Good Sunday morning to you. I try to spend some time away from my work on weekends and enjoy life but this weekend still included a lot of business. I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking of what theme to use this week. Usually, I’m the guy who has life planned four weeks ahead of time. I spent hours last week planning a road trip this week to travel home for Easter, and to help my mom clean more from her house to prepare for its sale. I have theme ideas planned, but was waiting on input from others to make it happen and those are not ready to happen. So what was I going to do?

As most of you know I have a partner in business who really stretches my mind a lot. The ideas are in my mind but she has to ask me the questions at times to get me to put those thoughts together. Well she did it again. As we talked this morning she reminded me of the greatest gift my father gave me. He taught me how to use my mind to think my way through any problem.

I remember when I was a teen and he actually told a group of boys that at the time, I did not have the gift needed to be a mechanic. I did not have what he called “analytical thinking” that ability to think through what was wrong and find the problem. How did he teach it to me? My dad was a teacher and he usually found ways to teach kids through hands-on training. How did he teach his son that could not think like that? I can count the times my dad actually gave me money to help with a problem in my adult life, he only did that two times. He never gave me an answer those times I thought I needed a question answered. Instead, what he did do was ask me the questions to get me to come up with the answer by my own thoughts. So my dad taught me to think for myself.

As my partner and I discussed this topic this morning, we talked about how there is an entire generation growing up that the system has taught to blame someone else rather than think of a way out of the problem. We discussed how there is a generation that has not learned to think for themselves, to actually have to work through the problem in their mind, and find a solution.  As I write this, I myself still have problems I have not thought through and must go back and think through. I have things in my own life I’m still thinking through.

So this week we are going to have a week of thinking though things, using the great mind God gave you to come up with solutions to solve the very problems in your life. I will be on a motorcycle trip all week and along the way, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on how you can change your world, using your mind to create ideas to get you past what you are facing now; to help you stop blaming someone, or something else for you not being where you want to be yet; to start being a person of your word and to learn the buck stops here; to finally see that and understand that. So here is to a great week of you finally realizing where the problem is.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and those in your life, let us know how we can help you become the RockStar in your world.




Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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    • Brooke Gillette

      Good reminder Tim, and I appreciate the way you wrote about your dad, gave the lesson a very human touch. You were fortunate to have such a father!

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