Adam Latin joins the Tim Gillette Show

Season 4 Episode 8 of the Tim Gillette Show welcomes guest Adam Latin.


Today’s episode is with Adam Latin of the Clearest U. We discussed Adams journey starting in 1999, when he realized he wanted to do what hi wanted to do. Staring his journey that has now lasted more than 20 years. I hope this broadcast is inspiring to you. Be sure and check out other episodes of the Tim Gillette Show on our blog as well. If you have a great story and would like to share you story on the show, please click here Podcast Guest to apply to be a guest on the show.

ADAM LATIN actively started down my path in 1999 when he realized he wanted to do something to help and feed people. He started going to massage therapy school where he learned about many other forms of alternative healing. Then took a class called The Silva Method, which is a seminar the explains how brain works like a computer. It was his first introduction into how to change someone’s programming.

Listen to the episode and check out his website and be sure to look for his book on Amazon

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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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