What’s Up?

What’s Up?


Whats up ?

There’s a line in the ‘90s song from 4 Non Blondes that says it all: “I’m climbing a hill of hope, searching for a destination.” I cannot believe I sang that song at a karaoke night 20 years ago. Of course, I’m not 25 years old anymore, but as I am closing out my late forties, I still feel I’m climbing a hill of hope, searching for a destination.

In April, at the close of my Rock ‘n’ Roll Entrepreneur Bootcamp, I mentioned to those in attendance that I was going to make some changes and I had most of the ideas I wanted to do in mind. A week later I was loaded up – truck, trailer and bike headed to Southern California for three weeks.

What I am going to share with you today is mostly what I shared that day in April. But I took some time to think this through after returning home in mid-May and also I had to make a few changes. I have made the choice to stop what seems to be a never-ending trail of fruitless trips around the country. It’s time to get back to what I’m really good at and build on that.

Part of my plan was to build this great retreat/seminar/motorcycle road trip for entrepreneurs. In starting to plan it I ran across something I needed to learn for myself. When I shared my idea with another business owner I know, he told me he could not get away from his business to make a trip like that; he was completely tied to his company. And all his time was focused on working to sell his company so he would be able to do other things in life.

That is when it hit me: the reason I work with entrepreneurs is to help them build businesses where they are the brand, where they love the process, and are willing to go through the tough stuff to build a business they love. Early on, I had a client who hired me just to help him find a way to get out of his business because he hated it. So he found a way to force his partner to buy him out.

I have been there myself. In 2004, I wanted out of the car wash industry because I hated it. As I put this all together, it dawned on me: Tim, you are building another business that you will hate; you are going to be worn out, used up and still not be happy with life.

So this past month I decided to sit back and clean the slate of those business tasks that were not making money. I’m getting rid of the part of my business that was draining my energy and I’m finding the part of the business that is both energy-building as well as profitable in terms of finances, lifestyle, and world impact.

Today I am here to tell you that for me it’s time to get back to blogging. I loved the idea of writing, producing information that was both helpful and educational for those who needed the info for their next steps to success.

Get the book

Starting today, you are reading my first blog post for a while; it will be followed up with more posts. I will be dividing my blogs into several different areas. I will also get back to finishing the books to follow up You Can Always Get What You Want

I will be hosting some workshops as well as mentorship programs. More of that will come in future posts and I will be talking with some writers I have met to include some guest posts. But for now, I hope you subscribe here to our blog and find some tips and tools to help you build your entrepreneur venture.

I am looking forward to this new journey, back to writing, riding and sharing time with my wife and family.

Make today a day of action. Spend five minutes and write down five things in life that you are doing that you no longer enjoy. You don’t have to write a plan to fix them today, just write them down for now.

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2 Replies to “What’s Up?”

  1. Hi Tim,

    My name is Louie. This is my first time to come across your site.

    I’m at my early 30’s and yeah, I know that song too. Similar with you, I’m also singing “I’m climbing a hill of hope, searching for a destination.”

    I hope you’ll have a great day today. You”re doing great on your blog.


  2. Thanks Louie
    Its great to get a compliment from you. Yes we all have a struggle, the great tools of blogging get us to share and help others along the way.
    Rock on my friend

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