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Cancellation policy

I know you are someone who keeps your word, and keeps a good schedule.  Here is our policy of how we handle the many people who are not like you. 

1. Please give a 24 hour notice if you must cancel. This allows us to adjust our plans and possible fill that spot to help someone else in that time slot. 

2. If  you must cancel last minute please communicate as soon as possible to stop drive time if needed. 

3. No Shows. If you schedule and do not show, and do not call. We reserve the right to cancel any other meetings you book with us. 

4. Repeated Cancellations. If you cancel and reschedule a meeting more than 2 times we reserve the right to cancel any meetings with you. 

5. Communication is key. We understand that life happens. That is why we started using a calendar app that looks at our entire schedule and works together with other calendar apps to make sure your schedule works as well. Please keep in good communication when life changes so we can both work together to find a solution.  

Thank you for understanding, successful people are doing things that get results done. I love working with successful organized people. 

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