Wanted: Dead or Alive?

Wanted: Dead or Alive?

mastermind2  Is your Live Event Dead? of Alive ?

One of the saddest emails I can remember arrived in my inbox yesterday. It said that LIVE events are dead. Now, first I must admit that the title made me not want to read the article, the email, or head over to the website to see what it was all about.

More and more I find people who want to find the secret to success – a certain kind of success. They read books and blogs looking for the way to make money online. They want you to tell them the five steps to stay at home playing on social media all day then walk to the mailbox to receive the checks.

There is no other way to put it: these people are LAZY. They are the ones who will be working a job again in less than two years. They refuse to do what it takes to succeed. And the ones who are making money off these poor people will spend most of the rest of their careers looking for new people to take advantage of.

Live events may not be the most simple way to make a great internet income but they have some important advantages. Yes, there are ways out there to make money online selling many products and services right from the comfort of your home. But there are advantages to live events that you can’t find if you only work online. Those of us who put on live events do so to find people whom we can work with to build success – people who are committed to real change.

I like working with people who I know will take action. They are willing to get out of their comfort zones and do something different. Over the past two years, I have moved to having live events and speaking. The list I now work from is smaller and the people who invest in my programs are ready to take action – massive action. They want to succeed, they are sick of people who call themselves coaches taking their money with promises of dreams in the sky, only to leave them broke and having to get another job.

I picked up my idea for live events when I met people who are really successful at hosting them. James Malinchak hosts events and teaches what he is still doing. And he helps those who want to take things to another level.

Craig Duswalt, a man who was Axl Rose’s personal manager, now hosts large events telling people how to market like a rockstar. He has a big mastermind community that he helps do just that: market like rockstars. All while still marketing himself.

And one last example is Loral Langemeier. This woman hosts her “3 Days to Cash” events all over the world. She teaches people in three days and pushes them to learn to ask for the money then helps them build the confidence to go get it.

These three people are very successful at hosting events, large events where they really work to help people become successful. The reason they are successful is the people who show up for the events follow the examples they set. Their attendees are prepared to take action and become successful.

So are live events DEAD? They may not have the numbers they had at one time. But the people who have gotten out of their comfort zone to attend these events are seeing far more success than anyone who is sitting at home reading article after article, attending webinars and teleseminars looking for money to fall out of the sky.

If you want success, get up our of your chair and find an event that is in line with your goals. Get out your checkbook or credit card and take action, invest in a ticket. Then get out of your house and attend that event.

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Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, author and creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success: using music, motorcycles, and mentorship to move wantrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs into being business owners who lead in their industries.

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2 Replies to “Wanted: Dead or Alive?”

  1. Going to live events puts you in a synergistic frame of mind that you cannot experience any other way. Being surrounded by like-minded peeps is an awesome feeling!

  2. I fear the days when, like in the animated film Wall-E, people live life simply staring at screens with no real human interaction. But perhaps I do agree that live events are not the best place to acquire information. Skill is only developed through practice and repetition, and that is better obtained through purchased materials like audio and video training courses that you can play over and over or coaching programs that set up action steps and structures for accountability.
    I am increasingly seeing info-preneurs offer live event tickets as a bonus for purchasing study courses. This may be a reasonable turn of events. Live events are where you network, gain a big-picture perspective, dream, and draw lines in the sand. Then you go back to the learning materials you purchased to do the leg work.
    So rather than being dead, live events may be morphing into a role subordinate to but complimenting other modalities.

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