Say Yes When Everyone Else Tells You No

There are so many people who come to me with stories of how they are struggling; it’s like their first instinct once they realize they aren’t getting anywhere is fear and begging. They have told the world “no, no, no” and now they want to find someone who has the tools to bring the world to their front doorstep for them.

You may be in this boat where you want the doors to open, where you want to hear “yes” in your business. But you told so many “NO.” Well, after my learning experiences of last week I am realizing that even though you say “yes” the world will not necessarily get easier right away, with smooth sailing ahead. You will face some struggles. Sometimes the back-up plan falls through and you cannot see hope.

Yet you are still saying “yes” because you believe that you will find a way to make it work. I remember a few years ago I was building safety nets for myself. I stepped out and took some chances; I opened up and learned to love again; I invested and gathered some returns.

Right now doors are being opened to you. The faith it takes to say “yes” is just as strong as the fear it takes to say “no.” I encourage you to say “yes” and get busy finding a way. I tell you, the rewards I have for saying “yes” over the past four years are greater that I could imagine. And I can’t imagine what my life would be now if I had said “no.”  I have the best relationship with my wife; I have a business I never could have imagined I would have. And it’s all because I said “yes.”

One of the first things my wife and I read as a couple, several years ago when we started dating, was an email from Brian Tracey that had the quote of the day from Thomas Edison. “Most people have no idea how close they were to success when they gave up.” That has driven us to make choices that by faith give rewards. They may not be immediate rewards but they are better rewards. Say “yes” even when you want to say “no” then find a way to make things happen.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to say “yes” to becoming the RockStar in your world?

Stand Out, Even in the Small Stuff

Good Friday morning to you, the end of another five-day work week. I have one last day of standing out in your world. I want to use the lives of an actor who, in the past few years, I have noticed a lot. No matter what role he plays, he always seems to stand out in that role.

Early last week while sitting at home we caught a movie that got Gwynne and me to talking about how the actor Stanley Tucci just excels in every role he plays. He makes you believe that he was the perfect fit for that role, even though the roles are all very different from each other. The movies we have seen him in lately are Burlesque, Easy A, The Devil Wears Prada, American Sweethearts, Julie & Julia. I want you to think of his roles in each of those movies. Now think about how different each role was, yet he played them so well you thought he was a different person each time.

In every one of those movies he plays a “secondary” or supportive role; he wasn’t the main star. He pulled off each of those roles with such a defining character that he just stands out in his acting. Well, his job is an actor, and being able to pull off any role the way he does makes him stand out at his job. That is what we are working on this week in life: excelling where you are so you stand out.

In my life, I have had to play many different roles, from manager, to assistant, to laborer, to sales. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to do all those jobs at the same time. We have to pull off many roles and make it seem like we are the star at that post at the time we are playing it. One of the many things I have learned in my growth in business is one of the RockStar rules that I picked up from Craig Duswalt: focus on the one thing you are good at and become successful. The way he uses it is F= follow, O=one, C=course, U=until, S=successful.

Well, when working as an entrepreneur you may have to play many roles to get started. You have to learn to play the many parts, to act the best you can to pull off the job at hand to get your business running. So take this last lesson on standing out and learn to do whatever you have to do to make others think you are the best at it.

For years I had many small jobs and whatever I had to do, I did it the best I could. If at any point I was failing at it, if I had to get a pep talk from a boss that I was falling behind, it became a refocus and I made a new plan to succeed. I was not going to be the person who brought the ship down.

In your life, you may be at a point you need to learn new things. Maybe you are the person who is the expert playing all the small roles. I may not have always been the star, but I have enjoyed those small roles and played them with a sincere heart, to the point that you would think I was meant to play those roles.

So as we close our week on standing out, no matter what role you are playing at this point in your life, play that role as if you were meant to do it; play it to be a star. You never know who is watching and when, out of the crowd, someone will tap you on the shoulder and offer you the starring role in the next place in your life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Act like the star in every level you must play and become the RockStar in your world.

Living On The Edge

In the mid ‘90s I met a motivational music group called The Goads. I am not sure if they are even together anymore. At the events where we met they would have these great shirts with sayings that would really get you to think. The one that I remember most is “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up way to much space.” The meaning is you need to be taking more risks if you want to succeed in life.
Now as I think about risk in our world, almost 20 years after first seeing that saying, I think of so many people who over-extended themselves. I think of our world and those who are struggling to find jobs, those who are struggling to make a house payment on a home that is worth half of what they owe the bank for it.

Another rock group, Aerosmith, put out a song by the same name. “Livin’ On The Edge” had some great lyrics to help us to think of some of those political things going on in the world. There are two lines in that song that I want to bring up today as we think of what it means to stand out from the crowd, how we should stand out but not push ourselves past the very resources that we have.
We’re seeing things in a different way and God knows it ain’t His.
In the song, I’m sure that it was referring the way religion has been taken in our world but when I hear this line what it really makes me think of is how we have lived past our means in so many ways. I know I’ve told a few times about how we need to delay gratification. We also need to understand that in our world people are not going to see things the way we do.
If you are taking risks in life to reach a goal, learn to take the risks but be wise about them. The hardest thing to see as a coach is someone who took a risk in life and the result is a loss. Too many times people blame others or God when this happens. When you take the risk, understand it’s a risk, and with risk comes a chance of loss. Even something that seems like a “sure thing” can be a risk. Take the person who spends four years obtaining an education and ends up in a field that jobs are leaving.
When I start the coaching process with anyone we have to deal with how to handle risk, take calculated risks. Don’t bet the farm on a long shot; those who seem to have more are the ones who took many smaller risks to get to that big risk.
There’s something right with the world today, everybody knows it’s wrong. But we can tell them “no” or we could let it go.
One of the things that make a successful person stand out is they take ownership for all, the good the bad and the ugly. In this world, if you do not like the price that must be paid for the success you want, you have the right to let it go. You can say “No” when it’s not the right deal. A few years ago when I was working at a coffee shop and riding a motorcycle I built in my home garage, many of those so-called successful people would tell me how they were jealous of my life. I did not have loads of debt; I did not carry loads of stress. I lived a simple life and that gave me lots of freedoms.
In your life if you want something you need to learn when to say “no” and when to say “yes.” You need to know when to take the deal and when to walk away. When you use this power to control things in your life you will become the person who is not living on the edge and living a peaceful life.
I started this post today with a statement that I initially believed was false if you want to stand out for the long term. You want to live on the edge; it may bring your life to an end faster but that is your choice. I was at first thinking that if you decide to not live on the edge you will not stand out. But maybe you will. After all you will have room to breathe; you will have less stress. Think now of one of your friends who always seems to live at peace in all they do. I think that is the way God wanted us to live. Yes we can take risks but not to the point that we are totally stressed out. That is one of those areas where I live in peace. Come join me in a peaceful world.
I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do, and those you share life with. Live in peace and enjoy life and you will stand out as the RockStar in your world.  

Kick Start Your Heart

The year was 1987. It was a wild tour with Motley Cruë on tour with Guns ‘n Roses. The bass guitar player for Motley Cruë, Nikki Sixx, had a very long history of trouble with the drug heroin. Nikki Sixx was partying with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses, I believe; he had way too much and overdosed. He was considered dead for a full two minutes, until an ambulance crew arrived. The leader of that medic team that night was a big Motley Cruë Fan. He is believed to have said one of his music heroes was not going to die on his shift.

I do not know the entire story because I was not there; I only read of it on news web sites, and in accounts by Nikki Sixx. What I can tell you is that most people who come back from an experience like that never forget it. Nikki Sixx wrote a song about it.

The band, Motley Cruë, is one of my favorites; it has always been. I use stories like this in my work and this is one of the things that makes the way I work with people in coaching stand out. I know many coaches, speakers, and motivators who would never have researched a story like this to use for their programs. Nikki is not exactly the kind of person who would speak at a local church. In fact, my personal experience growing up in church was always being pointed away from stories like this.

Nikki stands out to me because not only did his best years happen after this event, but some of his best happened after he cleaned up from the life of heavy drugs. As I have said his music will not make the church scenes. But his motivational story is one that impacts people – just like his life and music had impacted a paramedic enough that he vowed as a fan to kick-start Nikki’s heart because he refused to see him die.

Now let me tell you the story of another person I know personally who had a near-death experience like Nikki Sixx. Tim Newland is a friend of mine from the Dallas area. He is the current president of the Passion Riders chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, in Carrollton, TX. Tim has had heart problems and has had a device implanted to help keep his heart working properly. A few years ago, before I met Tim, he was out on a motorcycle ride with some friends. Tim fell down in the parking lot where they were meeting and those who were with him claim he died that day. The riders took their own form of “we are not letting him die on our watch.” They all put their hands on Tim and prayed over him. He came back and now Tim, just like Nikki, lives a life that has much more passion than before.

So what is your passion in life? I hope for you that it will not take lying on the ground with friends praying over you, or an ambulance crew giving you two shots of adrenaline to make you come to life with passion. In this week where we are talking about standing out from the crowd to succeed, both Nikki Sixx and Tim Newland are people who stand out. So is it time to kick-start your heart?

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Kick-start your heart with passion to be the RockStar in your world.

Reach the world with your message.

Early this week my blog talked about how to find yourself. To be yourself and enjoy what you do. Its time to live your dream. Today I got to meet several people who were doing just that. Is it a coincidence that they worked for the same ministry as my friend Elton? I think not, While going thru the different departments I was able to meet people who had different passions for lots of small parts that made up a bigger ministry. With each of them doing the little part they loved to do, it made the entire operation run that much better. We all need to do what we can do to make this world work.

Then I met a man we will call him Randy. He is an older gentleman with a heart of gold. we all get set in our ways in life, and it could close the field of people we are able to reach. Randy had many people that he could reach in his world that I could never reach cause of the way I look and dress. What we both have in common is a heart for people, I will never be able to reach the people he does and he could not connect with the people I could.

Then I got to talk to my neighbor at the campsite I was on all week, Jerry. A great man who has a great story, ever story he told had to do with his daddy. His and mine, our heavenly father. This man could tell you great story’s how his place on this earth is so great, he calls himself a bond servant, Or slave of Jesus.

What all of these people have in common we all have the same message. Changing lives of people we meet. You need to realize on this earth you will change peoples lives when you come in contact with them, you could give them a message of hope or a message of failure. What ever your message is you will speak it either with your mouth, or your actions.

So since your spreading a message, I’ll give you some pointers I like to use to help me help others.

1. Be Genuine. This is to say be yourself. you can reach more people being that person that God made you to be. Me I look different then my dad, he has short gray hair and a mustache, I have long stringy hair and a stubble face. That is me it has been me for years, those years that were spent in my life to try to look like he does, or act like does were the hardest years of my life. It was not natural to me, the feeling of  uncomfortable trying to act like someone else.  Zig used to say if you think the church has hypocrites in it, come join there is room for one more.

2. Make sure you live your message. This is a little different then the first point. There are things in Jerry’s life, and Randy’s life that they have walked thru. I personally am still working thru some of those challenges in my life. I’m not a the place where I could take a stand for them. Therefore I need to not try to send out a message about them yet. That is part of Gods plan for our lives, once we have gone thru something, we can then lead others thru it. If you still have a battle with drinking alcohol,or a battle with smoking, you are not yet called to speak on those things. You may not win those battles on this earth. That is OK, life is a journey, not a destination. If you learn to spread your message on the things that you have gone thru, You will find that others need your leading thru those troubled waters.

3. Enjoy this life. While  these people have different views. They enjoyed the place they have been put or they enjoy the place they are passing thru. you need to enjoy the path you are on. If you are waiting to reach a certain place to start enjoying life. ITS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION. In watching the movie a few years ago The Pursuit Of Happyness. Will Smith played the character of a man who was on a journey, he said that we are given the right to the pursuit of happiness, it may not be attainable. I say make life a joy. Joy is something that you are not a feeling, you decide to be joyful, make the choice to put a smile on your face and enjoy the journey of life. I take great pleasure in hearing a man like Jerry tell his journey, when he smiles as he tells the story of the hardship that ended in a joyful journey.

So take these points to heart, Your life is a blessing to someone. Each day you get to spread your message tell it like its yours.

Americas Rockstar Coach I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get ready to be a RockStar in your world.


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