When it comes to the importance of mindset and belief, it was best said by Henry Ford. “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, either way you are right.” Your belief will take you on one of two paths. Your belief has either created the fear that has brought you to failure or you belief has given you the success that keeps you happy.

So many people have kept themselves from success by always looking at each thing they do with the belief they will fail. When we do this, we set ourselves up to not take the action needed to make us succeed. It takes the belief of success to get you to take the action to make the success happen.

I started this post today after taking a day off from my work. I have spent most of the month of December writing new books and programs for 2012, but I decided to take a day and just do nothing. Well my day ended but I still had to put this post together, yet I felt I could not do it. It’s funny that, with all I have written about the importance of believing in your success, I had the belief that I could not write one day’s post – and it’s interesting it would be on today’s topic! I had to actually raise my own belief that this could be a great, helpful post to help you grow before I could take it on and accomplish it.

I started to think of the many times I’ve started businesses over the years. There were several times that faith was lacking and I did not believe I would have the customers to keep the business running. But when I started to believe that the product or service I was offering was of great value, then I put the action towards it that brought success.

Did you ever hear, or have you ever heard the statement: “I will believe it when I see it.” Well, in this life that statement is backwards. You will never see it until you believe it. If you do not have the belief in what you are doing, you will not see it come to be. You see, without belief you never have the faith to take the actions needed to bring success.

Imagine your life now. No matter what tools you hold, the first must be belief that you can succeed. If you believe you will fail, you need to change that around. Stop the thinking process of “I can’t.” Here are five steps to bring belief, leading to success and overcoming the fear of failure.

1.  Keep your momentum going with belief. No matter if you are on the way up a hill in life or on your way down after a victory, keep yourself moving to always build belief in success.

2.  Always keep in mind that you have a past, or a burden to carry. Use the knowledge of your past successes (I promise you have some although you may not think you do) to drive you to believe in building success. If you keep focusing on past failures, use our next step to help you past them.

3.  Use positive of affirmations to tell yourself you are successful. I know that many people want to wait to act until they feel successful. You will never feel it first; the feeling comes after the action. So an affirmation process gets you started by telling your mind you are a success.

4.  When you have turned things around and belief is being built, keep moving forward. Just because you have reached the hilltop and are about to start the easy coast downhill, remember the accomplishments behind you and keep moving so you don’t have to start over again.

5.  Always keep building success. The words, “I knew I could.” The thoughts of building yourself up and building one success after another. Just because you are on a mountain top does not mean that you will not have to go through another valley as you continue to build. Don’t relax now; instead keep preparing for your next success.

You are the person in charge of your belief system. It will be up to you to believe you can succeed, because, as Henry Ford said, whatever you believe is what is going to happen. You are the one who controls where you go. So believe you can succeed, or believe you are going to fail. It’s up to you.

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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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