Why I don’t sell my blogging course in blogging groups.

Why I don’t sell my blogging course in blogging groups.

Whats the secret to blogging success

Dude im so wonderful and awesome and you should buy my blogging course over that other guy…

I hear and see this in so many of the blogging groups out there today.

Over the past 2 years of doing blogging trainings, I have noticed a trend starting in the blogging world. Last year alone I joined over 10 blogging groups on facebook alone. Everything from Blogging newbies, to Boost your blog better, to blog writers 101. Each of these groups are filled with people who are mostly doing one of three things.

  1. They are trying to get more followers for their Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, of Facebook page. They do this by starting a post that sounds something like this ” Hey lets follow each other” or “You follow me, ill follow you”. Bottom line they have what looks like a large following of people who are probably not buyers to anything they sell or advertise.
  2. They are posting their blog posts trying to get followers. This while I agree with it, they are doing this and each month posting a “income report”. Sharing what they made, or didn’t make in blogging. Truth most of these people sharing the income report, always are trying to get rich in blogging. Sorry to say most wont be around in 5 years, after they realize the hard work to really make it big in blogging.
  3. The newbie blogger who choose the niche of writing a blog about blogging, to pitch their course on how to start a blog. Again, agree with the idea, you need to find a way to generate income. But when your blog is all about making money, and you start with “how do I make money?” You are doomed to fail.

I started blogging when I was on myspace, struggling with life. It was when starting my coaching business, that I needed to pick a path that blogging became my business builder.

As a matter of fact I blogged for almost 3 years very misguided, no niche, no direction, just me sharing me. I enjoyed what I did, and it didn’t bring me lots of income. I did have a purpose behind it.

To  build a following.

Its all in the List

So why do I not market my KickStart Your Blog program to blogging groups?

I am not looking to work with bloggers who’s first question is “How can I make money with a blog?”

I help speakers, Coaches, Authors, Business owners, and MLM sales people build a blog that builds both their personal brand, as well as their business. I have a formula that helps to build a list first. Then market to the list what you do. Its mostly about building a following.

I always tell the story of my friend Jason from Houston area. Jason has connected me to tons of people in the Multi Level Marketing business, and many who make 6 and 7 figures doing it. Jason never told me about one product that made him successful. Instead he focused on building a team, a list, and a following. So when he found a new MLM product he was able to add that companies products, and build a distributorship in that line with the team he already had.

That is the goal to being successful in any business, the list…

So want to find our more? Check out some of our trainings over at RockAroundYourBlog.com.

Oh incase you were wondering what my KickStart Your Blog Course was about?  Watch this Video: KickStart Your Blog Video

Will you build a list, or just try to make a buck?


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