Instagram vs Snapchat. Top 5 reasons Instagram is better

Instagram vs Snapchat. Top 5 reasons Instagram is better

SnapChat VS Instagram, A bloggers point of view

Looks like another great idea will be put into second place real soon. When it comes to all these online, apps, and social media sites its like the new hot thing changes every 6 seconds, which is about the interest in watching a YouTube video anymore.

Last year it was Meerkat and Periscope that everyone was jumping on board, and then when blab came along is when I found a platform for live video that seamed to fit my way of doing things. With many leaving and moving on from blab in the past few months this year has given me a great view into the area I have been out of for the longest time. Chasing the latest and coolest thing in the moment.

For me I left that lifestyle of having to get the newest latest fad almost 10 years ago. When starting my blog I took the advice of great social media people like Chris Brogan who tells people find the sites that work for you and use them. You don’t need to be on everything. With that I found a blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to work on occasion.

When the Snapchat thing started, It was all to confusing for this simple guy to figure out. So asking those whom I knew in the space if they were going to release a tutorial, or short course on how to use it, I found no help that was helpful.

So this week Instagram releases its new stories. (Which I said no matter what happens in any platform, if a Facebook gets into the business they have a big advantage already) So I jumped to creating a story on Instagram, and in less than a day found some advantages to it that I made my own top 5 reasons Instagram stories are better than snapchat. And here they are.

1.Easier to navigate my friends stories.

Instagram vs snapchat

I found the idea of going from story to story on Snapchat confusing. I was always looking into how to navigate the system. To many times I would end up hitting the reply button and I’m sure Joel Comm got sick of my questionable snaps back. I just looked at the camera confused.

Instagram added the stories to a line above what I was doing on the home page so it became real easy to see where the stories were. It feeds through any story I click on or plays each one in way that even a tech slow guy like me can understand. One new line makes an entire new app that replaced the need to ever go back to snapchat.2

2. Already know how to find people.

Instagram vs Snapchat 2

No more of the hold your code picture up to the screen so we call can take a picture to find you. Then not everyone was ready and it would be 6 or 7 people doing this. Soon it was 5 to 7 minutes of broadcast time when you are doing a video show getting people connected to snapchat.

On Instagram they are already connected to me if we are connected on Facebook. No more spending time on another platform working to get people connected on another platform. The idea of getting people to follow and connect with me on multiply platforms has never shown to be profitable. One of my coaches said to me a long time ago. “Send everyone you meet on the web to one place – Your website”. So this fits in my way of thinking if I meet you somewhere online I no longer have to market snapchat for them. I now am back to marketing myself ( I encourage you to do the same and watch your business grow)

3.Already they are connected to Facebook, and Twitter.

instagram vs snapchat 3
Most of my social media following is already on these two platforms and If I am going to do something on another site, app, or platform, I want to share it on Facebook and Twitter. And I want to make that share easy.

Sharing snapchat, periscope, meerkat, was not always that easy. It was not easy on blab for a while as well. The biggest thing I want is to be able to share it where my audience is.

The fact that Facebook owns Instagram makes this a better deal. As I said above if Facebook can get into the game you will see them take over people in it. Just like when Facebook Live started, I watched how I could get more people to show up for my live videos than using periscope. Again if a tool fits your systems use it.

4.Instagram has more than one use.

instagram vs snapchat 4

I have been using it for years now, and this just adds the advantage of what snapchat does as well. The idea that I can create stories, and random pictures I now can do more than one thing. Snapchat again I could not figure out, and most I heard was one thing that it could do.

Too many people I met in the past year are jumping to whatever is hot at the moment. They get no ground or foundation to let me count on finding them. One person I noticed that kept a ground where he was is Jonathan Tripp. When blab did not work out Jonathan was able to take the foundation he built and move to a new platform to continue where he was going.

Finding a platform that serves more than just one will eventually drive you crazy working to keep up with all the things you are doing on social media. The best way to make any business grow online, is make a simple system and keep doing it. Those that are the most successful are the people who keep it simple.


5.Did I mention I already have an audience here?

instagram vs snapchat 5

I do not have to go build a new audience; I do not have to go find people to follow my stories. We are already connected.  This has been my biggest issue with all the new things that come along. Are you had to build an audience on another site? Getting people to follow you around to the next thing you are trying all the time gets to be more work. When it comes to getting people to follow me from any social media site, I want to lead them to one site only my website, and my email list. So having an audience already is the biggest bonus of all. I now have another way to grow the audience I already have been building a relationship with .

While we wait to see what all the top social media influencers have to say about this over the next week. I hope you enjoy my opinion on how I was able to jump right in and make this a business-building tool in less than 48 hours. When it comes to using social media that is a huge advantage in my book, when regular people can take something and run with it. Without all the gurus having to explain it. Good luck in your online content creation. Please let me know what you think about this new feature. Are you using snapchat still? Please let me know in the comments below.

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