How do you change your world in 30 minutes, or less?

Imagine you are presented with a problem at work, your supervisor gives you 30 minutes to have a solution on his desk.

What would you do?

Where do you go to think?

When working a job all to often you get those short notice, must have deadlines. If you need the job you need to find the answer, solution, or have the project done.

When it comes to home life, your spouse gives you the same time frame. Do you work as hard? If it were your child that needed you to come up with the solution would you?

Now imagine the problem is your child has just fallen and need to be taken the emergency room, their life depends on it you have30 minutes.

We all have them, and sometimes it’s the level of urgency that is put on us by others that makes us think faster.

If you are a home office entrepreneur it may get hard sometimes to focus, to clear the mind to find that solution in less than 30 minutes.

When I wrote this blog post below, it was about a 30-minute break from thinking. Doing some tasks that would free the mind for a few minutes to be able to focus on what to do next.

Below you will find the original blog post that got this Lifestyle entrepreneur going.

With only 30 minutes to come up with a solution, I wanted to find something interesting to write for my first blog. I looked for a week and still no ideas. It is now one month after starting my new venture full-time and leaving a daily grind job. Working from home is great, and working for you even better. Most people want to do this but cannot find a way, or a path to take to make this happen so they keep working a job for someone or at someplace they really don’t like. So what can you do if you don’t know where to go?

How to get started?


While going down the list that I’ve been putting off for almost a month. I noticed I still have not gotten my storage garage cleaned and organized. I had a little help over the weekend when deciding to add another motorcycle, and had to now fit 3 of them in. So with the best intention, setting a 30-minute timer to work on the project for 30 minutes.

Well the total job took only 45-minutes total to complete once getting started. This made me think back to some wisdom an old boss gave many years ago. Just spend a little time on the project each day. You will find once you get started it will be done in no time.

So why not get started, block out small amounts of time for the projects, and do the work and when the timer goes off, move on to your next job. In this case it was only 30 minutes.

Maybe you need to block out 30 minutes to write that book? Or 30 minutes to write a blog post. What ever it is get started and change your world in just a few minutes time.


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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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