Missed Opportunities

Good Tuesday morning to you. With the few short weeks left in the year 2011, getting things right for success in our lives is definitely something we should be working on. The idea of this week is to get you to find the tools for your success and make a success out of what you have. So many in life will miss the tools that have been placed in front of them because they a lack belief in their personal success.

The idea of missed opportunities came to me as I was reading responses to an invite I sent out for an event I was speaking at. I read a post that someone made in response to the invitation. The person who wrote this was a personal friend so I’m not going to point out the exact comment that was made. I’ll just use it an illustration of how we misread things that could be the very tool that we need for our next step in success.

When was the last time you half-read something and said “Now that is not for me.” A few months ago I was invited to an event that was a benefit. It was hosted by a women’s group. When reading the invitation I said, “I’m not a woman so this group is not for me.” Well, it was being hosted by the women’s group but it was not just for women. It raised money for a great cause for children – just like the biker events I attend that raise money for kids for different events over the holiday season.

In life, I have seen people read just one line then make a choice not to attend a networking event because it looked like it was a singles event or because it looked like it was for self-employed people and they work for a bank as an executive. Since they made this choice based on just a small amount of information, they usually get mad at you when a competitor of theirs gets a contract they could have gotten if they had showed up to the same event.

So in life, make sure you realize the things you are saying “No” to. On Sunday I was opening up my Facebook page to read about a friend that Gwynne told me went down on his bike over the weekend. The first thing I saw, however, was a good statement that my friend Sandy wrote on her facebook page: “I’m only responsible for what I say, not what you understand or think you hear me say.”

So before you get upset with that friend who watched the business you were supposed to get go to another company; or when you are upset that you did not get the invite to the place where you friends decided to announce his new program that you have been waiting to take part in, make sure you are listening to all the information coming in before you decide, “Oh, that is not for me.”

I am going to leave you today with another of my stories from my trip this year. I left to ride my bike to my mom’s house in the end of April; it was a multi-state trip. After I left, my Harley Riding group started a contest where you needed a picture of you your bike and a pamphlet at the state line. You had to be the first to that state with your picture to claim the state. Well, it was started after I left for that trip. I would have been the first to get every state northeast of Texas. But I was not reading to any of the chat boards, or attending the events that would have told me that was going to take place. So, when I returned home at the end of May I watched as so many were taking the trips to get those states I had just ridden through. Yes, I picked on my friend Jonathan and I told him he should have given me a heads up. But it’s not his fault I did not succeed. He was telling people but I was not listening.

In life you are the one who is responsible for your own success. If you have failed, if you have missed the chances that you should have gotten, well it’s not someone else’s fault. Wake up and start looking around you. The keys to success are more than likely right in front of you. While you may be sitting complaining about who beat you to it, or why you didn’t get the chance, others are climbing their ladder of success.

Many of them are doing it while working two jobs as a single mother, working overtime three days a week even when they wake up feeling sick. They do it while having to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or eating off the dollar menu at McDonalds. They are not handed success; they are taking the life they have been handed and working with it to dig out of the holes they are in. They are building their own success with the bricks that others are throwing at them. What is your tool of success that you have missed this year? Are you turning on your hearing, opening up your eyes and feeling around to find the light switch to create a brighter tomorrow? Now is the time to do that.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love the journey you are on. Look around at the opportunities you are missing to become the RockStar in your world.

You must work for it

Good Monday morning to you and welcome to another week. As 2011 is winding down, we are in the middle of the month of November already. Next week is Thanksgiving here in the USA. Many have been posting something each day on Facebook about what they are thankful for. I must say I am thankful that I was born in the country I was born in. I have met and talked with many of you from other countries and we all have pride in where we are from. No matter where your home is, there is one thing when it comes to personal growth that is the same all around the world: to be successful you must do your own work.

Recently, I was meeting with someone who was complaining that they did not have the resources needed to be successful. It made me think of the many things that I was given. While I’m not going to say my dad was a perfect dad, he gave me the tools I needed to make my life the success that it is. I feel no matter where you are from, who you had for family, you are given what you need to succeed. If you could not manage to do anything with what you have been given, that is your problem, not the fault of anyone else.

We all need to take what we have been given and make something of that before we can be successful with something else. This is why some people get a great education and then work a job that takes them nowhere in life. Then we see stories where men drop out of school and create a new world. We are given tools each day for our success but some will take an attitude that it’s not enough and will end up doing nothing; others will take the small amount of tools and build a dream that leaves those who know them best in awe of what they have created with it.

If you cannot get a good enough job, maybe you need to be building a life right where you are at. For me a few years ago, I could not figure what I was going to do next. I stood in my friend Donna’s office and she asked me, “So what are you going to do?” I told her I did not know. After a few months of trying different jobs, I finally gave up on trying to find some fancy job and took what was offered me. At 38 years of age I took a job as a barista at Starbucks. While moving up at a coffee shop may not be a dream to most, I found some great things. It was surprising to one day have people walk in and offer me jobs to run other companies.

When my daughter Jess moved to Dallas in 2006, she could not find a job here in the corporate world of north Dallas. So she took a job at a sports bar that was near our home. She worked lunches, dinners, afternoons whatever she could to start building her life. All the while, she was not sure if she was going back to school but she kept her attitude up while working at a bar. An office group from a local magazine came in to eat lunch on a regular basis and soon she was offered a job as receptionist at the magazine.

Many of us may hate the place that we are at right now. But you have been given the tools to build success where you are, in our world of bad times, hard times, poor economy, recession, depression. Your life is what you make it, if you want to leave this crummy job and get a promotion, or if you want to start your own blog, maybe even start your own online fishing goods store, it’s time to shine where you are at. Take the success tools you have been given and build from here.

This week we will go through a few other topics of tools that we have for making our lives a success. Walk into your job today with the attitude that you are successful right where you are now. Wake up to your mate and think “I am in the best relationship for me.” Look at your kids and say “I am successful and have a great family right now.” Stop looking at life and saying “If only I had a better house then  my garden would look nicer.”

Today is the day you change your attitude and make the world more successful with the tools you have already. You change your belief in the world by changing your attitude towards where you are now.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Change your attitude and use the tools you have to be a RockStar in your world.

Make an Improvement

I know a million sales people since I live in the Dallas area. I have hosted many networking events, coffee meetings and such. The one rule that every sales person knows is called the ABC rule. Always Be Closing. Well I wanted to make today’s post along that same line.

In this life, you will either be growing or dying. That is a choice you will have to make. I know many people who think they just have to get to that routine to build success. They find the formula, if you will, to make hit after hit after hit. Think back to any successful run that anyone has. They find a formula and stick with it until it dies. Then one day they find the formula is a used up useless way of doing things and it’s time to improve it.

Yesterday we talked about how we need to build that routine to make us successful. If you ever read the book, Million Dollar Habits, by Brian Tracy, or the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, you know they talk about how it’s your habits that build success. This begins with the routine that you started yesterday. But there is always room to improve it.

Over this past summer there were many articles and talk about how the new social media site that will overtake FaceBook is going to be Google +.  Well you did not see a fear decision on the part of FaceBook. No, they are still on target to move towards the plans they have. As I have mentioned many times, we watch the movie, The Social Network, often when it comes on. I love the one line in that movie where Mark says the website will never be done. It will always be working towards improvement.

In life you are working to improve your business and life or you are letting it die. So take the routine you have and work with it to make it better. Each and every day, look for ways to improve. Remember the four areas that we covered on Tuesday for personal clean up? Well, look to those areas and ask yourself, “Where can I improve my life to make it better?”

What can I do to improve my health? Can I change up my exercise program to give me more energy? One of my childhood friends, Marc, felt, after he and his wife hit 40, that they needed to change out their workouts and improve their health. They now compete in bike races around the country as a new part of life. They changed their lives to eat better and take better care of their bodies. We all can probably eat better and exercise more.

What can I do to improve my money situation? More times than not I hear the excuse, “I cannot afford that” or “We will never be able to do that” or “I don’t deserve that.” Well that is wrong, wrong, wrong.

If your money is not where you want it to be, the government is not the solution. The jobs bill or minimum wage laws are not what you need. You need to come up with a plan to get out of where you are at and improve your situation. If you are looking for help to improve in this area maybe you need to learn to be an entrepreneur in your life and create a side income to take control of your family money situation. Call me for a coaching session to get started right now improving that.

What can you do to improve your relationships? Trust me I am the captain of needing improvement here. I ask myself all the time, “How could I relate better to the women in my life?” Both Jess and Gwynne need me to become a better man.

What can you do to improve your physical environment? Is there a way to make your house better for you to live in?  Do you need to rearrange your furniture to work better for you? Maybe it’s time to hire the Feng Shui expert to come in and make the energy flow in your life.

No matter what it is in your life that needs work, the purpose of this post today is to get you to think. Last week, while on vacation there were many things I realized I did not need in life. I also found there are areas that I was not organized. I need to improve my routine in those areas. I need to be more focused to get the work done that I need to do.

Today, we’ve learned that we need to improve. After all, one of the main things I want in my life is to love what I do, to not have to take a vacation to get away from work. I don’t want to need a vacation. In fact, I want to love what I do so much I hate to be away from it. In your life do you want to get there? I hope so come join me and love life.

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Problems with Confidence and Trust

One of the hardest things to gain after it is lost is trust. At one point or another, we all lose trust in someone or something. At some point you will also make a choice in your life that will cause someone to lose trust in you. The hardest thing is to rebuild trust after you have lost it.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on another course to help with people dealing with self-confidence; it’s been one of the hardest to complete. So I wanted to write some of the things I know about building trust and confidence. Hopefully you and I can both learn from this.

I decided to write this today in one of my favorite Starbucks, one where it’s quiet yet it seems to have a lot of traffic of people coming by ordering their drinks and walking away. I watched the last five people who are at the counter to pick up their drinks. Some just pick it up and walk away, no tasting to see if it’s OK, no looking to see if they got the right drink. Some look to see if the cup is marked the way they asked for the drink. A few are taking a taste, feeling the cup to see if it needs to have a sleeve on it or not.

This showed me three levels of trust as they picked up their drinks. One is the person who has trust in the system or maybe it’s trust in the barista who serves them every day. But it’s with full trust that they just pick up the drink and walk away. They don’t have to check anything about the drink. Imagine in your life being given something, maybe told something is ready for you, and being told to have total trust, faith that it’s right. Whether or not you can do this has to do with whether or not you have been hurt or had your trust broken by someone. If you haven’t suffered those things, you may be able to move forward never questioning it in life.

The second level of trust would be the person who is pretty confident but wants to take a small test to make sure things are right, to see if something needs to be adjusted. In their lives, they have some faith but don’t take a small step in faith, don’t put full weight on the foot before taking the full weight off the other foot. This is one of those things you would do to see how bad your foot would be hurt if you fell. You want to be able to trust, but a small bit of fear makes you test to make sure it works.

Today I was able to take a friend on a ride on the back of my motorcycle. This was her first time on a bike since the accident she was in last year in which her husband was killed. She took a small test of riding to see how she felt before buying a new helmet, buying new riding gear. It’s taking a small step not just a total leap of faith. This is my recommendations for you as a place to start if you have lost trust in your life. Take baby steps!

The third is the person who has lost all trust. You can tell them by the fact they looked to make sure the cup was marked right, then they tasted it, then they stopped and waited and tasted again. These usually are the ones who have to learn confidence all over again. These are the people that I want to help by writing the self-confidence course to help them to learn confidence. Before they do, they must get to the point in which they take the baby steps, working up little by little.

So how do you build little by little? Start by having friendships of trust. In my life I have full trust in many people. I have so much confidence I’m usually the one pulling the practical jokes on others, as I’m not afraid to have them pulled on me. It took me a long time of making baby steps to reach this point. I had to learn who I trusted, and who not to let that far into my life.

Your friendships are like the circles on a target. They have rings to them, the very core of that target represents those that are close to you and who you fully trust. Each ring has different levels of friends. As you head towards the outer rings they are more like an acquaintance than a friend. In my life, they get limited privileges on how close I let them. When riding my motorcycle, I have had many people pull out in front of me, and more than a dozen times cars just start pulling into me. Yes there are levels of trust on them. I know that if someone is driving while talking on a cell phone they are usually the most dangerous and I stay away from them. The ones that put a signal on and look in the mirrors are the ones who are making sure no one is in that spot, it does not matter if it’s me or a car they are looking for others around them. Those are the ones when you see them you get to build a fuller trust. On the bike there are levels in between.

So draw a target and rank those you trust and those who need a little more growth for you to have faith in them. Use this idea of the circles in your life to see who, or what, you can trust and not trust in your life. The next thing is to build a step-by-step method to keep yourself safe and soon you will see you have confidence in others. Once that is built, you can build confidence in yourself.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. Why don’t you live the life you always wanted, learn to love what you do, and those you share life with? Get a plan today to become a RockStar in your world. I’m here to help you.

You’ve Got to Try New Things

As we wrap up this short week about comfort zones, I want to ask this question: have you been stuck in your ways lately? For me this has been one of those trying weeks. Since Monday night I have been in bed sick, with next to no energy to get any of my regular work done. I also had to postpone three meetings I had till next week. It was out of my comfort zone to get out and just run up the street to meet people.

Yesterday, I had to get out of the house. As I’ve told you before I have a form of epilepsy. This means I must take daily medication to control seizures, eat right and keep life balance. Well I ran out of medication last night. Today was a must to go out to the store and pick it up. Unfortunately, the debit card I needed to use to pick it up was with my daughter. She left yesterday with the card and drove to Plano. So I had to get out of my comfort zone today and ride my bike to Plano (30 miles away) get the card and return to the pharmacy and get my medication. After being sick all week I was worried about the ride, thinking “Am I OK to ride my bike up there and back?”

Here in Texas, we have had one of the hottest summers in history, and it has left us with wildfires over the past week that are so close and so large the smell of smoke is in the air wherever you go. But this week, while I’ve been in bed worried and sick, the temps have dropped so nicely. To ride the motorcycle in the 80-degree outside temps is a joy. In a way, I got out of my new “sick” comfort zone by getting out to ride in this wonderful weather. To be able to ride home tonight with the temps in the 60s was like a dream come true. After all, I’ve been riding this bike in 100-degree heat night and day since I purchased it. It was a wonderful cool ride home. I even turned on the heated seat to see how warm it gets on low. To feel that warm on a cool night is a wonderful thing! It got me thinking how many times we get stuck in our ways so we can be comfortable.

I realized that in all my years the things that held me back the most in many areas I should have grown in was the fact that I liked where I was and wanted to stay there. But when you do that it does not take long for things to change anyway – whether or not you want them to – and you have to find an entirely new comfort zone. I think of how I like to always be warm when I ride in the winter, or find ways to cool off in the summer to be comfortable all the time. Well, life is not always comfortable. It has ranges of ups and downs we must face. If we always work to keep it level, then we miss out on some of the great rides that make it so much more fun.

A few months ago I wrote about life and the roller coaster, the ups the downs, the sideways turns. Think of all those exciting, fun parts to that ride. If we worked to make that fun ride one straight smooth line with all the ups and downs removed, you would not see that many people lined up on a summer day when the park is full. If you want to have a life that has those ups and downs, those adventures, stop building it into one straight, steady, even trip. Each mountain you climb is one that brings adventure, builds strength, and endurance to reach the top. When you look towards your next mountain to climb, first enjoy the downhill adventure part of the ride to get to that hill.

We will all face several forks in the road of life. You need to decide which ones you should take. In 2007, my home was robbed while I was at work one day. The people who robbed the home took my computer. It had notes for what is now my “New You” e-course. The operating system was an older one and after we received the insurance money to buy a new computer, I wanted a replacement that was set up the way my old one was. I liked the way it worked and did not want to change. It was a comment from my mom that pushed me to try the newer operating system and get a new computer this time. She made a comment to me that has stuck with me to this day when it comes to technology. She said technology is going to keep moving forward; you can either change with it or be stuck looking for antiques to work with. I think of that as we are trying to sell an antique typewriter we have here at the house that was made in the early to mid 1930s. Life is going to keep moving; are you going to change with it or keep looking for antiques to keep up with a modern world?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you dreamed of, by learning to love what you do, and those you share life with. You can be the RockStar in your world if you want to. I can help you achieve it. Contact me today and let’s get started.

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