Anita Sonya Joins the Tim Gillette Show.

Season 4 of the Tim Gillette Show Special Episode

Sonya 2021We welcome Anita Sonya of Our Coaching Universe joins the show today

Anita Sonya is a High Performance Transformational coach who helps high motivated individuals who want to transform themselves to be high performers to break through barriers to reach their top potential.
Her passion in traveling giving her so much insights how people are influenced a lot by their environment to stay as novice during their adversities. This is how she finds that people need to change completely to leave their old patterns to reach their goals.
As a transformational expert, she works with professionals and entrepreneurs to transform themselves THROUGH the things that are holding them back and change pain into gain for becoming high performers to reach their goals in finance, career, relationship, and any areas of their life.
Everyone can overcome pains and failure to rebuild themselves to be even better through her coaching and course programs to live their best life. This is what inspire her to create Our Coaching Universe for the experts to share their expertise, experiences, and knowledge to share values to the world.
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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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