Good Thursday morning to you. Are you still rockin’ this week? Have you added a few songs to your playlist to help keep your own personal lessons from Rock ‘n Roll in mind? I hope the one thing you do learn from this week’s theme is you can get inspiration from anything if you just look to find it.  I’d love to have your feedback on any of this week’s posts. Please add them to the comments section. Or head over to the contact page and tell me how this has helped you.

Today I will actually cover two of my favorite songs. They both helped me cement the idea of living life on my terms. When I undertook becoming a life coach, I didn’t want to be just life coach. I had to learn to be who I am, to enjoy this life for what it is.

Both singers I’m focusing on today were born in New Jersey. The names of their songs are similar, and the newest of the songs mentions the older song in it. I believe both these artists actually sang together once. I did some research online to find out for sure but I couldn’t confirm it.

What songs, what artists am I talking about? Frank Sinatra singing his legendary song “My Way,” and Jon Bon Jovi singing his song “It’s my life.” The song that was so famously done by Frank Sinatra, was written for him by Paul Anka. He said when writing it, he was thinking about how Frank would say, “It’s my life.” Thus when you hear this song you actually think “This is Frank.” It’s like the song defined him, or he defined the song. They go hand-in-hand.

When I hear Bon Jovi sing the song. “It’s my life,” to me it is a rock song with the same idea as Frank’s song. As Paul Anka did when he wrote it, Jon wrote the song thinking of himself, but thought he would be taken as a self-indulgent person. He said he had no idea it would be taken as everyone who heard the song making the statement for themselves, “It’s my life and I’m taking control.”

As I sat here today listening to both songs, something about my own life came to my mind. I tell my family all the time that when I’m gone both of these songs need to be played about my life. When my dad died, we put together a great video of his life in pictures. Then we decided to put it to music, and soon the song was chosen that described my dad, his life, and his journey to heaven.

It made me think how each of us wants something good to describe us when we are gone. I hope this song tells people this is me: I lived my life on my own terms, I may have a few regrets, I may have failed or fallen along the way. But in the end it was done my way.  It was my life. So I’m going to live each day while I still have the chance, I’m going to live, to love and to change my world to what I want to be.

So today, my lesson from Rock ‘n Roll is “I’m going to live my life. God made one of me, so I’m going to be me and live that way. I’m going to do things my way.” Now I’m going to ask you: are you living your life on your terms, your way? When your time on this earth is done are people going to say about you that you lived your life? Or will they say you were a copy of your boss, your best friend, or your idol?

I am going to give you a challenge today. If you were to pass from this world, and today was your last, what would be the most defining thing that others would say about you? What one song could they play at your memorial service that people who knew you over many years would say truly represented you?

These songs may define me, but this post is not to get you to use them to define you.” It’s time for you to define yourself. Whatever it is that you want to truly define you, write a paragraph about it. It may not be who you are now, but if you write a defining statement about yourself and keep it somewhere to motivate you, it can help you become the person you want to be.

I learned from a seminar to write this about myself. We called it a contract with yourself. You may call it that or something else. It’s time for you to put in writing where you are going to go from here. So tell me what your statement of definition about yourself is. Use the comment section below and let me know.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and those around you. How can I help you become the RockStar in your life?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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