Say No To Bad Associations

I have repeated this story many times. They say there are three things you can look at that will tell you where a person will be in five years: The programming they put into their minds, what they do with their spare time, and the close friends they keep or people they hang out with.
Another of the things I heard in the seminar I attended a few weeks back was that your salary is the average of that of the five people you hang out with most. If you are the one with the highest income, you will be headed downhill from here. And, taking it a step further, if you are the person in the group of five who has the most wisdom and knowledge, you will also be headed down.
Today, in our week of things to say “no” to, is the idea of how to handle those people who will do nothing but bring us down. I know many people who read this will say, “But they are my friends and I love them.” Well, again, the other teaching I go back to is you need to have a mentor who is pulling you up and someone you are mentoring who you pull up as well. You need people in your life who lead you and those who you lead.
Take a look around. Are the people who you hang out with all struggling — with life, with business, with too many things all at once? Well, it’s time to build yourself a mastermind group that includes people who will pull you up, who will elevate and challenge you. I’m not saying to leave your friends, but it’s time to start growing and learn from those who can teach you as well.
A few months ago I stopped attending several of the meetings and events I attended regularly last year. It began when I stood still one day in a networking event and realized I was the most successful guy in the room, aside from the man leading the group.
Sure, that may sound really cool, but it’s not. I was attending these events to meet people and to learn things to improve my business, and my life. Many of those in the room had been attending for years and had not grown at all. That is what I mean when I say you need to have people around you who pull you, or push you to get out of your comfort zone.
Many other people have come to me wanting joint ventures. I heard a message a few weeks ago from a man who carefully picks his joint ventures. He does not want the business reputation he built to be torn down by one person who is just looking for a ride.
This is a tough time to say “no.” But it’s one that is needed to keep you growing in life. Don’t let a friend who refuses to grow be the cause of your death. You have something in that mind of yours, a purpose you are alive for. Let NO one keep you from that purpose.
I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Say “yes” to growing and become the RockStar in your world.

Take it a Step at a Time

So yesterday we came to the conclusion that when you are overwhelmed you must first realize that it is a feeling and you must set the feeling aside then take it a step further by putting things into perspective and making a list laying out what needs to be done.

Today we take it to the level of what to do with the list. Just because we worked to set aside the feelings yesterday, does not mean they are gone today. With each of these steps, you will have to remind yourself to set aside the feeling and get life moving again.

With the list you created yesterday, we said to put those things at the top of the list that needed to be done first. Of course, saying something has to be done and actually doing it is not the same. So today we will focus on taking it one step at a time.

When you put the feeling aside and then take it a step at a time, you get one thing done and then another until you are marking more of your list of things off than you ever thought you would. As soon as you start to get just one thing done, you will get back that feeling of satisfaction. This will help you to not have to worry about the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Make this into a daily habit of getting things done one at a time. You will find that when you start to take things off your list you will get more things added to it. You see, more things are going to come up. If you keep the habit of working on finishing things one at a time and build that habit, you can keep things from building up and bringing back the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The best story I ever heard about solving the problems of life is the story of how God wants us to handle problems. It’s like playing volleyball: God serves that ball (your problem or what you are working on) to you; you are to then hit the ball back. This is how we would play the game of volleyball. But we often get too overwhelmed with those things we have to solve in life so we don’t play. We catch the ball and hold it. The problem is balls keep getting served, so we become overwhelmed by holding the balls instead of putting them back into play.

So today take your list and start working on them one by one, take it a step at a time and soon you will see things getting done. See you tomorrow for the next step.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get things done one step at a time and you will become the RockStar in your world.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The weekend is getting closer and the idea of what is going on this weekend with my friend Kat’s event on love and romance is really exciting. So many people I have talked to are planning weddings now. For those who are about to get married (like Gwynne and I are) the talk of love and romance is a great subject as we head into the summer months.

Gwynne and I do not have young kids anymore; we have spent most of the first part of the year traveling for work and little time at home. We are working to get all the final things planned for our wedding. As we are older in life, we have learned to put our lives together in such a way that it’s not all a feeling.

If you have not heard how I planned out the great marriage proposal at the Harley Museum last November, here is a little taste of what happened. I had been looking for an idea of when and how to make it special. It was because of the sudden trip with just over a week’s time to plan that I was able to slip it in.

I had the bases covered, talked to her dad, talked to her brother, talked to her best friend. So many people knew it was coming, just not when. I had talked with her best friend by phone that morning at a stopover to change planes. I wanted this to be so special.

I looked to find the place in the museum to do it, then, with the assistance of the staff taking pictures we got photos of it. It was a shock to her — and that was not because of the conversation we had the night before.

I am only giving a few pieces of this story. If you want to hear the story in detail, then you need to attend this weekend’s Love and Romance expo. I will be sharing the story with those who attend. We will then discuss how you can plan out such great events and become the rock of love in your relationships.

If you live in Dallas, this event is live and only $15 to attend. Get your tickets now and come hear a great story and maybe get your ideas about how to bring that romance back to your love life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Make everything you do romantic and become the RockStar in your relationships.


Greetings as we take our share our first step in creating an ideal life. Today we start with one of the seven areas we will cover over the next few days.


Last year at my church, the pastor gave this great series on how to live rich. He started off with 3 points to make this happen. I’m only going to tell you 2. He held a broom handle in the palm of his hand and started to balance it. He was talking about balancing our money, but I’m going to use this as an analogy for life. The first point he said to balance the stick is to get a focal point. While holding the stick, he looked at the top of it saying the focus is the top while the balance point was his hand. Second point he made was the constant correction to keep it balanced. Those two things will be needed to make your life ideal, but first you need to write down what your focus is. For me there are these seven things I have to make a focal point. The rest is constant adjustment. That’s what makes my life ideal: I focused on what I want, then I have to constantly correct and change things in my life. This brings new things into my life to make my life ideal tomorrow, and then next week, next year, etc.

So I wrote the things that make my life ideal now, but they are under constant change. If I had written the list last year it would have been different then this year’s list. Next year’s will be different also – not because my goal of an ideal life has changed, but because the things that make my life ideal change. You will find that your ideal might be one thing today, yet be entirely different next year. First you need to feel your life is ideal and then you need to work to make it even better next year.

Join us tomorrow for the next part in this 8 part blog series. When we talk about “Don’t Do Lines”. No its not about stop doing drugs all though that would be a good thing also. Join us tomorrow to find out what I mean.

RockStar1I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get ready to be a RockStar in your world.

Become Successful selling number 1 product in the world

What is the number one selling product you might ask? Well if you notice the one thing that can make anyones day, brighten their future. It causes people to follow you. It gets people elected into offices, It gets preachers watched on tv, it gets people to become friends with total strangers. It gives prisoners a reason to live. It is the number one seller. And what does it cost? Nothing…

So what am I talking about today.  HOPE. no matter your situation in life, it takes a word of hope from anyone to make you look at where you are, or what you are going thru and suddenly you can feel life again.Hope that something good could happen. I remember the times in my life when I was lowest, going thru the hardest times. It was then that hope was the strongest in my heart. I knew life had to get better from there. When I had nothing, then you could get anything, or go anywhere.

So the short of this is no matter what you are going thru, hope will get you thru.  It is a best seller, from the political figures who speak it, to the preachers who talk about it.They are the ones who we listen to, vote for, send our hard-earned money to help support. So what are you hopeful for in your own life? How will reading this change your life? what will you become hopeful about today.

The three things you need to do with hope to make your life better, and help make someone else’s life better.

SEEK HOPE : Look for the good in things, instead of saying things like it wont work for me. Say there is a learning gem here in this if I seek it, my life will come thru better because of this. In all things if you are without a job now. seek hope in the situation, you now have some free time to seek your true purpose in life, to realise what your dream is, to put a plan of action together to have your dream life become a reality in the next 2 years. If you have just lost a partner in life, a breakup or divorce, now is the time to better yourself. Find healing in your life, become that complete person you always wanted to be. Let the hope of a wonderful life with possibility of a new future. If you have been told you have a life long illness, or worse yet cancer. Have the hope that you are now able to meet all new friends thru your journey who need you to have hope. You need to seek those things that ar for the better, those things that are to make your life better than yesterday. The chance that this is a place that will cause you to grow to a new mountain top in your life.

LIVE HOPEFULLY : Become a life beacon of hope. Drop seeds of hope everywhere you go. Its hard at first to be hopeful when you think your world is ending. But it starts with you.first you have to be hopeful and start seeing your life better because of this. I tell people all the time no matter what you are going thru if you see yourself as successful, you then create the hope inside you to become the success you see. Think how your world would change if you started living a life that was hopeful of things getting better. You would continue to be more hopeful, your future would become so bright that each choice you made would be for the better. Within a year people would start to see you as the person who gives them hope. A person who pushes them to move towards a better life themselves.  With that ill say the last thing about HOPE.

SPREAD HOPE: When you share it with others it then makes our world a better place. Hope is not something you keep inside of you its something you gotta share. The more people you share it with the more you have yourself. Wow what a concept. Share it, Give it, tell about it. Then you get more yourself. This is how you sell hope. Those people who give others hope are the ones who are the most successful in what ever they do. If you see a service business doing great, chances are when you go inside that business you see the people who work there doing something to make the customers have a better day. They bring hope of a better life to those who they serve.

Well this is another short note to help you I only hope you reading this you build a hope inside of you to do something to better your world. Seek it, Live it, Spread it. Hope the number one selling product to make you succesful.  Go and Rock your world today.

Tim Gillette Rocker life coach.

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