Good Tuesday morning to you. It’s day two of Environment Week and there is a question I want to ask: is everything working well for you in your home?  Is your home the place you cannot wait to get back to each day? Many people don’t think about how important their homes can be to their success, but let’s think about this for a moment. If you were living in a home with no peace and you could not get enough rest each day, how productive would you be in your world?

A recent commercial for Holiday Inn Express focused on the concept of getting restful night’s sleep. It showed people being able to do things that they are not trained to do and then saying “I’m not the pilot of this plane, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night and got a great night’s sleep.” The commercial brings about a point that I wanted to make today: How much further could you go towards your goals if you started each day rested and went to work with a peaceful mindset?  How well could you perform any duties you needed to if you had less stress at home?

To keep your life a success, no matter what kind of home you have, you must build your home it to be that place you cannot wait to get back to. If you live in a home like we do you, with eight people sharing five bedrooms, you may have to find your corner of the home to build your success. I have three simple steps for making your home your peaceful and productive place.

1.  Set up your own comfort zone. I said there are eight of us currently living in the house but two of them are moving out soon. With that move, we are working to create a better office space for me as well as opening up space for our Couchsurfers and family guests while still meeting the needs of those of us who will continue to live here. We are setting up our patios so we can all have an outside relaxation place. The key is I work from home I but do not want to carry my work in every part of the home. So we are working to set it up spaces that are for the entire family, spaces that are just for us, and spaces that are just for work. No matter how you set your home up it must be set up to work for you.

2.  Learn the settings of color and decoration. When it comes to my personal decorating taste, it is not what most would expect from a long haired biker guy. I love to have my space clean neat and looking like it was professionally decorated. When I moved in with Gwynne it was tough to get used to the color. Her bedroom had a combination of five colors. She is a colorful person and we are working on a combination for repainting before our wedding. She wants eggshell white, with a stucco faux finish. We will be very close to that with maybe an accent wall for my taste. The thing is it will be a combination of us both, making our room a place of peace and harmony for both of us. When you set up rooms in your home you must keep this in mind. You might want to hire a decorator or perhaps have a Feng Shui expert come in and make it yours. If you share the space, you must make it work together, which takes me to the last point.

3.  Keep your home a peaceful place for all that are living in it. I spent years renting rooms, so I learned to deal with others’ living situations. The best arrangement in those days was the three plus years I lived with my roommate, Jannie. We had our own areas, but also had common living areas. In our home here, we also have common living areas and private personal areas. We all work on different schedule so the house could have activity going on just about 24 hours a day. But we’ve set it up to be quiet during certain times, no matter what, to accommodate those who have set work schedules. So you have to set your home up to work with all whom live there to have the peace they need.

Setting your home up to give peace, as a place for you to rest, is what will help you in building that success you want in 2012. After all, we need to rest sometime and if you are never at a place to get that rest you are keeping yourself from success.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Set your home up for peace in your life to be the RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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