The Long Way home…

The Long Way home…

Lessons from the Road

I’ve learned a lot of lessons on the road to build my business. Today’s post is one of them. Lessons learned while traveling home.

People matter more than a system alone.

Have you had both a good and bad customer service experience with a same company?

Have you had both good and bad service in the same town with different businesses?

In two different towns on this trip, I visited a Wendy’s for food. I know many of my health coach friends are going to jump on this… let me stop you, right now. This is not about the food.

What I learned from Wendys

The first time I visited a Wendy’s in a long time was in Tannersville, PA. My parents have lived there 30 years and it’s a town where so many things just make me dread going into to businesses. It’s sad that I can count the good experiences I’ve had in businesses here over the past 30 years on two hands. Even tougher is most of those businesses that have given me a great experience are long gone. Owners have passed away and doors have closed because they did not teach the greatest thing to their successors: people skills.

But after my first visit to Wendy’s in Tannersville, I was so overwhelmed by the great service, that I returned before I left town on my way home. They are new, but I hope the staff keeps the great service and attitude it showed for years to come. That will make them one awesome business in that town.

Now, take that same chain, Wendy’s, in Columbus, OH. I was staying at a Best Western just next door and I thought, “Since Wendy’s is a chain, I might just have the same experience there.” Boy, did I find that not to be true. After a 25-minute wait for someone to take my order with only three people in front of me in line, I left. No one bothered to say “Hi, welcome to Wendy’s,” when I walked in the door like they did in Tannersville. I only wonder how long the couple in front of me waited. Because they also had not been served or even greeted after 25 minutes, and we walked in together.

Have you stayed at a Best Western?

Before you jump up to say this is about the part of town or the general area, the Best Western next door gave us one of the best stays I have ever shared with my wife at a Best Western. Every associate from the gentlemen who picked my wife up at the airport, to the manager who greeted us when we arrived, to the lady who asked about our trip and took time to talk with me and help us in the morning with breakfast and check out provided a wonderful customer service experience. I was amazed. Two separate chains right next to each other two total opposites in customer service.

Have you watched the TV show “The Profit” ?

You see, it’s the people who make a business. As an investor, we are always looking for a system to just put in place that will make us money. It is one of the reasons I liked watching the show “The Profit” with Marcus Lemonis. He is about people, systems, and profit. They all work together.

As we journeyed home from PA, we spent the time looking for ways to just enjoy our journey together. Stay tuned for some other lessons from the long way home.

Tell me your best and worst story from a chain or business you have visited. How do they compare?

Do you use apps like Yelp or Trip Advisor to share your business service experiences?

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