Why I Never Post a Picture of the American Flag

Why I Never Post a Picture of the American Flag

What we are really celebrating on Memorial Day weekend?

Dear readers,

I want to address a subject that is really close to my heart, something that has bothered my about what so many people do in America today. I feel they are missing the real idea America stands for. The best symbol is the American Flag

But before I start, let me state this clearly: The reason I am doing this is also the reason you get to do what you do. It’s called Freedom.

This post is going to be about my freedom, your freedom and the idea that I have created this blog as a place to share my opinions. They are my opinions; you have the right to not agree with them but you will not change my mind on this subject.

So, with that said let’s talk about something that has always bothered me. When I see someone with the American Flag as a t-shirt, as a patch, as a sticker, or pin, it really bothers me. The American Flag is meant to be flown, freely.

This weekend is the very reason why I think it’s time to share my hot buttons. As a young boy, my parents enrolled me in a school which created a rebellious part of me that will forever be part of who I am.

This school actually made us wear neckties to school as part of the dress code. that is another story, but it’s important here. I will never wear a necktie again, because it’s not me. But what that school did was the root of where most of this comes from.

I am not going to make this a post about blame; they did what they thought was right. But I believe it was wrong. We were made to wear a necktie with the American Flag on it. And that is the biggest disgrace we can do to what our country is all about.

You see this weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, not Veterans Day; not the Fourth of July, Independence Day. It’s Memorial Day, a day that we celebrate those who GAVE their lives so that you could live here in Freedom.

This is the root of why I will never, ever post a picture of the American Flag. That flag is meant to fly, freely, not to be made to stand still EVER.

So, if you notice, I posted a video of the flag; it needs to be freely moving, exactly for why we celebrate this weekend. Because there are families this weekend who will not celebrate with their loved ones. They died in battle, or died while serving in the United States Military. They gave the freedom of their own lives so you could celebrate.

So if you are reading this and you are missing family members this weekend because they lost their lives while in service, you are another reason I’m flying my flag from a pole outside my home.

At our house, the flag flies year round, partly because those family members who are left live with the pain of their loved ones who died in service to our country.

So, as you prepare for a BBQ, head out to some picnic, attend events that are just another family get together, when you see the American Flag waving, think of those who are still living with the great freedoms we have here in America.

When you see that flag sown on something as a patch, made into a sticker, or pin. It is  just standing still, think about that poor family whose 19-year-old son freely gave his life so you could disgrace him, and our country. Because it’s a disgrace for that flag to do anything but fly…

May we long live in the home of the brave, and let’s keep this land a place of freedom.

Tim Gillette

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One Reply to “Why I Never Post a Picture of the American Flag”

  1. You COMPLETELY missed it on this one. When someone is displaying the flag, they are displaying patriotism from their heart. I would much rather see a still flag with the heart of a patriot than never see them at all. I will continue to wear my flag shirts and pins with great pride, just as I wore the patch one the uniform. You know who else won’t wear a flag? Our enemies. People who hate this country and what it stands for. Standing still? Seriously? I hope you’ll rethink this because that logic runs counter-productive to the very thing that you describe as holding dear.

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