Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Money This is probably the most misquoted verse in the Bible. When it comes to money, it is a great tool to use define some things in a person. In a week about good leaders, the subjects of money as well as love had to be brought up.

I have many clients who are in multi-level marketing businesses. Many of those who attend my masterminds and summits to learn how to be successful are involved in one company or another. Yet these two words we are going to talk about today can be the words that tell you the truth about what they are after.

When it comes to building success in coaching clients, I work to find people who aren’t only motivated by a love of money. If the only thing they talk about is selling the product, service, multi-level, or anything else they have to you to make your life “better,” I know it’s the money they’re really after. They have no true vision; they usually are not leaders.

Think back to Monday when I mentioned those who are so far ahead they are really just taking a walk. You see leaders are not ones who love money. When it comes to good leaders, they have the word “love” somewhere in their lives and businesses and it’s not just about money. A good leader is someone who has a passion or love for something being corrected in this world. They want to fix or solve a problem. The love they have is to see a solution. Money is usually something they end up having more of than others because of this love.

In my Entrepreneur BootCamp, I teach about finding the true vision in your life, how it is not money, or a car, or a house, or a lifestyle you are seeking. I teach about finding a “root vision,” something that is driven from the heart, from your core being.

I know this week we have taken a few different sidetracks from what you might expect in a week on leadership. I know it’s Valentine’s Day and you are wondering where the love is going to be in this post? I know many other things happened this week that I wanted to use to teach in a week on leadership.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and while I love what I do, tonight I am spending some time away from my work to go out with my wife on a date. To be a good leader, you need a good team behind you. Yes, the subject of Love comes up in leadership; real leaders have a love and that love is the mission, the purpose, and the dream. They love the life they are living even though sometimes that life brings on tough times, tough problems. The good leader seeks to solve those problems, smooth out those tough times.

I recall the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki and his “Rich Dad” books. The one statement that Robert makes that syncs well with this subject is, “Wealthy people do not work for money. They work for a challenge, they work to solve problems, and they find love and joy in their work.” The love of money is just not part of the equation; they see money as the tool it is.

So are you a good leader? Let’s review this week’s good leader points to see where you stack up. Are you a good communicator? Are you really able to lead? Do you love what you do, and want to share the passion? Can you make decisions in the tough times? Come back tomorrow for one more post about good leaders.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you willing to do what it takes to make 2013 rock?

Too Late For Love

I know what you’re thinking: Wow! Really? It was a cool-sounding song from the ‘80s but what does “too late for love” have to do with holding entrepreneurs back? Glad you asked.

So many of you are sitting on that one idea, waiting for it to pop. You need to get the writer to ghost write your book. Or you need to have one more contract for your lawyers to review. I could go on and on with this list but you get the idea.

So many think they have to get everything right. They work to make it right. The timing doesn’t seem right, so they wait. The other kind of “too late” is those who, after so many years, finally get that one great idea, but it’s too late to get some love from the world now. Let’s break these down to let you see how the world has passed them by.

I had phone time with a new client yesterday. She seems to have so much going for her, yet she feels like it’s overwhelming. That is why she hired a coach to help her put all she has going together and make it work for her. She is a RockStar, on her way to being the big RockStar in her field.

She was like the person in the first group, waiting for the fit. They still want the world to be perfect; they are waiting for the perfect release to get started. Well here is the world’s best-kept secret about when to get started. Do it NOW. That’s right. Start your project, work with it, improve it, but get out there and get started. So what if you fail? Learn from the failure and build it better next time.

The second group is those that feel the time has passed for their idea. They think, “I should have acted five years ago to make it work. It’s too late for it now.” Well, get ready. I’m gonna shoot that one down. Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was in his old age. I started my real estate company when the market was down. Again, there is no time like now to get started.

Some will now start thinking, “I’m too old but let me help my kids get started instead.” Well, let me give you the love story in this: if you have that fear going on, even when you think you are helping your kids, you are not. They will follow your actions (not starting what you want at all) and not what you teach.

So what happens is your kids will wait and wait until they are too old and say, “I’m too old; maybe I should just help my kids get started.” Sound familiar? This will pass from generation to generation and nothing will get done.

So this doesn’t just hold back you, as an entrepreneur; this will hold generations to follow back. What does this mean? It’s time to become a person of action. What action are you going to take to get your venture off the ground today?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to take the next level to become the RockStar in your world?

Big Time Actions

This has been a great year of learning for me. I’ve heard this from so many of those who read my posts, who attend the same events as me, who attend my events, or hear me speak. They tell me, “Wow! You are taking big steps.”

After the post yesterday, I think I should go into this a little more. A few years ago I was given a big idea to expand a business I was involved in at the time. I jumped right in and started to plan on how I could make that work for that business. The truth was that I did not have the finances, nor did I have to proper connections to carry out the plan. I then realized that I was taking advice from someone who was not even in that business.

So many times we take action based on the wrong advice. Maybe a well-meaning friend tells us, “I think people would love this.” Just this month I was approached by two people, well-meaning friends, who thought they had a great idea. The problem was they had no foundation to prove it was a good idea. Both people seemed disappointed when I shared why the idea was not a good one.

I spent about four hours today checking out why people come to visit this blog, what search they’ve made that brought them here — why they visit and what they are looking for. I noticed one set of keyword searches was giving me a number of visitors over the past few months. It was related to another speaker and the word “Scam.” So I did a search and found out why.  People start searches with combined words to prove a point about something. They then search for it to find others who feel the same way.

Well, I guess that’s a great idea if you wish to credit or discredit anyone. But most of those people will not get out in the real world to actually see if what others are saying is truly good or bad; instead, they’ll count on other people’s opinions. I will look around, I will research. One of my seven steps to becoming a RockStar where you are is to “Observe,” to look around and see where you are at. Another step is to “Know who is who,” know what they are into. It’s about the complete research; it’s not just an online search.

So when someone gives me great ideas based off what they have seen, it’s easy to see why they have never taken big actions. They didn’t research and just went with what sounded like a good idea to them. I will not take action on something I know is a bad thing. Just because you watched someone on TV do it does not mean it works for everyone.

Now I am taking big actions in areas that people think I’m crazy; they do not see it working because they are busy listening to people who THINK something is a good idea. I take those big actions because my faith has grown. I take larger steps because I have seen what actions get results.

There is a reason I promote and follow people like Craig Duswalt and his RockStar System for Success. Craig has outside-the-box ideas that work. They are ideas that Rockstars have used and that work but that many business people never thought of. Rocker Life Coach is who I am and what I’m about. My commitment is to show people how to live like a RockStar, how to go from where they are to living the RockStar dream.

So, like we mentioned yesterday, you take small leaps of faith. You take action just past what you believe, until your faith grows to a large scale. Then you take large action steps to take you to a bigger dream, to a RockStar dream.

Are you ready to take big steps of action? Start with the small and work your way up. If this week has not convinced you to take action, it’s time to get a coach that believes at a higher level than you. Take that step in faith today.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Take the right action that builds your dream and become the RockStar in your world.

Romance in June

So today we start the month of June. This week we focused on the Love and Romance Expo here in Dallas. One of the questions I have gotten is why are they having this in June? I just want to share with you why we think of romance in June.

Two things happen each summer; I know because I have friends who invite me to both. They mostly seem to take place in the month of June. The first is graduations and high school graduations are the biggest ones. This year I attended a few, one for Jessica, the daughter of my wonderful friend and great helper, Roxie. I have been invited to many more, and each of these kids has a special attachment to me so I want to go and celebrate that day with them and their parents who are my friends. We are both proud of them and share the pride with the family.

The second events that seem to kick off at the beginning of summer, in the month of June, are weddings. I know of a surprise one we were told about recently. Friends of mine, Hawk and Alicia, were married just last week and shared the ceremony with family.

I know Gwynne and I will also have our wedding this summer on the first of July. We are looking forward to a wonderful day with friends and then a party at our lake house afterwards. It’s great to share this day and our love for each other with all those we love.

Love and romance is exciting as the summer months arrive. It’s also when vacations often happen and we can get away together. And, of course, those who are just married are getting away as well. But love and romance is not just a topic for weddings. Come to the Expo this weekend and hear speakers touching on so many subjects about love, such as how to create long-term love and the things most people overlook when trying create a long-term love affair.

I personally will speak on how so many people put too much emphasis on short-term feelings when we need to prepare for a long-term Rock of Love. I will share the story of how I proposed to Gwynne, the planning that went into it and how I wanted us to have long-term memories from it.

So if you have not gotten your tickets yet, head over to this link and get them now. The Love and Romance Expo. See you there.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build long-term love and become the RockStar in your world.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The weekend is getting closer and the idea of what is going on this weekend with my friend Kat’s event on love and romance is really exciting. So many people I have talked to are planning weddings now. For those who are about to get married (like Gwynne and I are) the talk of love and romance is a great subject as we head into the summer months.

Gwynne and I do not have young kids anymore; we have spent most of the first part of the year traveling for work and little time at home. We are working to get all the final things planned for our wedding. As we are older in life, we have learned to put our lives together in such a way that it’s not all a feeling.

If you have not heard how I planned out the great marriage proposal at the Harley Museum last November, here is a little taste of what happened. I had been looking for an idea of when and how to make it special. It was because of the sudden trip with just over a week’s time to plan that I was able to slip it in.

I had the bases covered, talked to her dad, talked to her brother, talked to her best friend. So many people knew it was coming, just not when. I had talked with her best friend by phone that morning at a stopover to change planes. I wanted this to be so special.

I looked to find the place in the museum to do it, then, with the assistance of the staff taking pictures we got photos of it. It was a shock to her — and that was not because of the conversation we had the night before.

I am only giving a few pieces of this story. If you want to hear the story in detail, then you need to attend this weekend’s Love and Romance expo. I will be sharing the story with those who attend. We will then discuss how you can plan out such great events and become the rock of love in your relationships.

If you live in Dallas, this event is live and only $15 to attend. Get your tickets now and come hear a great story and maybe get your ideas about how to bring that romance back to your love life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Make everything you do romantic and become the RockStar in your relationships.

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