The Same, But Different

The Same, But Different

We want to be different and stand out from everyone else. I found in my life and business that I always want to stand out, to be different than those around me. I want to have my life and business in my own sync. But everyone else? I want them to stay the same.

This week it has been tough for me to get things back into sync. So many things have been out of sync, with my travels and one busy month on the road for both work and pleasure. The thing I like the most when traveling is those businesses and people I can count on being the same.

Last night, we stayed in Hot Springs, AR, one of my favorite get-away locations from my home in Dallas. I have been visiting that town for many years and enjoying the fact that it is so different from most cities I visit. As we had coffee this morning, a wonderful lady was chatting with us about the town, how it has so many stand-out businesses, and eating places. But with them comes that inconsistent part of business. These great stand-out businesses run out of money and they close, or cannot make enough money to keep the doors open.

The current book I am working on is my Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success, I am writing about how businesses can be different but some things are better remaining the same to keep in business and be successful. It was this week in my travels that the thought came to me that I need to make what I thought was a single book into two books. The first will be the keys to a successful business; the second will be about those things you can do to stand out in that successful business.

To get your business in sync you have to have some things that fit a mold and some things that help you stand out. If you are having the problem of getting your stand-out business in sync and want to become known for being consistent and reliable, maybe you should be at our next two-day Rock ‘n’ Roll Success summit. You will discover the keys that will make you successful, and the keys needed to stand out as the leader.

We all hate it when what we counted on is not around when we need it. Let’s get you in sync before you’re not around when someone needs your business.

Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ’n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to take action and start living your dream. Are you ready to change and make 2013 rock?

PS: The new book, You CAN Always Get What You Want, is now available! Stay tuned for the launch. Look for it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, and coming to a bookstore near you.

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  1. Sorry…but, i have to say, that it’s nice to know that you have some out of sync times in your business. And, thanks for sharing that you do!

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