What are you doing to make the world a BETTER place?

What are you doing to make the world a BETTER place?


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When I worked for Starbucks we had a few people use business promotion ideas of buying customers their Starbucks drink. They did this because they knew they were in Starbucks to get a drink, they were not looking for the services their business offered.
To share the product of service they offered it was just a suggestion, or a to talk with them. It was a way of just reaching out to the community to say hey let us get your drink.

So when you see this video, or hear stories of people doing great deeds to help promote a better world, what do you think you could do to make it better?
Its time to put your creative mind to work, think of some act of kindness that could make your world aware of your existence. Take one small step of action this week to build a relationship with someone in your community and make it a habit that could change your town. After all you could end up growing your customer base, or list. Now that would be a good thing.

Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette creator of the Rock’n’Roll Keys to Business Success, Helping entrepreneurs become different and stand out as business leaders.

2 Replies to “What are you doing to make the world a BETTER place?”

  1. Thanks Glenn
    Keep changing the world where you are. People like you help make this a better place.

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