It’s another day in our week of helping coaches rock the coaching world. I thought about this week after realizing my wife is set on catching all of the Olympic events she can. If you are watching the games in London this week, they are something that takes over the world every 4 years. If you love it, you watch. Many work to get there in person.

But on TV, you can see the relationships between the coaches and those competing. It shows the value of coaching, from the coach who worked with them for years to get to this point to the team members who are coaching and encouraging along the way.

The team members learn coaching because many of those competing will be back in years to come as they get older, coaching those who come after them. Like the many who contact me about how to build the coaching business, they are following after me and I want to help them succeed by showing them the mistakes I made and helping clients learn from them.

So in our week of how I help coach the coaches, it’s important to understand that we will help more coaches, and once those we coach succeed, they might actually be able to offer coaching to others as well. I know to the many competitive careers out there it sounds like we are pushing to get more and more out to coach.

Well, we need more people to make this world better, and if more successful people would offer coaching programs to help, we could build many more successful businesses and organizations. Part of what Donald Trump is doing with his “Apprentice” show is helping to train others to build themselves to success, as well as building his company to a stronger place.

Now we take it to the practical level of where to grow your coaching. Yesterday I shared how we need a program to help others. Now we need a place to share it. We need an online presence.

I built an online presence for my coaching programs before I ever stepped out to meet people. So here are the places you need to be online to start your coaching:

1. Start with a website or a blog. You can start out with some of the free sites to get going and build from there. I started with a blogspots and site. had an option for me to take the domain name and make it look like a real site. But building a blog and posting on a regular basis is the first thing you need. Be sure to get the domain name that matches where you want to go, but also get [your name].com. Getting was the first thing I did to set the position of brand I wanted to build from.

2. Get on the social networks. Once you have the domain name and the business name, you can build a Twitter name, a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel. All of these are places that you will need to build a following to get people to go back to read your site and blog posts. I know speakers and coaches who try to build a coaching business with an online presence, but you need to have some footprint in the online world for others to easily find you.

3. Get an email system. There are many of these out there from the A-Webber, Constant Contact, iContact. I used Mail-Chimp to get started because they have a free version that you can use until you build a list of people. You will need this to email as sending individual emails out can become long and hard to do and you will look like a spammer if it’s done wrong. You want a system where people can find you and know you are running a real business.

4. Online media. So many create things on other sites like E-zine and radio shows like Blogtalk Radio. These are great places to get yourself online to build a presence and get your name known. I am just now starting the online radio show; it comes with some work, as you need to find guests and topics to talk about each week. That scares so many but once you get it started you will see followers coming.

The online presence it a big thing in our internet world. I encourage many forms of online activity for my clients. I started with a blog and social sites like Facebook and Twitter. When I met online training people like Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, they worked to help me with LinkedIn. Then I started to follow people who taught me video, like Lou Bortone and Frank Kern. They said “you need to be on video,” so I built a YouTube channel. Now I’m working on a radio show from what Craig Duswalt taught me.

Each of these parts is needed to help build a world of attraction to get your message out. Over the next two days I will share how getting out to meet people face-to-face works to build your business more. In each of these steps you should be attracting new clients.

RockStarTim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette, the mastermind behind Simple Easy Marketing, brings his expertise to the digital world with Simple Easy Websites . With years of experience in sharing valuable marketing tips and ideas through his blog, Tim has now expanded his vision to create user-friendly, efficient online solutions in 2023. Visit to explore how Tim can help enhance your digital presence.

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