I thought really hard this weekend on a great theme for this week. After thinking about it, I have decided to name this week: “Giving, Receiving, Planning and Growing.” I want to start off today by asking this question: “Are you giving 100% to what you are doing?” As I ask this I know many are going to say “I give more than that; I’m always giving more than I should.”
I want to break this down into three parts today to let you really look at yourself and answer honestly when you ask, “Am I doing all I can do?” Think about your work. Are you doing the best job you can do? Each day we get up and want to do better in our lives. We head towards a job, you may like it or you may not like it. Many people I work with want to change their lives; some are forced to change because they are in a start over point. The key we end up working on together is this: to start over successfully, you must work yourself up to giving 100% at everything you do. If you want to start over in life, want to get to a point in order to earn a better position, or want to open doors for the job or business you want to start, you must first prove you can do the one you are at now. One of the many things I liked about reading Tim Ferris’ book, The 4-hour Work Week, is that it talks about how many hours some of us waste each day on tasks that are not productive.
So if you have a job you want to get out of, first you need to become the best you can be at doing that job. You do this by doing what you are told to do, then doing it better than expected, then finding ways to do it even faster and better. Here is how this relates: if you are giving 100% at your job that means that you are not wasting time. Your boss isn’t paying you to play around on facebook or to read books. You are being paid to do a job; you need to be doing that job.
When I say “give 100%” I mean, give the best you can give. The truth is, when people say they give more than 100% they are lying. You can only do what you can do; that is the truth. More than that is impossible. There was an example I once saw that demonstrated in words how the numbers don’t add up to more than 100%. I looked for it but couldn’t find it. If you know of it, please leave it in the comments for me so we can both share it with the other readers.
Basically, doing your job at 100% is an example. Right now, if you say you are giving 100%, you are more than likely spending part of your day goofing off in some way (I know; even I do it). We always should be honest with ourselves about our work habits and commit to doing just a little bit more each day to improve. When we do that, we will become better and more efficient at what we do. Then when you leave work feeling satisfied, you will carry that to your personal life, maybe even start your side business or work on that dream that you always wanted to do.
The last thing I want to cover is the flip side: don’t overdo it in life. Giving 100% in all that you do is great, but you need to learn to focus on whatever you are working on and get it done; then move on. In the world we live in we tend to become so fast-paced that we end up taking on more than we can handle.
This weekend, Gwynne was able to complete one of the many Harley challenges we are doing. It seems that at any given time our riding group can be in the middle of three or four different riding projects or challenges. The problem with all of that is we usually give 100% at the beginning, but when a new challenge comes out we can tend to put the others aside to get this new one started. If we’re not careful, we can stress out about all these different challenges that were created just for fun!
The key to life, just like with our riding group, is you don’t have to do everything. Many of you have jobs where you have many different projects to get done. That would be a bit different than what I’m talking about here. Still, try to break them down and get one done at a time.
Another thing I read recently might help: If you are given a project and know you can have it done in, say, two days, don’t advertise that. Say you can probably get it done in three and a half days. It is better to give yourself the extra time; then, when it is done, take the time to review it before turning it in. Chances are you’ll still turn it in earlier than you planned and this makes you look better. But if you let them know you could do it in two days, even if you complete it in that time, next time you might be asked to do it in even less time or you may run the risk of not turning in your best results.
If you take your time to enjoy life, don’t spread yourself too thinly; that way you will have more time to enjoy the little things. Imagine if you gave yourself some space in life and were able to take one day of vacation after that weekend convention you went to. You could spend the extra day to let it soak in and meditate on the things you learned. Or you could take the extra day to be able to have your family come visit and see some of the sites.
I’ll finish up today by telling you how I learned to take some time in life to enjoy. I moved to Dallas in 1999. I had lived here for almost three years before I went to see some of the famous spots in Dallas. After three years of being here, a friend and I went down to see the place where JFK was shot and to walk through the museums. Have you seen the famous places in the town you live in? Before I moved to Texas, I lived less than 20 miles from Valley Forge. I only walked in that park one time to help a friend find a picnic area for an event. Don’t go through life in such a hurry you miss the places people always wanted to see.
Take time to start planning your life out; give 100% at your work and realize you have only 24 hours in a day. Stop trying to live 26 hours in a day but make good use of every hour you do have. Take some time in life to rest because our bodies need the rest. Enjoy your life. Find out what treasures are less than an hour away and go enjoy them with your family.
I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you always dreamed of, to love what you do and those you share life with. Plan and strive to give 100% – the best you can – in everything you do to become the RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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