Time to Delete SnapChat

Time to Delete SnapChat

Do you ever wonder if you are missing out on the newest thing? What is the newest thing? I believe Snapchat is not the ideal tool to build business.

In the past year I have changed the direction of my business to help with online presence. While using a blog as a centerpiece for building a business. The latest things start to pop out of the woodwork when you are in the Social Media, Website, and Blog arena.

The most recent “snapchat. Everyone in the online space is talking about it. Some have come up with creative ways to use it to build a list and make sales.

BUT is it just the hot iron in the fire??? Most of the people who are telling me how great it is, are some of the people who were all talking about blab, periscope, and meerkat just months ago. They shared how “that tool” was the greatest thing to build their business. How they were making sales, and getting leads from it.

I believe that these same people will be talking about the next thing in about 3 months. So we did a LIVE blab to talk about it.

IS SNAPCHAT on the list of dying?? While snapchat may be the conversation of the moment, I believe the solution will be presented in the long term with projects, and tools coming from those that have a foundation. I would not be surprised if Facebook creates something like this with “instagram”. And im betting that happens this summer.

Watch the recording to see how others feel about my choice to delete snapchat.




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