There is a Hole in the World Tonight.

There is a Hole in the World Tonight.

I heard the news today, wow what a shock. As I was preparing for an event while away from home I was shocked to look at my social media and find out we lost another great musician. I was a shock to me, but it was not. You see we all have to go some time, and for Glenn Frey of the Eagles his time had come.

A few years ago when I was starting this blog I sat by the roadside one day and held the hand of my friend Elton, and his wife as Elton grasped his last breath and left this earth. Later that day when receiving a phone call from my chaplin and great friend Jimmy he reminded me it was Elton’s time.

Today I realized it was Glenn’s time. The Eagles left us with a great catalog of songs that will live forever. While reading this story as it was evolving I penned this note using the inspiration of what the Eagles have done in music.

There is a “Hole in the world tonight”, Glenn Frey is “Already Gone”. Many of us have great memories from the things Glenn has taught us.

While he was a “New kid in town” he gave us a “Peaceful easy feeling” so we could “Take it to the limit”.

He never had “Lyin Eyes”; he was in it for “The long run”. And “I cant tell you why” there is a “Heartache tonight”, it will be a while before we all “Get over it”.

While we are all to “Busy being fabulous”, living “Life in the fast lane”, maybe its time we all stop by the “Hotel California”, because tonight is “One of these nights” there is a “Hole in the world tonight”.

RIP Glenn Frey

A few years Ago I wrote a series of blogs inspired by the movie History of the Eagles 2013. Please check them out here.

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Many of us will miss Glenn, please share your story in the comments about how the Eagles have impacted your life? Who  was your favorite Eagle?  What was your favorite Eagles song? When was the last time you attended an Eagles Concert?

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