What is the number one selling product you might ask? Well if you notice the one thing that can make anyones day, brighten their future. It causes people to follow you. It gets people elected into offices, It gets preachers watched on tv, it gets people to become friends with total strangers. It gives prisoners a reason to live. It is the number one seller. And what does it cost? Nothing…

So what am I talking about today.  HOPE. no matter your situation in life, it takes a word of hope from anyone to make you look at where you are, or what you are going thru and suddenly you can feel life again.Hope that something good could happen. I remember the times in my life when I was lowest, going thru the hardest times. It was then that hope was the strongest in my heart. I knew life had to get better from there. When I had nothing, then you could get anything, or go anywhere.

So the short of this is no matter what you are going thru, hope will get you thru.  It is a best seller, from the political figures who speak it, to the preachers who talk about it.They are the ones who we listen to, vote for, send our hard-earned money to help support. So what are you hopeful for in your own life? How will reading this change your life? what will you become hopeful about today.

The three things you need to do with hope to make your life better, and help make someone else’s life better.

SEEK HOPE : Look for the good in things, instead of saying things like it wont work for me. Say there is a learning gem here in this if I seek it, my life will come thru better because of this. In all things if you are without a job now. seek hope in the situation, you now have some free time to seek your true purpose in life, to realise what your dream is, to put a plan of action together to have your dream life become a reality in the next 2 years. If you have just lost a partner in life, a breakup or divorce, now is the time to better yourself. Find healing in your life, become that complete person you always wanted to be. Let the hope of a wonderful life with possibility of a new future. If you have been told you have a life long illness, or worse yet cancer. Have the hope that you are now able to meet all new friends thru your journey who need you to have hope. You need to seek those things that ar for the better, those things that are to make your life better than yesterday. The chance that this is a place that will cause you to grow to a new mountain top in your life.

LIVE HOPEFULLY : Become a life beacon of hope. Drop seeds of hope everywhere you go. Its hard at first to be hopeful when you think your world is ending. But it starts with you.first you have to be hopeful and start seeing your life better because of this. I tell people all the time no matter what you are going thru if you see yourself as successful, you then create the hope inside you to become the success you see. Think how your world would change if you started living a life that was hopeful of things getting better. You would continue to be more hopeful, your future would become so bright that each choice you made would be for the better. Within a year people would start to see you as the person who gives them hope. A person who pushes them to move towards a better life themselves.  With that ill say the last thing about HOPE.

SPREAD HOPE: When you share it with others it then makes our world a better place. Hope is not something you keep inside of you its something you gotta share. The more people you share it with the more you have yourself. Wow what a concept. Share it, Give it, tell about it. Then you get more yourself. This is how you sell hope. Those people who give others hope are the ones who are the most successful in what ever they do. If you see a service business doing great, chances are when you go inside that business you see the people who work there doing something to make the customers have a better day. They bring hope of a better life to those who they serve.

Well this is another short note to help you I only hope you reading this you build a hope inside of you to do something to better your world. Seek it, Live it, Spread it. Hope the number one selling product to make you succesful.  Go and Rock your world today.

Tim Gillette Rocker life coach.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette, the mastermind behind Simple Easy Marketing, brings his expertise to the digital world with Simple Easy Websites . With years of experience in sharing valuable marketing tips and ideas through his blog, Tim has now expanded his vision to create user-friendly, efficient online solutions in 2023. Visit www.SimpleEasyWebsites.com to explore how Tim can help enhance your digital presence.

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      Good word.

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      This gave me a fantastic idea for a business motto! (Great! Another idea to work at — I need an R&D crew!!)

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