Take it a Step at a Time

So yesterday we came to the conclusion that when you are overwhelmed you must first realize that it is a feeling and you must set the feeling aside then take it a step further by putting things into perspective and making a list laying out what needs to be done.

Today we take it to the level of what to do with the list. Just because we worked to set aside the feelings yesterday, does not mean they are gone today. With each of these steps, you will have to remind yourself to set aside the feeling and get life moving again.

With the list you created yesterday, we said to put those things at the top of the list that needed to be done first. Of course, saying something has to be done and actually doing it is not the same. So today we will focus on taking it one step at a time.

When you put the feeling aside and then take it a step at a time, you get one thing done and then another until you are marking more of your list of things off than you ever thought you would. As soon as you start to get just one thing done, you will get back that feeling of satisfaction. This will help you to not have to worry about the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Make this into a daily habit of getting things done one at a time. You will find that when you start to take things off your list you will get more things added to it. You see, more things are going to come up. If you keep the habit of working on finishing things one at a time and build that habit, you can keep things from building up and bringing back the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The best story I ever heard about solving the problems of life is the story of how God wants us to handle problems. It’s like playing volleyball: God serves that ball (your problem or what you are working on) to you; you are to then hit the ball back. This is how we would play the game of volleyball. But we often get too overwhelmed with those things we have to solve in life so we don’t play. We catch the ball and hold it. The problem is balls keep getting served, so we become overwhelmed by holding the balls instead of putting them back into play.

So today take your list and start working on them one by one, take it a step at a time and soon you will see things getting done. See you tomorrow for the next step.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get things done one step at a time and you will become the RockStar in your world.

Big Time Actions

This has been a great year of learning for me. I’ve heard this from so many of those who read my posts, who attend the same events as me, who attend my events, or hear me speak. They tell me, “Wow! You are taking big steps.”

After the post yesterday, I think I should go into this a little more. A few years ago I was given a big idea to expand a business I was involved in at the time. I jumped right in and started to plan on how I could make that work for that business. The truth was that I did not have the finances, nor did I have to proper connections to carry out the plan. I then realized that I was taking advice from someone who was not even in that business.

So many times we take action based on the wrong advice. Maybe a well-meaning friend tells us, “I think people would love this.” Just this month I was approached by two people, well-meaning friends, who thought they had a great idea. The problem was they had no foundation to prove it was a good idea. Both people seemed disappointed when I shared why the idea was not a good one.

I spent about four hours today checking out why people come to visit this blog, what search they’ve made that brought them here — why they visit and what they are looking for. I noticed one set of keyword searches was giving me a number of visitors over the past few months. It was related to another speaker and the word “Scam.” So I did a search and found out why.  People start searches with combined words to prove a point about something. They then search for it to find others who feel the same way.

Well, I guess that’s a great idea if you wish to credit or discredit anyone. But most of those people will not get out in the real world to actually see if what others are saying is truly good or bad; instead, they’ll count on other people’s opinions. I will look around, I will research. One of my seven steps to becoming a RockStar where you are is to “Observe,” to look around and see where you are at. Another step is to “Know who is who,” know what they are into. It’s about the complete research; it’s not just an online search.

So when someone gives me great ideas based off what they have seen, it’s easy to see why they have never taken big actions. They didn’t research and just went with what sounded like a good idea to them. I will not take action on something I know is a bad thing. Just because you watched someone on TV do it does not mean it works for everyone.

Now I am taking big actions in areas that people think I’m crazy; they do not see it working because they are busy listening to people who THINK something is a good idea. I take those big actions because my faith has grown. I take larger steps because I have seen what actions get results.

There is a reason I promote and follow people like Craig Duswalt and his RockStar System for Success. Craig has outside-the-box ideas that work. They are ideas that Rockstars have used and that work but that many business people never thought of. Rocker Life Coach is who I am and what I’m about. My commitment is to show people how to live like a RockStar, how to go from where they are to living the RockStar dream.

So, like we mentioned yesterday, you take small leaps of faith. You take action just past what you believe, until your faith grows to a large scale. Then you take large action steps to take you to a bigger dream, to a RockStar dream.

Are you ready to take big steps of action? Start with the small and work your way up. If this week has not convinced you to take action, it’s time to get a coach that believes at a higher level than you. Take that step in faith today.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Take the right action that builds your dream and become the RockStar in your world.

Stop Regrets Now

The director waits and waits for my response; I have a look that is puzzled while looking at the light at the top of camera number two. Why am I looking at the light and not reading the cards below? Then I hear that word that all of you hear when the filming of the movie is screwing up: “CUT.”

Again, my weak attempt to get you to think of that movie set, to think of a TV set or a show that is about to begin taping and you are the star, sitting in front of the camera. But your mind starts to wander, and instead of speaking your lines, you’re thinking of something else – maybe about all the people you have told you were going to do something big this time.

Life is filled with moment like this. People tell everyone in their family how this is the perfect business for them; this is the right path they need to take for their lives. But then you wait to take the action, you wait to start talking to the camera. All you had to do is simply read the cards and sound convincing.

In the real world you have no cameras; you have no team of people giving you the words to say; there is no light person to make it perfect. It’s just you. But you keep waiting and thinking about it. Your mind stays off somewhere else, daydreaming and thinking about whatever. Then it happens, in the movies they would yell “CUT” and come up to you and ask what happened; they try to get you back in the mood and try it again.

Well in life that “CUT” could represent anything that is a stopping point; anything that interrupts you. Imagine losing a parent, maybe losing a grandparent that you loved and cared for so much. That word, “CUT” gets you to thinking even more before you want to consider taking action again. You stop for a moment and get your thoughts together, and then it hits you. “I told my Dad I was going to do this.” Now you’ll never have a chance.

So many in life wait too long to get started on things they dreamed about, goals they set and ways they planned on living by now. The pain of regret becomes part of their thinking now. It’s time to act before more time goes by and you never get started.

Today is the only day you have, yet so many will read this and still will not act. Instead, they will watch another movie; take an evening off from working extra hours that would have helped to make a dream of researching a business. People will go and have another drink with the guys at the bar, maybe get caught up in shooting pool, while their son gets ready to head to bed waiting for Dad to come home and play just one game with him.

Life is too short to live with any regret. I watched a movie years ago where someone achieved a great milestone in his career, and said the only regret he had was that his dad didn’t live long enough to see him do it.

It’s time to take action. Your dream is waiting for you. In a world where many people can come and try to take that dream from you, you are the only one who can lose it. Today look at how many times you have been offered help to get going on your dream. The break is over, the director is about to yell “ACTION” again, are you ready?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Stop any further regrets, and take action to become the RockStar in your world.

Readyyy Action Dude.

There are 30-plus people staring at me. Right now I’m thinking about what all of them are doing: the three men sitting in chairs in front of me, the two men with lights on either side of them, and a man holding cards with large words on them. There are people with cameras in four different spots and some guy walks in front of me and about snaps my nose off with that little clip board thing.

I start to think, “Where am I and what am I doing here?” Who are all of these people and what are they doing? Some man shouts “Action!” I come back from my daydream and realize I’m supposed to read what’s on the cards and sound convincing.

Sound like your life? I was thinking about how many times we get a chance to make changes in life. I was thinking how many times people come up with opportunities for business and we sit and stare at them and look around with that puzzled look. They present us with something that requires the one thing we do not do: Take Action.

Well, life is not a movie set; it’s the live dress rehearsal that does not always give us a retake. Still we wait and wait to take action. Why? We are waiting for something better to come along. We are wondering, “How did I get here?” Well it’s time to take action.

Today I listened to a speaker tell a group they needed to investigate what people tell them. It brought me back to a preacher I knew who would give a chance at the end of every sermon to make a change in your life. Some would come forward and pray about what they knew needed changing. Others would just wait.

In today’s world we so often want to go home and Google things to see if what was being said was right. When I was a child, my pastor would tell us we needed to check the Bible to make sure he was right. He said we should never take his word for it.

But still there is a difference between those who are waiting to do research and those who are just putting off till tomorrow what they know needs to be done today. The bottom line is, it’s time to take action.

The short and, may I say poor, I’m sure, story of a person getting ready for a film shoot, was designed to get you to think of what it’s like before a director says that magic word to start recording, and playing out of a scene for a movie, or show, or any recorded event.

Well, this week we will take a few different looks at taking action in our lives, and in our businesses. It will be time for people to get up and take action if they want to change the life they have, to live the life they want. Come back each day for another way to see if you need to take action on something in your life.

Tim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks

Is This your lesson I found on the floor?

Investment is a term that really makes people think when you bring it up. They think about what you are talking about and really take it seriously. Before it was just about a small amount of time, or a small amount of money. Now they are starting to think about where this is this going in the long run.

In Tuesday’s, post we mentioned the two places that we look at for investing: our time and our money. Today we are looking towards the time aspect of our life. When you look at the time you have each day, how do you invest it to get the most of it?

If you are like most of us, in life you are in one of three places if you are going through a mess. We move from challenge to challenge in life. We have the before part when we see it coming. Most try to stop it at this point and hope it does not happen. Some actually try to avoid it; others are in denial, but still we see that it’s coming.

Second it the “during” part of it when we know this is a struggle, this is a problem, and we start to think, “How can I get out of this mess?” We usually spend more time pointing our focus toward just getting out of it.

Third is the “after” part. This is the time most people tell how they are so good at getting through the struggle they were denying in the first place. It’s the part when they tell how they are so good at getting through challenges because they stayed focused on solving the problem.

Well, it’s time to look at time. We have only so much time on this earth. We need to invest it the best we can. What if you were to invest your time on the problems this way? While you are going into the problem look to see how you handled problems before, look for solutions, look how it will make your life better in the during and after part.

Now when you into it rather than just focus on how to solve it, look at it again and see have I been here before? What am I suppose to learn? How can I use this to become a better person when the after gets hear?

Now comes the after, why not take this time to learn from what you have just faced. Make notes to improve your life. Invest in your future and how you will be successful at your future now that you have had the wonderful experience of going through a problem that you must solve.

The point is to invest in your future by using each and every thing that comes up as a way to learn, to grow, to serve others. Too many times we want to just get past the pain in life when it’s that pain that is meant to help us grow.  Invest in you by investing your time to make yourself better.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Invest in your future and become a RockStar in your world.

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