About You, Not About You. Which Is It?

Purpose. We all have one and this week we are talking about it. This week’s theme of purpose began with me looking back at how life changed for me when I read The Purpose Driven Life 10 years ago.

One of the first things you read in the book is the fact that it’s not about you. The message behind that is a good thing that was brought out early. The statement stems from the fact that we are put on this earth to help others, and we are built to serve God.

I believe in the fact that we belong here to serve others; we have purpose that is outside of ourselves. Yet I work and work to help people see they have a dream inside of them. I begin by asking them, “What do you want to do? What would you change about your life if you could?”

I like getting people outside of the troubles they are going through to see a bigger picture of the life they have, to actually see themselves having more. Yes, I used that greedy phrase, “having more.” But why would this be associated with the idea that it’s not about you?

Well, no one will ever get out and change the world if they do not have a reason why and the tools to do it. They need some reason to want to get up and make a change. In many cases that involves chasing something that is a dream to the point that one day they actually see the vision.

I recall from my Amway days that part of the presentation was about building the dream. We talked about having a different car; we talked about having a different house. One of the favorite things I heard came from a guy named Frank. When he made his presentation, he would say, “I can prove you can dream!” He would then ask the listener to pick a car, any car, and then told them he was paying for it. Every time they named a much better car than they currently drove; most times it was an exotic car. He always said no one ever asked for a Yugo. Then he told his joke: Why do they call it a Yugo? Because if you get hit in it, you will go. (Sounds funnier when you hear it than when you read it.)

Another man who spoke at one of our conferences once stated he was a Christian man and took on the bible title of being a “fisher of men.” He said that he just had to use very expensive bait. He was referring to the homes he had and the way he used them to inspire his down line to work to get more.

So I hope you get the idea I am placing here. Yes, your purpose is about helping others, but in order to do that, you have to get out from where you are and move forward. That may sound like pursuing a selfish dream first to get you going. So many want to save the world, but they have no money to do that.

People like Bill Gates and other very rich people give large sums of their wealth and start great foundations to help in areas that you and I can’t. To be able to do that you must first get the money. And let’s face it: we have a limited reach to get others to give enough to make that vision possible.

I love the way the Bono is. The man gives in so many ways, but also uses his fame and the name he has built to help others grab onto his vision and give themselves. To be this way you need two things: a large following and a large bank account. Both together can create bigger things.

So with your purpose, have you got a dream that has moved you from the spot you are to heading towards that point where you have the vision of your purpose? If you have no tools to make that vision work, start with a small dream of improving your own life, your own health, your own well-being. In that walk, you will see your eyes open to a much larger picture than you have ever seen, I promise.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready for the next level to become the RockStar in your world?

Have You Found That Purpose in Your Life?

I remember about 10 years ago, seeing a book on a customer’s counter and asking them about it. Then, within a matter of two months that, book was everywhere. Churches were talking about it; bookstores had it on the front display. It triggered something inside of me to start looking to more self-improvement reading in my life.

At the time, after years of reading, I had taken a break from reading those kinds of books. I was so busy and I found myself telling others how there was no time for that. This book brought something back; it was a feeling like “you need to read this.”

If you are wondering, the book was The Purpose Driven Life. A minister from a church in California had written the book so that you and I could actually realize that we are here for a purpose. It took the ideas he was teaching in his church about what the purpose of his church and many churches should be. Then he took it to a personal level, moving from the church having a purpose to you having a purpose.

So I ask 10 years after that book came out, have you found your purpose? Have you read the book? You see while not everyone who reads will agree with the message taught in this book, you still better believe you are on this earth for a purpose.

For me it was a time I was building what would be my last car wash business. Just six years earlier, I was talking about how working and doing great things in life meant something to me. I was sure it had to be in the automotive business. But 10 years later I do not even own a car.

Many of you may still feel you know the direction you are supposed to be on in your life. Well you never know where it is until you get out and look to make sure.

So this week I want to look at some things that deal with your life purpose. How do you feel you are doing at getting done what you are meant to do on this earth? I feel there is so much more I need to get done. This summer I finished writing what will be my first print book, and I still spend time every day writing new ideas for books and programs.

You see, my purpose is ever growing and I am ever searching to keep in line to make sure my life is headed to help those I’m meant to help. So as we talk about purpose this week, I will be traveling again, out to see one of my mentors at another great RockStar Marketing Boot Camp. I will use this time to see if my purpose needs adjusting, to see if there are corrections needed to get my path to purpose back in alignment.

Come back each day this week to see the paths I have traveled over the past 10 years; to learn how seeking self improvement brought me to that place of development of my own message; how you also have music inside of you. I hope you have found it and you are getting ready to play so the world can hear.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those that you share life with. Are you ready to go to the next level and become the RockStar in your world?

Living On The Edge

In the mid ‘90s I met a motivational music group called The Goads. I am not sure if they are even together anymore. At the events where we met they would have these great shirts with sayings that would really get you to think. The one that I remember most is “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up way to much space.” The meaning is you need to be taking more risks if you want to succeed in life.
Now as I think about risk in our world, almost 20 years after first seeing that saying, I think of so many people who over-extended themselves. I think of our world and those who are struggling to find jobs, those who are struggling to make a house payment on a home that is worth half of what they owe the bank for it.

Another rock group, Aerosmith, put out a song by the same name. “Livin’ On The Edge” had some great lyrics to help us to think of some of those political things going on in the world. There are two lines in that song that I want to bring up today as we think of what it means to stand out from the crowd, how we should stand out but not push ourselves past the very resources that we have.
We’re seeing things in a different way and God knows it ain’t His.
In the song, I’m sure that it was referring the way religion has been taken in our world but when I hear this line what it really makes me think of is how we have lived past our means in so many ways. I know I’ve told a few times about how we need to delay gratification. We also need to understand that in our world people are not going to see things the way we do.
If you are taking risks in life to reach a goal, learn to take the risks but be wise about them. The hardest thing to see as a coach is someone who took a risk in life and the result is a loss. Too many times people blame others or God when this happens. When you take the risk, understand it’s a risk, and with risk comes a chance of loss. Even something that seems like a “sure thing” can be a risk. Take the person who spends four years obtaining an education and ends up in a field that jobs are leaving.
When I start the coaching process with anyone we have to deal with how to handle risk, take calculated risks. Don’t bet the farm on a long shot; those who seem to have more are the ones who took many smaller risks to get to that big risk.
There’s something right with the world today, everybody knows it’s wrong. But we can tell them “no” or we could let it go.
One of the things that make a successful person stand out is they take ownership for all, the good the bad and the ugly. In this world, if you do not like the price that must be paid for the success you want, you have the right to let it go. You can say “No” when it’s not the right deal. A few years ago when I was working at a coffee shop and riding a motorcycle I built in my home garage, many of those so-called successful people would tell me how they were jealous of my life. I did not have loads of debt; I did not carry loads of stress. I lived a simple life and that gave me lots of freedoms.
In your life if you want something you need to learn when to say “no” and when to say “yes.” You need to know when to take the deal and when to walk away. When you use this power to control things in your life you will become the person who is not living on the edge and living a peaceful life.
I started this post today with a statement that I initially believed was false if you want to stand out for the long term. You want to live on the edge; it may bring your life to an end faster but that is your choice. I was at first thinking that if you decide to not live on the edge you will not stand out. But maybe you will. After all you will have room to breathe; you will have less stress. Think now of one of your friends who always seems to live at peace in all they do. I think that is the way God wanted us to live. Yes we can take risks but not to the point that we are totally stressed out. That is one of those areas where I live in peace. Come join me in a peaceful world.
I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do, and those you share life with. Live in peace and enjoy life and you will stand out as the RockStar in your world.  

Soul Surfer

If you have not seen the movie, Soul Surfer, I recommend it. When starting to plan out this week, this movie was not on my list of the things I had planned to use as an illustration. But after hearing someone who related their life to the story in this movie, I had to check it out.

The movie is about the story of Bethany Hamilton, a 13-year-old surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. The movie shows her struggles to live with the new challenge in her life, learning to balance life as a surfer with one arm. It shows her, among other things, learning to help others who are afraid of the water after a tsunami hits.

Her story is a strong one when we think of those who struggle with a loss. They have to overcome some great struggle to succeed. When thinking of her story and the theme for this week, I wanted to add this movie as one to give life lessons on standing out. At the end the movie she is asked in an interview if she could go back to that day would she not go surfing? She replied she would still choose to lose her arm because now she can embrace more people with one arm then she could before with both arms.

In Dallas, we have a similar story happening now. The family of Lauren Scruggs is facing a similar loss. She lost her hand and an eye when she accidently walked into a spinning plane propeller in December. I have known her family’s struggles long before this happened. Her parents have chosen to take the trials they went through with their marriage and make a ministry out of it, helping others restore marriages as they did with theirs.

Some who struggle with a loss will give up the spirit that kept them chasing a dream. Others will take strength in the loss; they will find a new way to pursue the God-given dream that is inside of them. When they are able to see past the struggle, when they watch the dream come true, they will be like Bethany and say, “I would still give up that arm.” You will be able to do far more without the one thing that is taken than you were able to do with all still intact.

So, in your life, what have you lost? No matter what it is, you need to keep two things in mind that will support you to do the purpose you have yet to do on this earth.  It is that purpose that can be your driving force. In my own life, when I set out towards my own purpose I, had things fall into place to take care of things I had lost.

When you have a major loss like the one shown in this movie, there are two things you must keep in mind to keep going. They will help you to perform the purpose you still have on this earth. Remember, if you are still breathing, your job on this earth is not done.

So what are the two things we need to hang on to?

1.  Hope. That’s right. Even through loss, you need to be a person of hope. I have spoken on this subject many times. Those who have hope that a better purpose is coming along and start a journey to look for it with hope succeed and stand out.  I know that every time I had a business fail or when I woke up in the hospital after an epilepsy seizure, it was hope that it was going to be OK that got me back in the game. I knew that something better was coming along. Even when going down some deadend roads that left me having to start over again, hope was the thing I held on to that better days were coming.

2.  Spirit. No matter what it is you have lost, never lose the spirit and drive to find what it is you are to do now. I know when we were younger we were all told “You can do anything you want; if you want to be President of the United States some day you can.” We had that belief for a great life; we started making plans to see a dream of passion of purpose come true. The truth is those who achieve the dreams they had as a child all had to lose a few things along the way. We all had to walk up a few mountains along the path to make that dream come true.

So if you want to stand out, find the ways to keep your balance when life takes something from you. Life is always going to take you on turns that were not in your plan. You will have things taken from you. The way you handle it, the new things that you learn to do will be what make you stand out in a crowd of hundreds doing the same business you are. No matter what you have lost, use it to be the stand-out person in your world.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. It’s how you rebalance life after you lose that thing you thought you needed to be in balance that will make you the RockStar in your world.

What is hope?

What a great week on the subject of hope. I hope you have learned more about the word and its true meaning. Many people have sent me emails how this week has been uplifting for them.  When it comes to hope, it is a great thing when you are in business for yourself. So I want to make today’s post about the two words that were used in the president’s campaign in 2008: Hope and Change.

I like them together, for you see, when you use the word “hope” in your life, it should be about a change you are about to make. In life if you were to use hope in your life and you changed nothing to get it, well that would just be a waste. If you have not reached the goals with the tools you have been using, if what you have been doing has not worked, why are you hopeful for anything to change in your life. To get a different outcome, you have to change something.

We all have heard the old saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Let’s put that in Tim Speak: if you want more out of life get off your butt and do something about it.

Another saying that goes well with this is: “I will do today what others won’t, and I will live a life tomorrow others will only wish they could have.” Well to get ahead in life you may have to do a few things that you do not want, like the years I worked washing and detailing cars at the car wash. I had to work at it to put money away to start my own business.

Recently, I heard the story of a man who was general manager/ owner of a business in the Dallas area. While most others in a job like his would sit back and enjoy the title that comes with the job he did not. He worked harder to get ahead and saved his extra money. Then when he had enough saved he sold out his portion of the business and went and started another business in another town. See, he learned to do what the corporate world asked him to do, he took his small ownership shares, and he saved his money.

I have always had the hope in my life that, with my work ethic, I could build my own world starting from anywhere. Many times that line of “hope and faith” did not work. I trusted the wrong partners, made bad deals that did not benefit me. If you want to get past this in life, you don’t short cut and start to scam people to get ahead. Hope in yourself and belief in your work will bring you to the place you want to be, it just takes time.

So, as we close out this week on hope, I want to know what is going to change in your life in 2012? If you have the hope that 2012 is going to be a good year then you need to have hope in a better year, but make the changes to make it better.  With that have a great weekend. Come back next week when our theme is “Five Reasons to Hire a Life Coach.”  See you then.

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach, it’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with, have hope in the changes you are making in life and become the RockStar in your world.

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