Comfortably Numb

plane rideWhat habits have you already done this morning?

My day started out good. I woke up early, worried about getting things ready for this week’s radio show. I was also worried about getting the bike ready for a trip this week to head out to LA for another conference. Worry has just seemed to creep into my life lately.

Over the past few week, I have been working 16-hour days. I’m pushing to get everything going with all the new things happening in my business. There’s also getting taxes, filed which always has my wife and me worried over what laws have changed and how they will affect our business this year. Between the worrying and pushing my limits, I’ve been falling into habits – habits that cut corners.

Yesterday the news reported that in the next few months, TSA will be lifting some of restrictions on the items that will be allowed in carry-on luggage. They found other things have become more of a threat, not some of the minor things they have been looking for previously and confiscating from travelers.

This got me to thinking about our idea this week of leaving money on the table and how those habits, while seeming to save time, really cost us when they catch up. The end result for me today was that, thanks to my rushed state over the past couple of months and cutting corners as a result, it cost me excess wear on my computer’s hard drive.

The one comfort I had was when the man told me it was under warranty, but then stress hit. We could not get everything off my old hard drive. It’s a lesson that I’m repeating because I did not learn before (the last time my hard drive crashed on an old computer) to back up. Then I was told they did not have the hard drive in stock for my computer. The stress of having to leave on a road trip without a computer was pretty overwhelming; I must have scared the wonderful repairman. Bottom line: I was able to get my computer up and running, and with a late night was able to get almost everything set up for my next day.

This whole incident has really set me to thinking about how we need to make some changes to our daily habits before we become locked in a pattern that sets us back.

I thought of how, after 9/11 happened, the talk was of how those who planned that day watched the habits of the airline staff to plan their destructive actions. I thought of how the TSA is now going to make changes again, changing the routines that changed since 9/11. Things will be different again. The things TSA agents looked for 10 years ago are far different from the items they consider destructive today.

The same is true in your business and life; things have changed and if you are not making changes to make your world run more efficiently, you will likely feel the consequences. Of course, a day at the Apple store waiting for your computer to be repaired is minor compared to another attack like 9/11 but avoiding shortcuts now can protect you from big problems later.

Learn from those who fall into bad habits and make changes that improve them; that way the money you have build will stay in your pocket, not in paying an expense that could have been avoided.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, find what you love to do and become highly profitable doing it. Are you ready to make changes to rock your 2013?

Regular ?

coffee regular Did you ever wonder what makes someone one day suddenly seem like they are successful? Many times when talking to people you have not seen for years then one day meeting up with them say, “Wow, what is your secret?”

My wife tells me these stories over and over again with the people she helps with Weight Watchers. People come into the program and six months or a year later old friends see them and wonder if it was not just some instant thing they did that brought them success.

You hear stories of people who make hundreds of attempts to get their books published, the stories of hundreds of meetings to get one product launched. Over and over again I am reminded of the story of Thomas Edison and his creation of the light bulb. He failed repeatedly but he just kept trying and trying to figure it out.

When you are planning to become an entrepreneur, or in the planning process of getting ready to start your new business idea, or maybe planning to reinvent your business, today’s topic is one thing that is needed. That is to be consistent; you must keep doing things over and over again to find the pattern that will make your plan successful. It’s just like those people who put daily, weekly and monthly effort into the program of Weight Watchers to make changes in their life that bring them long-term success.

You must keep going; success is a long-term thing. You do not become successful with out planning, and working on the steps to make that plan successful. You must do this over and over again until you are successful and when you slip, you mustn’t give up.

What processes do you need to build into a habit to build success in your business, or life?

Here is your Call to Action:

What are five daily habits you can put into your daily life to make your business planning successful?

What weekly events should you be doing to build a consistent track record to have success in your business?

Have you written down a commitment to yourself to perform these habits and tasks that will lead to your success?

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to change and make 2013 rock?

Keys to Change

pianokeysAs we start the New Year, many are thinking of the changes they want to make to succeed, both in life and in business. We all have that dream picture in our minds and today is the day we start to make that all happen.

Yesterday I met a man named Charlie; he was headed back to the doctor to deal with some more health problems. A year ago Charlie was told to change his diet and other habits to keep his heart in shape.

I found his story rather touching as I was thinking of this post for today. It made me think of how so many people at this time of year have the greatest intentions of making changes. It’s a new year and we are all determined to change.

Yet we have years of living with habits, patterns, and the mindset we have built. That will be the thing that we have the hardest time overcoming.  When you make a change you have to set yourself up for success. If you waited till today to make the changes, you are starting late. But not too late.

The reason so many seminars and events start with talking about mindset is that it is the hardest thing people have to overcome.  The next 21 days you need to be setting new habits that will create the change you want.

Do you know what habits you need to put into place? This is the day you can start your change and you start with making new habits. Just like Charlie, who I was talking with yesterday.

The reason Charlie was in the doctor’s office again was that after his heart surgery last year he was supposed to make some changes. But he kept living the way he always had. If you want changes in your life, you must make changes.

So you are at this point and you have to create new habits. You need to face today’s call to action. It’s time to make a list of new habits you are going to do this year. Make that list and get serious now. Attend a Rocker Life Coach live event and find the keys for your success.

RockStar I’m Tim Gillette. Are you ready to live your dream? It’s time to change, make 2013 the year you rock.

The Habit of Marketing

Today let’s start off by taking some quotes from some people about marketing. I love the one from Gene Simmons: Promote your own product, or you will promote someone else’s – by asking “Can I get you fries and a coke with that?” Then there is the one from James Malinchak: A.B.M. Always be marketing.

We don’t all like to sell; we don’t want to be known as a shameless self-promoter. But there’s a lot of ground between promoting yourself and being a “shameless self-promoter.” There comes a point that you have to have a daily habit of knowing when and how to be putting your product, your service, or yourself out there.

I love to promote what I do. That is because I believe in what I do. I meet people every day who need what I have to offer. But not everyone wants it. So I have to develop a habit of talking to others. Those talks often lead to me suggesting a solution. Many times it’s what I offer that would be a solution.

So what can we do to develop a habit of promotion, a habit of marketing? Here is a place to start: Promote others. Yes, if you do not believe in what you do but believe in what someone else offers, then promote them.

Many years ago I wanted to get a sales job with a packaging company. I knew I could not get hired, but I wanted to be able to get the commissions they paid. So I started looking for those companies I knew who needed that solution and started to connect the two companies. Whenever I got them a new client, they paid a rather large commission. That is one of the reasons I do affiliate work for others.

Once you are able to share with others, you can then begin to raise your belief in what you do. If you also promote people who reward you, that will help you to see the commissions roll in. Before you know it, others will be promoting you in the same way. See the karma effect?

No matter what, you need to develop a habit of marketing. It’s a habit that every entrepreneur needs to have, and most need to improve it. I know I work to improve my marketing skills each chance I get. So how are your marketing habits?

It’s been a fun week about habits. Have a great weekend. I know I will!

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Build the habit of marketing and become a RockStar in your world.

Get Ahead of the Game

It’s Wednesday and the middle of the week is here. I am in Phoenix, AZ today, getting ready for the 2% Club Summit here tonight. As I was finishing up my prep work for this event late last night, I was thinking of this habit: getting ahead of the game or being proactive. Steven Covey talked about it in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People so you might recognize it from that.

While I do not always practice those habits mentioned in that book, the one about being proactive seems to be something that would make you a leader. It would also be one that would make you highly effective, or, shall we say, successful.

So many people want to change the life they have, but seem to forget to make this one change to get life really moving in a direction that will change them. If you become the person who is proactive, you will be the person everyone is looking at to get things done when they can’t.

A person who gets ahead of the problems or ahead of what could be coming down the road, is a person who solves the problems before they become problems. While we can’t always do this because life is going to give us many obstacles and problems, if we start to think of how to solve them, we will be people who never let anything keep us down.

A proactive person is one who always believes there is a way to get it done. The problem is, we often only have this belief with selective things. There are things that I cannot see the possibility of but Gwynne can. That is why we are a couple. I used to hear the saying from successful couples “there were times one gave up, and times the other gave up; we were lucky it was not on the same day.”

If you really want to be proactive and become a real problem solver, then you need to get a partner who can match you with solving problems when you have given up on them.

So today I leave you with the habit of becoming a person who is proactive, someone who looks for the solution the second you see a problem coming.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Become proactive and become a RockStar in your world.

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