Time to piss off the grammar nazi’s

Time to piss off the grammar nazi’s

I know the inner Grammar Nazi in you just stopped by to correct my spelling.

I love those people who need to have everything perfect. When I wrote my first book, after all the proof reading, and editing processes were done we found a huge mistake. Problem was it was already on the way to the printer.

So what do you do?

Me ? It was time to have fun, I started mentioning the book had an error.

Then I started to offer people a reward if they could find it.

Well 1000s of copies later, and 5 years. NO ONE has ever come forward to tell me they found the error.

Does this mean we should not get grammar and spelling right?????

NO as a matter of fact HELL NO…

Grammar does show that you have some professionalism about you, BUT perfect no one is…

I have on purpose put grammar errors in things just to get see if people are reading it.

The easy one is always at the beginning of the post.

BUT to actually get people to consume your content looking for the error, will not work. They are not looking to learn, as a matter of fact most of them think they know it all already.

So is this Grammar game even worth it?

Those people who are looking for real help in the area you can help them, are not looking at the grammar. They are not looking at the spelling. They are looking for a solution.

So to wrap this up grammer is important, spellling is important. But don’t lose sleep over one bad grammar error in your blog posts, online content, or powerpoint presentation.

Those fans your trying to build, they will love you even if you misss spell a word or two.

Those who are Grammar Nazis will never look at your message. That is a fact….

Yess I misspelled those words on purpose..



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One Reply to “Time to piss off the grammar nazi’s”

  1. Ha. I write documents for a living. I notice them, but can read right through them. Content is the most important factor. Delivery and presentation are important in certain circumstances, but not always.

    Yesss i get it.

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