formula will work for anyone who follows it!

About The Author

Tim Gillette has been creating content using Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Events, Virtual Events, Livestream videos, Books, Programs, and more for the past 13 years. 

After the Covid Pandemic, Tim decided to build focused events where you can take home in your hand something that can be put to work. 

In 2004 sitting across the table from friend Zig Ziglar being told you have the leadership skills still left Tim in a state of disbelief. 

In 2010 not knowing what to do, using the skills to start a blog, then a podcast, Tim wrote his first book, then hosted events, It was while doing Live Stream Videos on a platform call BLAB that this formula was created.  Now Tim Shares and helps you create content that gets attention, and gets sales all in this one day workshop event. 

Event dates will be available soon!

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Here is what you will get from this one day workshop event in Dallas Texas...

Learn how to create outlines that will put your creativity to work. 
How to find a story that will make your outline POP and get people leaning in their chair to listen
How we use curiosity to get people to want more from you
How to have purpose behind everything you create. 
How to have sales while you are sleeping from your content. 
You will record your content and leave with a video you can use right away
You will learn what tools to use to break up your content and use on different social media.
You will get more sales than ever before because you will be showing your viewers what they really want. 

This Event will be launching in Late 2023. 

If you want to be the first to find out more click the button and add your name to the prelaunch list. 

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