The Wait is over. Take action

The Wait is over. Take action

president funnyIt’s the last day of our theme on the real tragedy in America. As I was watching the dedication of the President George W. Bush Library yesterday, I could not help but think about how I was going to close out this week.

It was a historic moment watching all five of the living presidents and former presidents on the same stage. Four of the five have opened libraries now. When we watch the events like this, we see a spirit of what it’s really like when they are done serving as president.

I recall like it was yesterday The Clinton vs. Bush, Sr. presidential race. It was after that election was done that we viewed a real change in America. This change came about in two forms: first, talking about politics became more of an open conversation. And second, the lines became more divided; bitter fights came about from many water cooler discussions.

But if you look at the pictures from yesterday’s dedication, you will not see five men fighting over what the others are doing or have done. After their time in office, they all went back to being just another citizen. Most of them will not jump to criticize those who are doing the job now.

These men all have one thing in common that many who watched yesterday’s event do not: they are all men of action. The reason they won a presidential election and spent time leading our country is that they took action to get there.

Every one of those men, after leaving, is still taking action in their lives in some way. No matter who you voted for or against in the elections of those five men, you must say they did not wait around to see who was going to get them to the office of president.

Even after they left office they are not waiting around for the current president to give them some left-over tasks to handle. Jimmy Carter has, time and time again, jumped up and gone to other countries, other parts of the world to continue his quest to bring peace to our world.

The Clintons and Bushes have done things together and separately to help with projects to build a better world. They still take action; they are not looking for a life in retirement just to sit back and relax.

So as I finish this week up, I want to talk about the biggest tragedy in America today: too many people come out asking for help; they are waiting for someone else to make their world better.

With all the tragedy I spoke of this week, each of them give you a reason to look in the mirror and ask am I taking action to make my world better?

In Boston, people ran toward where the bombs went off; they wanted to see who they could help. They knew people would be injured and need assistance. The explosion in West, TX cost the lives of many firefighters – mostly volunteers – because they rushed to the scene of a fire to put it out and save the town. More people were killed in the area than worked at the plant. That is a town of people taking action.

What are you going to do to take action in your life? What tragedy are you going to solve? Are you going to run into a place of danger and see who needs your help? Or are you going to run and find a safe place to save yourself?

The biggest tragedy is many people will read these words and still not take action. They will hit the “like” button on Facebook and say, “Yeah, sounds good,” but do nothing. People will still come to me and ask how to solve the problems they are facing. How can they make money, get out of their job, start a business, raise their income? When I give them direction, they will still make excuses why they can’t.

What are you going to do to solve the tragedy in America? When it comes to fixing problems in America, or your home town, it takes one brave person to start taking action. Will it be you?

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