Luck is Not a Strategy

lucky I wanted to cry as I watched the old man dig through his change, trying to get enough quarters, dimes and nickels together to make his purchase. He was dressed rather well for someone that did not seem to have enough money for what he was trying to buy.

I travel to many places around the country and sometimes the convenience stores I visit are in parts of town where you get to see some of those who are hurting. Some places you see them walk into a store and you can tell they are in really hard times; other times you question.

On this particular night I was staying in a big city and this store was not the cleanest spot, but it was close to my hotel so I walked over to get a drink before bed. I was in shock that the man reaching for all that change, was not buying milk, not buying cigarettes, or alcohol. He was buying a scratch off lottery ticket. I figured he must be down on his luck and willing to try anything.

After walking outside, I noticed him scratching off the ticket on the hood of a Cadillac, a few years old. Still, it was a rather nice car.

Something inside of me wanted to talk with him. I started a conversation; we talked kids, family, cars, houses, boats and motorcycles. He seemed like a man who was doing OK by my standards. He made a statement that made me think about the lottery ticket again. It was “just hoping to someday hit the lottery, then I can retire.”

As he drove off and I walked back to my hotel, I was reminded of a saying my friend, Monica Cornetti, uses in her training: “Luck is not a strategy.” I am not saying this to judge this man; he had a rather nice car, a nice job, and a family. But I wonder how many people are building a retirement, or plans for their future that are built on luck. They hope that something will happen that will change the world for them. They have the tools it takes to change, but still wait on luck to make it happen.

So many entrepreneurs work so hard to make their business work. They spend 10 and 12 hours a day on their work. The one word you never hear them use is “LUCKY.” It’s actually people working jobs who never take a risk on a side business that could change their lives who are usually the ones using the word “lucky.”

I’ve heard many successful people make the comment “the harder I work the luckier I get.” To succeed as an entrepreneur you must be working and looking for the opportunities to take you to success.

So what is your plan? There are three things your plan needs that will make you successful:


  1. Realistic.  Waiting for the lottery will not work.
  2. Consistent. You will have to do something over and over to become good at it.
  3. Think long term. Short term plans are great to get you out of a pinch, but success in the long run takes long term planning. Start thinking 2 years, 5 years down the line. Watch how soon those years come.

Here is your call to action:

Realistically, what are your achievable goals this year?

What daily habits are you going to develop to make those goals happen this year?

Where do you really see yourself in 5 years?

What are you doing today to make that happen?


RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with.  Are you ready to make things happen so 2013 will rock?

Take Out Your Keys to Unlock the New Year

Hope & Change The Dude For the first time since the 1970s, Dick Clark will not be here to ring in the New Year on the ABC “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.” This year we lost Dick Clark and it will not be until tonight that so many will miss him for the first time.

It’s like it was a tradition to have him there to wish us “Happy New Year.” Even when I moved to different time zones it seems like it was a “must-see” event to watch the ball drop with Dick Clark in the Eastern time zone.

Think back to your favorite memory of New Year’s Eve. Maybe it was watching it on TV; maybe it was some special thing that you did at your church each year. As a child, we attended an event at our church till midnight to ring in the New Year. That has great memories in my mind. It was a tradition in our neck of the woods.

But times have changed. Just like Dick Clark will not be here this year to count down the clock and watch that ball drop tonight, our family is also missing someone. This is the second year our family is ringing in a new year with out my dad. It was two years ago today that my dad passed from this earth.

Just as the world will have a new beginning with the change of a year, or the clicks of a clock, we have a new era of someone else to lead our Rockin New Year’s Eve ball drop, and we have a new time in life to move on without our dad.

I want to use this week to talk about that idea, how it’s time to take out our keys and unlock the future that we have kept locked away for so long. Stop talking about someday, saying we will get to that whenever. Well it’s the beginning and it’s time to take out your keys and unlock the new world you are going to create.

I will be doing the same, taking out keys and unlocking creative potential in my own life and business as well as those I am asked to help. In 2012 I hired two new coaches for myself to help me change my business and make it that much more profitable and to make my life that much more fulfilled with joy of each day.

I want to challenge you to take out the keys that are inside of you and open the door of your future. We all have keys inside us that open the doors of success, what is your key and what door of success will it open for you?

RockStar I’m Tim Gillette. It’s time to get the keys to open your business success in 2013.

Giving to Change Your World

Today is the middle of the week, and right now our world is in the middle of falling apart. So many times this year we have heard the jokes about those conspiracy people who talk about how the world is going to end on 12/21/2012.

Well the world is in the middle of change, and most will not do what it takes to make that change an improvement. When we look at a world needing our help, where do we draw the line of helping, and hurting?

So many things will be brought up about those running for office. No matter which candidate you choose, someone on the other side will tell you how that is wrong or how facts have been twisted.

Well the one thing that gets brought up sooner or later is how much do they give? It brings me back to a Biblical principle on giving. It says when you give, do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. So, if you find who is giving more being broadcast, remember that idea that giving should be something one does without looking for the recognition.

Many people are talking about the fact that some business people or entrepreneurs are paying less in taxes. I heard one thing mentioned today about how much entrepreneurs give away. You know, some of the wealthiest people are the ones that give away to help many causes move forward. But giving is not just about giving money.

Many people have the heart to give, but don’t have the money to give. Those are the ones that organize and plan or find people to give who didn’t know the needs. They know the needs but don’t have money to help. So they spend their giving resources with time spent helping educate those who have the funds.

So many forms of giving will change our world, but one will not: forcing people to give. Do not force people into giving something they are not meant to give. It takes out the feeling of service and builds an entitlement in the receiver.

The last thing I want to say about giving to change the world is that it is all part of the Karma of life. If you want to have your gifts received you must be a good receiver as well. So many have the great heart of giving to change the world, but do not accept the gifts of others. When you do not receive from those you are giving to, that tells that person you are better than them. It also takes away their joy in giving.

These are just a few ideas on how to change your world through giving. Giving is one of those things needed to be a successful entrepreneur; it is part of the training given at our live events. If you want to see how this idea works to become a RockStar in your world, invest in yourself by coming to our next live event here.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to make the changes to become the RockStar in your world?

Just Say No to the Business That Does Not Fit

Most of the people who hear me speak about the great business opportunities out there have heard of the many multi-level marketing companies. Yes, I am part of some of them and have looked at many others. But when do you add a multi-level company to your business line and when do you say “NO?”

Recently, I was approached by a lady who asked if I ever look for other income opportunities. She told me about the great things that multi-levels have to offer, how more and more people are making a great income and live an unbelievable lifestyle from working these businesses. Of course, I agreed with her.

When asked if I use any of them to make income for myself, I shared that I am involved in several different ones. I have one that provides me with a cash back system through owning an online mall portal; it also includes a travel site that we use to book all our hotels and some flights and car rentals. That alone saves us more than it cost to get started, plus it provides a great source of extra income.

I am also about to get started with a legal program that provides my business and me personally with a legal plan that, again, saves me so much a year on lawyers and legal fees. It’s another great addition to my current business and another form of income.

Now, the lady who started this conversation tells me that she has the greatest thing, that I am going to love it and will walk away from everything else. That statement prompted me to question her further as she does not know how much I speak on finding a purpose and building life around it.

The draw for almost every person who is thinking about starting and building a multi-level business is money. Those who are selling a multi-level to you typically talk about how they have a system with great rewards and it will make more money than what you are doing now.

So this leads to another of those times I like to say “NO.” You see, I teach that you need to have a system of passive income in place. Multi-level companies provide that when they’re built right. But building one is harder than working a job that you hate. You must find a company or product that follows your purpose and fits your business model. You must also be able to answer the “why” question when people ask you about it.

One of my mentors, who is involved in several multi-levels himself, is not afraid to take a look at other companies; but his mind is always about his business and the plan that he has built up till now. Every one that he looks at must fit into his current business plan.

So if you want to have a successful life, first find a purpose and a business plan. Then you can learn when to say “NO” to those people who are only looking to put numbers in their own down-line. After all, if you have no direction in life, you will follow anyone who appears to be a leader. Get your direction right and learn to say “NO” to what is not going your way.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready for the next level to be the RockStar in your world?

When Do We Say No?

I know we just had a week devoted to saying “yes” and finding a way to get things done. But that does not mean that we should say “yes” to everything that comes into our lives. The great thing about being in business like I am is, when a bad choice for business comes along, we get to say “NO.”

So after a week of saying “yes,” it’s time to show you five areas where we need to say “no.” The first came to me upon returning from my great week of learning at the RockStar Marketing Boot Camp. I have always been one who is willing to give someone coaching for the price of a meal. If you want help with a small issue, or need to get past something, set an appointment with me and buy lunch or coffee. That is a small investment to make to solve what you are facing right now.

Upon returning from Los Angeles, I was asked to have dinner with a friend here in Dallas. He has a very successful network, or so I thought. He asked me to lunch because he wanted to hear about what I had learned. He asked me to share highlights of what Craig was teaching to help his business. I was puzzled when he wanted this information for free.

As I said, I thought he was very successful in his company here in Dallas. I was shocked that he was looking for free information, but was charging us a rather high rate for other services he offered us.

So today’s time to just say “no” is about saying “no” to those people who have never-ending requests for free information but never seem to invest in ways of growth themselves. I think so many times of the law of Karma: over time you will get in return what you give.

So it’s time to say “no” to those who do nothing but take from you. This may seem like a hard thing to some; they may say we need to be willing to share. I am all about sharing what I know to help people, but I have to draw the line at giving away something for free that I paid over $1,000 to get.

If you have learned something and others want to find out what it is, yes, you share some things. But your knowledge and experience have a price. If you give them away to those who ask, make sure it is to people who will give to you when you are in need. After all, nothing ruins a world of giving more than when the giving is only one-sided.

Say “yes” to sharing a few nuggets; say “no” to sharing the entire book and program with those who are not willing to invest in themselves. You are much more valuable than that.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Do you know when to say “no” and when to say “yes” to become the RockStar in your world?

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