The Social Network

Good Friday morning. Our week dedicated to making a blog that matters has come down to its last day. With this week’s theme, it is my hope that some of you take steps towards a new writing career. That was where I started, and I have talked to many others who are starting the same way.

To wrap up our week I wanted to talk about some other ways to get traffic to your blog and to get your message out without sending a spam email to thousands of people you don’t know just hoping to get a few more readers. I want to tell how I got into the use of social networking and the people who helped me do it. It started back in 2005 when I found the MySpace website and learned I could host my own page. I was not sure what value this thing was; I just thought it was cool.

In 2008 my pastor at church, as a project for one of our sermon series, challenged us all to get on facebook and develop a conversation about what we were learning in the series. So it began. It was there that I was able to connect with everyone from family to old friends in the many different parts of the country. I was able to connect with one or two people I attended high school with and that led to information on our reunion. I tell all this because at that point the only vision I had for facebook was to connect with friends.

So in 2009, while working to expand an IT software company, I scheduled a meeting with an old friend. That friend, J.R. Atkins, said something really important. He said the best way to expand our business would be through social networks. All I knew about social networks at the time was facebook (which I used only for connecting with friends and family) and LinkedIn. I had heard of others, like Friendster, so I asked explain to me the value of these social media in growing business and I was soon hooked. It didn’t take long for me to see the potential value in this media.

In 2010 when I was starting Rocker Life Coach, I participated in a webinar with Eve Mayer Orsburn. She mentioned the social network of Twitter. I expanded to that with a screen name of @rockerlifecoach. It gave me a platform to share, but I was still not sure how it was going to work.

Eve mentioned that I needed to create a page on LinkedIn as well. I did, but was not able to do much with it as it was a professional site and I was more in with the non-professional side; I was more focused on personal relationships with people.

It was not until I met the LinkedIn trainers, Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff (the LinkedIn RockStar and LinkedIn Diva), that I began to see the potential in LinkedIn. Mike taught me how to set my page up to look the part for who I was and what I wanted to use if for. If you are connected with me on LinkedIn, you will see a change to my profile soon because Mike and Lori are in town on business and they are staying with us so we will be spending more time working together to improve my LinkedIn profile.

So that’s the short story of how I got into the different kinds social networks. Here is what I now use them for: I have a fan page on facebook and a Twitter account. I have a tool to tweet the title to my blog each day along with a link. It also tweets three times a day with old posts. I find three to four pictures and post these to give people motivation and hope in life. I use all networks to share small quotes and motivational sayings each day.

My strategy is to offer people helpful information for free, then offer them a chance to find out more with links to my blog page where they will find further opportunities to link to other helpful sites. These great tools create a network of tweeted ads for me.

It’s a great thing when you help someone and they tell you that you helped; but it’s better when others use these tools to share your message with their friends. Through these networks people are putting together groups of friends and acquaintances, making chat boards, as a group of us recently did so we could talk and prepare for the memorial service for our friend Curt when he passed in a bike wreck a few months back. Our speaker’s group and other network groups all connect through facebook groups.

Social networks are a tool and using the tool to help build a business like mine is a great thing. You get to pass on those positive things in life and share your writing with others when you want to get the word out.

That brings our week to a close. You can find out more about these social media tools and how they can help you connect. J.R. Atkins helps train others to use social media. Eve Mayer Orsburn has a social media company that helps others by showing them the many ways they can use social media in their businesses. You can connect with Mike and Lori at Integrated Alliances. They work with large companies training their employees on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Use social media in a way that matters and be the RockStar in your world.

Entrepreneurs I Want to Meet: Social Media Stars

I want to wrap up our week of entrepreneurs with some of our youngest success stories that so many of us seem to talk about now. Each person we’ve focused on this week started at a young age working towards ideas, goals and dreams to set up their future success. Some achieved success on the first try. For some, it was later in life, after a few setbacks, that they got a company going.

Each of them were entrepreneurs at an early age. Today we are going to focus on not just one but two entrepreneurs. The reason I included the two is they are both associated with the same company, and at one point in time actually worked together. The two men I am going to mention today both were involved in the biggest social network in existence, Facebook.

First is Mark Zuckerberg. Mark, of course, is the founder, the man behind the creation of Facebook. This creation that was born in his dorm room at Harvard in the winter of 2004 started with an idea to build a site that would connect the students at his college. He then took it to many other schools across our country and beyond. Many ask why it is that Facebook became number one. When it was created there were others already out there: MySpace, and Friendster come to mind. But they are not top dog anymore and Facebook is clearly the leader in this arena…for now.

The second person I would like to meet in this world of social networking is Sean Parker. Sean was involved in much of the growth part of Facebook, and in each and every YouTube video I watch of Sean he focuses so much on people connecting on social networks. He also has the wealth of knowledge it took to build it – not so much the programming part but understanding the whole concept of what social networking could become. Sean has been part of the creation process of many internet companies. Yet, even when you look at Napster, which revolutionized the music industry after setting it on its heels, his biggest success arguably is Facebook.

Why do I want to meet these men? I would like to visit with Mark to get an understanding of what his world was like when he was in that dorm room at Harvard building the concept, nursing it from a very general idea to what it is today. Based on what I’ve read, money doesn’t seem to motivate him and yet he is one of the youngest, wealthiest men on the planet. I’d like to see if I can find out what does motivate him and understand that passion. I want to know what it was like to go through the lawsuits he faced after creating Facebook and what it was like to actually hear people working to take away what he was part of.

Much of what I know about Mark Zuckerberg I learned from the movie, The Social Network, which I love and have watched too many times to count. Of course, I know that is a fictional account, not the real Mark Zuckerberg. I want to hear in his words what the true story is. I want to hear from him how his mind works now to keep his world moving, ask him about what keeps him at the top of the game. I’d like to ask him questions that he cannot answer for a news crew about his life and times.

Why do I want to meet Sean?  He has been part of so much that has changed our online world over the past ten years. When you look at the websites and social pages that changed the way we share information and get ideas, Sean was part of many of them. Look at how our music world has changed. It was Napster that changed the industry to ultimately bring us to an online music store. Sean is an entrepreneurial thinker when it comes to the internet. He seems to believe in what he does, and is willing to live with the results of it. It seems that he has lived ups and downs. Most of you probably think he is rich, but I’m sure he has money issues like the rest of us. But I’ll bet he is still making choices to build a better world on the internet.

Some of the people we focused on this week everyone knows about; just about everyone would want to meet at least one of them. Some want to be involved with them for the fame, or to see if they could get an investment for their own venture. Some may want to ask for an idea, to ask for a partnership. But each and every person we talked about this week has one thing in common. They were all willing to risk in life, and all of them risked things I was not always willing to. Some gave up the fame and worked just because they believed in a dream. They moved and acted on ventures when there was not much hope in it.

I am an entrepreneur and have been all my adult life. I believe we need more entrepreneurs to create more ideas. Whether you are a business owner creating the idea, or you work for a company and create an idea to make your company better, we all need to be in a creative mode to make our world get better. It would be difficult for me to sell my bike to start a new venture; I haven’t always had an easy time pushing to show a boss my idea about where we could take a company, or leaving to start another company when the chips are down. I haven’t always been a person who was ready to take training courses to learn new skills; I won’t ever be someone who could write code to make a computer website work.

But now, after many years, I have found out how to dig deep within myself and make the sacrifices necessary for my business, so I can pursue my dreams and goals. And I have found that, when I have made those sacrifices for a venture that was well planned and well researched, I have attained that success that eluded me before I was fully committed.

My specialty isn’t writing computer code; it’s helping others to build a better life after a crash; helping them start over. I can help you get the ideas you need to build your life or business again.  So I’ll keep building my own business, my own dreams, and each time I get to sit with an entrepreneur and have lunch or coffee and get ideas I will. When others need it I’ll sit with them and do the same.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, to love the people you share your life with and to become the RockStar in your world. I’m ready when you are. Contact me today and let’s get started.

Five Ways to Promote Your Business Now

profit-from-mistakesI talk a lot about personal growth. Today I want to put out a post about how to grow your business. Maybe you are self-employed, just starting a small company. I could say all kinds of things about what’s important to you about your business, but the thing that is on most small business owners’ minds is “Where here can I promote my business to get more customers or clients?”
This is always the one thing that every small business person is working towards. Or maybe you’re self-employed and thinking “How can I grow my business to make it bigger?” It’s all about growth. Each of us has got something that we do to make a living and each of us usually wants to grow that business.
I speak and write a lot about how to develop an Ideal life. To get to “ideal” we have to work along the way, including promoting ourselves. So today I’m going to give you five ideas to promote yourself, your business, your charity, whatever you’re working on that needs to grow to keep the flow of money coming in.

1. Use social media. I’m not a coach who works with people in developing an online presence but I can give you some ideas on how to use social media to make your business grow. For example, you can use the tools that work with Twitter to post a special about your business or promotion and have it worded in a way that is different each time. You can set it to post about every 20 minutes. Do this three times a week.
On your Facebook page, there is a product for those who follow you on all forms of the social media. Put a code into it that they then bring to you in your store or business that gives them a special deal.
There are tons of ways to promote using the social media. If your company wants to develop a social media program to promote itself, check out my friend J.R. Atkins of Something Different Companies to help you develop a plan.

2. Print up tee shirts to give away. I did this to promote a company I had back east. I worked a lot with people in radio and would give them away at promotional events. You don’t just give them to your friends and family. Yes, they should always get one, but also give them away at events. People love to get things for free. Print them with something eye-catching so people will want to wear them. They will wear them places that you never even thought about getting your name in.

3. Give away free services. I go to several networking events that have raffles and giveaways. If you go to networking events or club meetings, always be willing to give away a free service to people attending there. Don’t fall into the problem that I did, just giving a one-time deal. I used to give away a free session. No one would ever call about that because they were worried that session would be one hour of me giving them a sales pitch. So I now give away three free months of coaching. They now get a foundation for starting life over with a few months of free service. I also treat them like a paying client, so they are not just given leftovers for free. And when they actually get something from it, they can’t wait to tell friends.

4. Be charitable. When working at Starbucks, we once had a local bank come over and buy everyone who came into our store a free drink and a pastry for an entire day. It was a good idea, and word got out. The bank did nothing but buy things for people who were looking for a free drink. I remember people telling how they drove 10 miles to get a free drink and were upset because they had to wait 30 minutes for that drink.
Well I thought about this concept and here is a sure fire way to get people to know who you are and get your message out. Arrange with your local Starbucks to purchase everyone’s drinks for a one-hour period of time. Sit in the Café, while the people behind the counter have a gift card to pay for everyone’s drink. Then when the customer asks who paid for the drink, they point to you and say “That person bought your drink for you today.” In an hour time frame not many people will be driving across town to take advantage of you, and you’re more likely to get the people who are regulars at that business to meet you.

5. Put a sign on your car. This is a method that works for construction workers and many others. They use a magnetic sign on the door of their car. Well, have your own printed sign that sticks to your car panel. Make sure your website, and a phone number are visible so that anyone driving by you can read and remember. Make it eye catching. Something that makes them want to remember you and your business and want to call.
But if you do this, remember that you drive by the world in your car. I would not cut people off or block traffic with your car while you’re advertising yourself. It could give people an idea where you are if you make them mad and it isn’t good advertising when it makes people angry. These signs can be really cheap, around $100.
Check with your auto insurance company to make sure your vehicle will not be considered a commercial vehicle when you do this. You would not want to have an accident and then find out you’re not covered because you were using your vehicle for business.
There you go: five ideas to quickly promote your company or small business and get some people checking you out. I hope these ideas make you think of many more. I hope your business becomes a success.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get ready to be a RockStar in your world.


foursquare-logoThese are the 3 most important things in the real estate market. But this week the talk is not real estate. Its your location, as Facebook now has the location service to tell others where you are at. While these services and Apps for phones have been around for a few years now.

I personally use Foursquare, I never would have used a service like this before. In the past few years I have branched out in business. My partner and I have a real estate company. I am a life coach and both my partner and I tour a lot on our Harley Davidson.  When I first looked at the foursquare app I did not think, or worry about people tracking my every move.  it was an app that a person in the Coaching business used and it was a game to me. It does have good and bad to it but what on this planet does not. I like becoming the mayor of my local starbucks.

Rather then try to convince you of how bad it is and how many people old our young use it. I’ll let you know that is reversed in my family. I use it im going to be 44 next week. My daughter does not want to use it she is 22 and grew up in this tech world.  She told me she is not going to use it, But while I was away most of my summer on a motorcycle road trip, there were days that I had no phone service and Could not call her to let her know I had made it safe to my camp site for the night. There were times I could not call out to let her know the great sites I was looking at. What my daughter Jess liked was she could read on my Facebook page, or twitter where I was and whether im enjoying the trip our not. She could tell that I had made a destination that I told her I was headed to. She liked that I checked in. Then there were the 100’s of people I didn’t have to email and tell where I was that day. They could read my Facebook page and see where I was. Good things that I traveling man could tell about his life.  Worry if people know that im away from home.  Maybe you should screen who you have as friends and your privacy settings as to who could look at your pages.

Other good things I want to praise the services of four square, or the new location service of Facebook for. While on the road most of the time, im able to review a lot of places to their services. I own stocks in many of company out there. I was able to visit one of those company’s  to find out why my stock in that company fell more than anything else in value in the past year. Well when I check into these joints i tell what the service is like.  I do go to a lot of Starbucks, I meet my clients there all the time. I worked for Starbucks for years So I know how they are supposed to treat people, from walking in the door to getting a drink to how it taste to what I should be asked.  Well if I walked into one and was treated wrong, they did not care for me, or did nothing but complain about their boss. I made a note of this to tell others who might be coming there that there was bad service headed their way. More than once I have gone into a McDonald’s for a quick bite and been waiting for my food 20 minutes later. I want people to know this. I want these company’s to read what is posted about whats going on in their business when they are not at the front door. Now I have been to places where I Was treated so Good I did not want to leave, take the KOA campground I visited in montana, it was so good I stayed an extra day and told people how good it was.

Another good thing. I read each day of my friend JR here in Dallas, He is alway speaking somewhere about the good of the social media in business. He posts with foursquare to let people know where. Could you imagine finding out where you can get to a free seminar that tells where you could get some great advice for your business? I get theses tweets each day telling of online webinars. But the fact I can see them in my town and be there in person, then network with other business people in my town.

Well I could go on and on about the good things of this. yes we are an information age. We do share a lot about our private lives over the net. But the fear that has been placed in us by terrorism, the media telling us whats bad. Its time we use the tools that great company like twitter, face book, foursquare and many others have given us.

Oh and last stop by any morning to the Starbucks where im the mayor. Would be glad to buy a cup of coffee for you and chat about how to make your business life great.

Until next time Live. Love. Rock on.

RockStar1Rocker life coach

Tim Gillette




UPDATE :  So using the foursquare app this week was able to give the police check in information on the young man who thought it would be funny to check-in while vandalizing cars in the neighborhood. So these are great services. If you are going to commit a crime you might not want to use this app on your phone if you try to create an alibi later. Just saying.

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