Lessons From Snow White.

Good Monday morning to you. I hope after last week you learned to make the grass greener on your side of the fence. The idea was to help you realize that you are the one that makes your life better. To these thoughts I want to take you back to some simple lessons that we all can use to grow your world. So many of us want to have a fairy tale life; we want life to magically become better, but the truth is it will take work to make that happen.

I once read the breakdown of a fairy tale, how it could relate to the real world. I figured after telling you last week that life is not a fairly tale but, rather, that it takes work, that this would be a good topic for this week: To actually spend a week talking about some fairy tales, and stories and adapting them to learning in your life.

The story that I read was about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The breakdown of it focuses on the evil step-mother (a plot figure who is also used in Cinderella and many other fairy tales). This was to represent the negative thoughts that we build up in our heads about ourselves. If you notice, negative thoughts always seem to build a form or pattern in our lives that we have to break.

The next thing that was represented is shown when Snow White goes into the forest where she finds friendly birds and animals. What they symbolize in life is intuitive thoughts or hunches, if you want to call them that. These are the ideas that help get you out of the forest that you are always in. Think of all the times that you get those hunches and do nothing with them because you are living in fear from the negative thoughts.

The seven dwarfs are there to symbolize the protective forces that are in the world to save you, to protect you. They can only be used by faith. Imagine if you had the faith in your life to believe, to use the tools from the times you are grumpy, or sleepy to protect you from your own negative thoughts?

Then, there is the prince. Well, the prince is your divine plan in life. This is the path that is your purpose in this world, when it comes to you waking up from the sleep of just getting by day-to-day, waking up and getting purpose.

The end of every fairy tale tells you they lived happy ever after. Well we all know happy ever after lasts till your next challenge. You must face the same things over again; there will be negative thoughts and hunches to get through again.

The truth about life is that when you find your purpose in life and start working towards that, you will find yourself working past the negative thoughts to start living in faith, to find those ideas that get you out of your woods.

So what is a simple way you can learn from this fairy tale? If you are facing the tough times of life, it’s time to listen to those hunches and intuitive ideas to get you to come to life and find your purpose. I want to leave you with a small idea that I used when I wanted to get more wisdom out of life.

When I was a young man, I was told if I wanted to get wisdom, I should take the book of the bible, Proverbs, take all 31 chapters and break them down for a month and read just one chapter a day to change my world. After a year of doing this you will find, you have more wisdom than when you started. It will take a year and start doing this again for another year.  Keep a journal and write down what you learn from it.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share this life with. Find wisdom in the simple things to be the RockStar in your world.

Face Your Fear

It’s Friday. I know some are all excited the weekend is almost here. As we wrap up this week I want to hit on the hardest thing for many of us to admit. I know today will be hard for me to write. But it is very much needed to help growth in people. I know the prep work for me to write this involved some tough thoughts this week. I know it will have a few tugs for me to admit some of these things. But it’s time for me to show you that, yes, I struggle with fears myself. Yes, I still have to work through them. Yes, I have to push to get out of my own comfort zones. And, yes, I hate changes.
So the big question to end our week: what is your biggest fear? What are you afraid of or facing right now that you just can’t seem to get past? What change in your life has you up against a wall right now? We all have them, yes, even me.
This week has been a tough one on me. I did not plan it that way, it just happened. It was the first week in a while that I wished I could call my dad and talk to him. Well he is not here to make a call to anymore. It was one of those times I hated change. We cannot bring our loved ones back, and I know the first year of new things I would normally have called dad about have been some of the tough ones. The good part of this is it was good things I wanted to tell dad, about what is going on in life. Then, my cousin posts a picture of her and my dad and I felt confirmation, thanks to my faith, that I was doing what is right.
The big community fear this week was the changes in FaceBook. I’m not worried about where things are going online. When I look back over the past 20 years as I watched the change in the internet, it has been improvements – one after another. Well the fear I have of learning something new I took on by going to work with some of my web friends and going through the development changes to find out how the change will work and what I can do with it. So tonight I was able to get the developer in me to get my new FaceBook timeline out – part of the changes everyone was so unhappy about. Another fear faced, and I feel so much better learning it.
The greatest fear that I have in life would have to be snakes. It is one of those things I hate to see. Well as I opened the garage door one day this week right outside the door is a small snake. It was all of 6 inches long, maybe a ¼ of an inch thick. After finding a way to pick it up and throw it away from the house it was off. I then headed back inside to look at the pictures of snakes. I looked it up on Google and found out it was nothing but a garden snake and it was harmless. Face your fear and you may find it was not all that big of a deal.
I know many people in my life think I’m a cool guy. Many think I am one of those people who could have been the rock star in my world. Well here is my big fear: to tell you I was not always one of those cool guys. If you knew me in school, I was not a nerd, but I was one of those kids that the bullies would pick on. Yes, I have changed. I had to face some hard times to get here.
I wish I could tell you that from the time I was in school and picked on, to the time now, where everyone thinks I’m this cool dude, was easy. It was a long, uphill battle. I faced many times of fear. Over the past two weeks I have stepped out and spoken to groups and crowds as a speaker four times. I have no problem doing it today. I faced the fear of standing in front of the room presenting what I need to present many years ago. I faced that before it was a fear. But every time I get up to speak, I always look at my notes and yes there is that feeling in my stomach that I’m going to mess this up. And every time, I take action and say my first sentence, or question. Once that action is made, I just keep moving forward; it all becomes a zone for me.
I wanted to list each of these areas to let you know that, even as someone who seems confident in my own shoes, I have fears, I have had fears, I have to make changes just like you. For those who face their fears each day, some must make one small step to get them going. For others, it will be like turning a large truck engine over by hand; it takes a few cranks to get that large power house started. No matter how small your fear is, if it’s that snake you see on your driveway, or you have to make a presentation to a board room, the only sure thing you have to do is take the first step in faith and face your fears. Do not let fear run your life. As we stated yesterday the fear mindset is something that needs to be done away with. So have a good weekend and hope you move from fear to faith. The first step is to face it and take action.
I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share your life with. Call us for help to face your fears and become the RockStar in your world.

What is Your Mindset? Fear or Faith?

Good Thursday morning to you all. I thank you, my faithful readers, for the encouraging words you tell me about how these posts help you. I am writing this post from my bedroom after a long day. Many things happened today that are going to go into this blog.

Yesterday I was asked about my motorcycle riding. I bought a new motorcycle over the summer. I did not make a big post about it, as I really don’t want to make this blog a place for boasting about my life. But in buying that bike, I had to get used to a different type of ride for me. I had taken rides on many other bikes before I purchased this one. At the time, I would not make the change because those bikes did not ride the same as the one I had. Well this bike got me out of that comfort zone. I decided to not be afraid of it and get used to the new feel of it. That is exactly what I did. But still I wondered: why am I so fear-based that I was not willing to try something new?

One of the questions I was asked today is one that I’m asked many times: “Do you wear a helmet when you ride?” Today was the first time I asked a question back: “Why do you ask if I wear a helmet?” The response I got to my return question is what gave me the idea of focusing on our mindset of fear rather than faith.

The thinking of this man was that it’s safer if you wreck to be wearing a helmet. I have heard this thought many times from people and realized they are automatically thinking of wrecking, not the actual riding. When I get on my bike I’m not thinking about wrecking; I’m thinking of riding.

One of the training tips taught in motorcycle riding courses is to track past an obstacle when you see one in the road. If you look at the obstacle in the road you are focused on it and hit it every time. Well the thinking here is if I focus on the possibility of wrecking, I’m attracting a wreck. My focus is always more of a faith idea: how can I make myself visible? How can I improve my riding skills? By giving myself the mindset of faith versus fear I’m keeping my focus elsewhere.

I know this is very similar to the positive outlook question “Is a glass of water filled to the midway point half empty or half full?” Your outlook is the way you see life and it’s time to look at life with a mindset of faith.

I’m not saying this will keep bad things from happening to you. And it’s good to be prepared in life in case things do happen. Seatbelts are a good invention that have saved many lives. Airbags in a car have saved lives. Helmets for motorcycle riders have saved lives. But people have also died in cars with seatbelts on, when airbags worked, and bikers have died wearing helmets. This blog is not about whether or not it’s good to wear these things. It’s about what your mindset is. Are we thinking from a state of fear, or acting in faith believing in ourselves?

The other thing I want to bring up today in the mindset of fear is the changes that were made to FaceBook yesterday. I was able to view them late the night before because they started rolling out just after midnight. When it comes to new and improved technology, I have personally tried to stop looking at things changing from a mindset of fear. Maybe it’s because I have many friends in the social media arena and the computer business. I know that things are not going to stay this way forever. I know software will improve or make changes. I have faith that when a company like FaceBook makes a change, it’s to improve and make it better.

Yes, change can be hard to take, but I think back to the movie, The Social Network, and the scene where Eduardo asks Mark: “When is the site going to be done?” Mark says, “It will never be finished, like fashion is never finished.” That gave me the thought that the teams of computer companies that are growing are always working to improve and change.

Yes, companies will make mistakes, like the new Coke of the 1980s or The Gap changing its logo back. There will be issues that will have to be worked out, like the iPhone 4 with the reception that did not work. They will lose some customers over it, but if a plan does not work they make improvements. That is what keeps them competitive.

Today I want to tell you how my faith in the new FaceBook turned out one great ending for my day. I opened FaceBook and who was looking at me? At the top of the page was my favorite Dude (my dad) and my wonderful cousin Abby, who I love and can’t wait to see along with her new baby, Aydian. The picture that is on the top of my page is of her with my dad, both wearing big smiles. To me it was like Dad giving his smile to me to say “I love you, son.” If FaceBook had not changed, that picture would have been down in my wall and chances are I would not have seen it. So I think this change rocked today for me. I hope you can see this in your view of faith in life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to have the faith you will live a life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share your life with. Start with a mindset of faith that you can be the RockStar in your world.

Stop Hanging on, Take that jump Now

Good Wednesday morning. I have so much on the subject of faith or fear. But have wanted to have a guest post from a good friend and fellow coach who also helps with change in life.  Please enjoy a great story from a great coach Janet Tingwald.

I have a passion for people to understand the emotional process that accompanies changes in our lives.  I want to give you the knowledge of a process that will help you move through transitions in your life with ease and less pain.  I want to help you to understand why you’re stuck, and the process to get moving.  So this blog maybe a little longer than is recommended, but I hope it will prove valuable.

Ten years ago I was on a mission to change my life. While at one of my classes for my coaching certification, they were telling us about a year-long leadership course the school offered. They said to me, “If you don’t want your life to change, don’t go.”  I was hooked. As I prepared to attend the first week of the course I thought about what I wanted out of this experience. What did I want to learn? I decided I wanted to be put in a position that would make me walk through my fears. Well, be careful what you ask for!  

One of the many exercises we did that first week was a high ropes course. Did I mention that I’m afraid of heights? There was a feeling of fear but this wasn’t the kind of fear I was thinking of having to conquer! As we prepared for this exercise, the instructor gave us the safety instructions and talked us through how the exercise was completed. It was called “The Lion’s Leap.”  Using the staples in the trunk, we were to climb approximately 25 feet up this redwood tree, to what appeared to be a good sized platform with a 2×4 sticking out from the front. In front if that was a trapeze bar swinging freely. The goal was to climb up the tree, get up on the platform and walk out on the 2×4 and jump to the trapeze bar. (Did I mention my fear of heights?)  

When he asked for the first volunteer I stepped back and decided to watch a few others go first. I watched as several people went up the tree, out on the board and jumped. Seems like no big deal, right? So, I mustered up my courage and decided it was time for me to take my turn. I hooked onto the safety rope and started my climb up the tree, piece of cake! I got to the platform, which now appeared to be very small, and hoisted myself up on the platform. My body immediately forgot I was in a safety harness, forgot everything I had watched the people do that went before me. I was frozen with fear!  I knelt on the platform for what seemed like an eternity. The instructor on the ground eventually convinced me that it was okay to open my eyes, and then to stand. So I’m now standing on this small platform 25 feet up in this redwood tree hanging on to one of the staples in the tree meant for hand holds. With encouragement from the group on the ground, I inched forward on the platform, while still holding on to the staple in the tree. I soon came to a point that I couldn’t go any further without letting go of the tree.

LIGHT BULB!  I COULDN’T GO ANY FURTHER WITHOUT LETTING GO!  At that moment so many situations in my life came rushing at me…and I realized, I wasn’t afraid to jump, I was afraid to let go, afraid of the unknown that changes in life bring, afraid I would fail!   

The rest of the story? Yes, I completed the exercise; yes, I got the chance to face a fear and walk through it. And, I learned a life lesson I have never forgotten. When I’m stuck or think I’m scared, I ask myself: “What are you hanging on to?  What’s the tree this time?”  

I encourage you to look at what’s going on in your life. What are the fears, beliefs, grudges, or grief that you are hanging on to and that keep you from moving forward in your life? What’s your tree? Maybe it’s time to let go and jump!

Janet Tingwald

I have been a fan of Janet and her company, School of Life, in Windsor Heights, IA. You can check out the programs she offers about change as well as more about her company at www.schooloflifesol.com check out the new program, “Would you date yourself?” I hope you enjoyed these words from Janet.


I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you always dreamed of by loving what you do and those you share your life with. Let us help you become the RockStar in your world now. Contact me today to get started.

Faith or Fear Week

Good Monday morning to you. I’ve wanted to bring this week to you for awhile now. Over the past years I have watched and been told that faith and fear aren’t able to co-exist in a person at the same time. I’ve found in my life and watched it lived in others’ lives and it seems reasonable at first that you either have one or the other: faith or fear. But when I teach that, or work to explain it, the other person often thinks that not be true.

You see I have learned over the years that both faith and fear are based on belief in the unknown. Faith is what you see when you look and believe and take action in making it better. Fear is when you actually take steps to avoid or not take action because of the unknown.

Let’s take this example for instance. You pray asking for a solution to your money problems. You then get up from your prayer and start looking for the opportunities that will bring you that money you need – looking for a better job, looking for a part-time job to supplement what you have, and looking for ways to cut spending in your life to live on the money you make. These would be steps of faith. Steps of fear would be taking no action, or asking others to solve these problems.

This week I will break a few of these things down to show how others face them in life. I am hoping to have a special guest post to talk about change and how we choose to improve and make life better. One of the things that has gotten me to start this was the fact that so many people ask for others to pray about something they may be going through. But often, when options are presented, if it’s not a hand-out or a “miraculous” answer, they feel it’s not an answer to the prayer.

A few years ago I told this as a joke, or a riddle about life but it’s so true I wanted to start our week by showing you that faith is looking at all opportunities that are presented and taking action to see what works and what won’t work.

The story is of a man who was standing on his front porch. A heavy rain came through and caused the river to overflow, threatening the town. As the  man watched the waters rise, a boat come by and offered him a ride. He said, “No, I’ll be OK. God will take care of me.”

About two hours later, the waters have risen even more. The same man looking out his second story window has a large boat comes by. They call from the boat for him to jump on because it’s going to get worse. He again refuses saying, “God will take care of me.”

After four hours the man is standing on the tip of his roof. Water has all but covered his house, a helicopter flies over and lowers a rope, yelling to the man grab onto the rope so they can pull him to safety. He again refuses saying, “God will take care of me.”

Well by now the water has covered his house and he dies in the flood. As he walks into heaven’s gates, he demands to head straight to see God. The man asks God, “Why didn’t you take care of me? You always told me in the Bible you would listen to my prayers.” God responded back, “I did. I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

This story I’m sure has been told millions of time. I know I have used it many times to get people to take action. It seems overly simple, but the truth is many people are presented with such simple solutions to the very problems they face and they have no faith in the solution provided, or they fear the choice simply will not work for them because of the action required to make it work. Or they want a quick fix to their problems, not one that requires work on their part.

We all face these dilemmas in life; the only way to overcome the fear is to take action. So as you read through this week I hope you get a look at yourself and see where you need to take a step of action and bring your faith to work.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to take action and live the life you wanted, to love what you do and those who share it with you. Let’s make a plan to make you the RockStar in your world. Contact me now to get started.

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