You Don’t Know How it Feels to be ME… Shut up and listen

You Don’t Know How it Feels to be ME… Shut up and listen

You Don’t know how it feels to be me…

Its time we stop and look at whats we are doing, we need to start thinking about others instead of ourselves.

Todays video with 6 points we talked about.


  1. If you used the Vegas Shooting to promote your agenda in the first 48 hours… You are the problem in America… Fix you and shut up about what we need to do to be you. 
  2. Fighting with people online to push our beliefs on them is never going to fix the problem.. Stop IT if you want to see us remain a country with free speech. 
  3. Thats it I quit… Time to revisit this blog post from years back.. Click here and watch the replay. 
  4. Silence is better than the BS.. Maybe more of the people who are telling others to shut up, need to shut up and listen first. 
  5. Before you point fingers. Take a walk in their shoes, find out about them… 
  6. Before you Wreck me, or Wreck you. Stop and think about these things. Problems will only get solved if we start to help ourselves, and them help others. Before we help others maybe find out more about them.

Stay tuned for another Tom Petty Inspired message. RIP Tom Petty.

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