The tables have turned: Duck Commander vs. A&E

The tables have turned: Duck Commander vs. A&E











Here we go again, lets take the most popular show on TV and make it even more popular. The Christians of America are all upset about this and they will jump to a fight. The Gays of America are just as eager to jump to the fight.

Lets look at this with the idea of Freedom of speech, which is what will be talked about here more than anything. Many years ago you could see people talking about the freedom of speech and how they wanted to use that freedom to talk about sex, pornography, or gay rights. They wanted the freedom to speak out and say this was OK.

The same people are those, whom talk peace, they want us all to get along and just accept each other with the idea in mind that we should accept. But the tables have turned; now someone is claiming that same freedom of speech to speak the opposite of what they want you to hear. Now their words are not peace and lets get along, its WAR and we demand our rights how dare you speak out against us.

Be careful, the very tool used to speak your freedom, you want taken away from others. When that tool is gone what will you use when you want to change your lifestyle again??

Well this blog has been about business and entrepreneurs, so lets look at this from the business side. As one of my coaches always told me you want to build your brand controversy, you must start a controversy over something or take an opposite side.

Just a few years ago a company jumped with their beliefs and one person suggested we support that company for their stand. So every person who believed the same as Chick Fila ran out one day and lines formed around their building. The result news was made, and chicken sandwiches were sold.

The business side here is this, A&E owns the rights to the show. They say we will remove Phil Robertson from the airwaves of our show. This is going to outrage many of Christians, they may even lose the show Christians will boycott the channel, the duck crew will not film another season, and DVD sales will go through the roof. These people will run out the buy all the products that are associated with the show, and who gets part of that money? A&E that’s right they get to take him off the air get him out of his contract and make a large profit off the very people who love him, and will hate the network.

Business is business and A&E wanted to silence the idea of a Christian on the air. Yes they will after all they have the right to remove him from the air, and after Phil Robertson has the right to his opinion. They knew it was a matter of time before he spoke out in a public way so they could remove him from the air and profit from it big time.

So really the tables are turned the gay rights people are now trying to silence free speech. The TV networks are going to profit from the very Christians who they were trying to find a way to market to begin with. After all these Christians were not going to watch any other programing on the network.


The lesson?  Controversy sells, It has nothing to do with free speech!


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  1. Tim, someday let’s chat about folks being “offended” as that seems to be pretty prominent in the media with just about every topic. For me, the issue is freedom of speech and it is one of our fundamental rights. Military personnel give their lives so we can continue to have freedom of speech. If we continue to overreact to offending someone, then the other side does have their freedom of speech taken away.

    A & E knew in advance the Robertson’s were Christian, and part of the contract was that they would have a (short) prayer at the end.of the show. If they want to eliminate the show, so be it. And yes, I agree with you…controversy does sell.

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