Webinar Updates

Webinar Updates


I am sitting in a hotel bar at the Westin LAX watching the election results come in. There’s about ten of us, all strangers, with CNN on the TV screens.

None of us are talking. Our heads are down, fascinated by our drinks, while history unfolds.

An older business man breaks the silence: “We’re in for troubled times.”

No one says anything.

I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone is listening to him, if anyone sitting around the bar even hears him. Clearly, he wants to be heard—he doesn’t want to experience this moment alone, or he’d be in his hotel room.

But I ask myself, “Has he shared his opinion before and no one has listened? Has he built a group or a community that wants to engage with the things that are important to him?”

So often when I meet people, I see them looking for an audience to share what they feel, share what they believe, have a conversation about the world–and use their voice to accomplish their goals and purpose in life.

For the past 7 years I have used a blog, radio show, podcasts, and so much more to share what I believe, what I feel, and have conversations that have helped me become a international speaker, and coach.

It started with one place to share my stories, to share what was going on both in the world as well as my world. I started with a blog, and one of the biggest things I have learned is how to use what was going on in the world, the current events to attract people to read my blog.

This is just one of the training tips I share in my blogging trainings. How to use what is going on in the world to build your business. Most people focus on the wrong things about what is going on. BUT you can use these same ideas, subjects, events all to build YOUR business.

Would you like to learn more about how Blogging is still a great way to attract people to your website.


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