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mentorsIn our modern world, so many people are aware of so many things now. The idea of making it a better world is why people like me have a blog. But when you think back to the days when I was a young boy in the 1970s, it was not always that way.

I have not been inside many high schools or middle schools to know how it has changed. This year I am receiving invitations to speak in schools. One of the things I viewed so often as a child was the bully in the schoolyard.

This past weekend I was reminded of some of that from my past. Yes, I had people bully me as a young child. No, I am not sorry it happened; yes, I learned valuable lessons about life.

But the tough part was not others who bullied me. I recall the one time that a young boy named Kenny turned on me. He was much smaller than I and he was the same age. That one time he turned on me and decided to point fingers and say, “Not fair,” I turned and punched and kicked him while he was down. That one time I was the bully and I got caught. The school and my parents punished me. Kenny, his sister and family were friends until that point. I was never able to heal the damage I had done.

In our lives many of us have been in these same shoes. We made that one mistake and never were able to recover from it. Now I have many friends all over the world. That incident was more than 30 years ago now. But that one friendship was lost forever by one bad action on my part.

When we look at mentoring others, the idea is to help those who cannot help themselves. We see it in movies now where the bully learns that the kid he is picking on is the one who can help him pass his science test. The person who cannot keep up in sports is the one who knows math and can teach it to others.

In your life and mine, we are going to face people who cannot help themselves in one place or another in life. A mentor is someone who reaches down, with a humble hand, and helps that person help himself or herself up.

The world is full of such mentors, from the Weight Watchers groups my wife, Gwynne, leads, to the entrepreneurs I spend time with who could never get out of the job or place they hate. We help them go to a place they cannot get to themselves.

This week I will share the many things about mentorship that have become the keys to my business success. These are things I’ve learned from my days of washing cars in driveways, to now, where I lead others to find the vision, get started one step at a time to living their dreams. Join us each day this week, share this page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live your dream, love what you do. Are you ready to make the changes that will make 2013 rock?

Got Wisdom?

Are you ready for another exciting week? I have wanted to talk about this theme for some time. I have looked at the subject of wisdom for so many years. My research goes back to when I was a young man and heard a certain Bible story in Sunday School.

It’s the story of a young man who was anointed king, following in the footsteps of his father who had been a great king. In a dream he is asked to make one request of God. In today’s world so many of us, when asked to make a similar request, might choose power, money, or maybe a long life. The men in his day would likely have made the same requests, but not this man. Solomon asked for wisdom.

When we look at what wisdom meant to him, it comes down to being able to make the best choices, having the common sense to make the choices he knew he would have to make as a young king. They say he was a teenager when he became king. Imagine a modern teenager being given the responsibility of running a country. Imagine being asked to make that choice yourself as a teen.

As I look at my own life when I was young, knowledge and wisdom were something I lacked. Over time I learned wisdom and started to make better choices. I learned from my failures in most cases. But many times I placed myself in those shoes, and wondered if God were to ask me to make one choice would I ask for wisdom.

As I got older, that became my prayer. I wanted wisdom, I wanted to learn to have the common sense to make the choices I needed, and make them fast. So many people I know tell me they have to run home and pray about a choice. I am not putting down the prayer part, but I wanted the wisdom to make the right choices at the moment. You may see that as different; I see it as asking once for wisdom and getting results for a long time.

So this week I will tackle many things on the word wisdom to see what I think it is and what others think wisdom is. I will share ideas and places to get the wisdom you need. I will share ideas on how to have the wisdom when you need it, how to change your life to become wise.

I will also talk about some of the issues that have jumped in front of us recently and give time to the idea of applying wisdom in the world as we handle these issues. I look forward to a challenging week, as I have some tough research to do and will present you with great thoughts on getting wisdom in your life.

So read now, come back each day, share with your friends, send out a few emails and tell people you know who will be interested about this week’s theme. I invite you to send our link to your Facebook and Twitter pages to introduce the idea of wisdom and let’s start a conversation about it.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get wisdom that makes you look like the RockStar in your world.

Are You Online Yet?

It’s another day in our week of helping coaches rock the coaching world. I thought about this week after realizing my wife is set on catching all of the Olympic events she can. If you are watching the games in London this week, they are something that takes over the world every 4 years. If you love it, you watch. Many work to get there in person.

But on TV, you can see the relationships between the coaches and those competing. It shows the value of coaching, from the coach who worked with them for years to get to this point to the team members who are coaching and encouraging along the way.

The team members learn coaching because many of those competing will be back in years to come as they get older, coaching those who come after them. Like the many who contact me about how to build the coaching business, they are following after me and I want to help them succeed by showing them the mistakes I made and helping clients learn from them.

So in our week of how I help coach the coaches, it’s important to understand that we will help more coaches, and once those we coach succeed, they might actually be able to offer coaching to others as well. I know to the many competitive careers out there it sounds like we are pushing to get more and more out to coach.

Well, we need more people to make this world better, and if more successful people would offer coaching programs to help, we could build many more successful businesses and organizations. Part of what Donald Trump is doing with his “Apprentice” show is helping to train others to build themselves to success, as well as building his company to a stronger place.

Now we take it to the practical level of where to grow your coaching. Yesterday I shared how we need a program to help others. Now we need a place to share it. We need an online presence.

I built an online presence for my coaching programs before I ever stepped out to meet people. So here are the places you need to be online to start your coaching:

1. Start with a website or a blog. You can start out with some of the free sites to get going and build from there. I started with a blogspots and site. had an option for me to take the domain name and make it look like a real site. But building a blog and posting on a regular basis is the first thing you need. Be sure to get the domain name that matches where you want to go, but also get [your name].com. Getting was the first thing I did to set the position of brand I wanted to build from.

2. Get on the social networks. Once you have the domain name and the business name, you can build a Twitter name, a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel. All of these are places that you will need to build a following to get people to go back to read your site and blog posts. I know speakers and coaches who try to build a coaching business with an online presence, but you need to have some footprint in the online world for others to easily find you.

3. Get an email system. There are many of these out there from the A-Webber, Constant Contact, iContact. I used Mail-Chimp to get started because they have a free version that you can use until you build a list of people. You will need this to email as sending individual emails out can become long and hard to do and you will look like a spammer if it’s done wrong. You want a system where people can find you and know you are running a real business.

4. Online media. So many create things on other sites like E-zine and radio shows like Blogtalk Radio. These are great places to get yourself online to build a presence and get your name known. I am just now starting the online radio show; it comes with some work, as you need to find guests and topics to talk about each week. That scares so many but once you get it started you will see followers coming.

The online presence it a big thing in our internet world. I encourage many forms of online activity for my clients. I started with a blog and social sites like Facebook and Twitter. When I met online training people like Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, they worked to help me with LinkedIn. Then I started to follow people who taught me video, like Lou Bortone and Frank Kern. They said “you need to be on video,” so I built a YouTube channel. Now I’m working on a radio show from what Craig Duswalt taught me.

Each of these parts is needed to help build a world of attraction to get your message out. Over the next two days I will share how getting out to meet people face-to-face works to build your business more. In each of these steps you should be attracting new clients.

RockStarTim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

The Social Network

Good Friday morning. Our week dedicated to making a blog that matters has come down to its last day. With this week’s theme, it is my hope that some of you take steps towards a new writing career. That was where I started, and I have talked to many others who are starting the same way.

To wrap up our week I wanted to talk about some other ways to get traffic to your blog and to get your message out without sending a spam email to thousands of people you don’t know just hoping to get a few more readers. I want to tell how I got into the use of social networking and the people who helped me do it. It started back in 2005 when I found the MySpace website and learned I could host my own page. I was not sure what value this thing was; I just thought it was cool.

In 2008 my pastor at church, as a project for one of our sermon series, challenged us all to get on facebook and develop a conversation about what we were learning in the series. So it began. It was there that I was able to connect with everyone from family to old friends in the many different parts of the country. I was able to connect with one or two people I attended high school with and that led to information on our reunion. I tell all this because at that point the only vision I had for facebook was to connect with friends.

So in 2009, while working to expand an IT software company, I scheduled a meeting with an old friend. That friend, J.R. Atkins, said something really important. He said the best way to expand our business would be through social networks. All I knew about social networks at the time was facebook (which I used only for connecting with friends and family) and LinkedIn. I had heard of others, like Friendster, so I asked explain to me the value of these social media in growing business and I was soon hooked. It didn’t take long for me to see the potential value in this media.

In 2010 when I was starting Rocker Life Coach, I participated in a webinar with Eve Mayer Orsburn. She mentioned the social network of Twitter. I expanded to that with a screen name of @rockerlifecoach. It gave me a platform to share, but I was still not sure how it was going to work.

Eve mentioned that I needed to create a page on LinkedIn as well. I did, but was not able to do much with it as it was a professional site and I was more in with the non-professional side; I was more focused on personal relationships with people.

It was not until I met the LinkedIn trainers, Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff (the LinkedIn RockStar and LinkedIn Diva), that I began to see the potential in LinkedIn. Mike taught me how to set my page up to look the part for who I was and what I wanted to use if for. If you are connected with me on LinkedIn, you will see a change to my profile soon because Mike and Lori are in town on business and they are staying with us so we will be spending more time working together to improve my LinkedIn profile.

So that’s the short story of how I got into the different kinds social networks. Here is what I now use them for: I have a fan page on facebook and a Twitter account. I have a tool to tweet the title to my blog each day along with a link. It also tweets three times a day with old posts. I find three to four pictures and post these to give people motivation and hope in life. I use all networks to share small quotes and motivational sayings each day.

My strategy is to offer people helpful information for free, then offer them a chance to find out more with links to my blog page where they will find further opportunities to link to other helpful sites. These great tools create a network of tweeted ads for me.

It’s a great thing when you help someone and they tell you that you helped; but it’s better when others use these tools to share your message with their friends. Through these networks people are putting together groups of friends and acquaintances, making chat boards, as a group of us recently did so we could talk and prepare for the memorial service for our friend Curt when he passed in a bike wreck a few months back. Our speaker’s group and other network groups all connect through facebook groups.

Social networks are a tool and using the tool to help build a business like mine is a great thing. You get to pass on those positive things in life and share your writing with others when you want to get the word out.

That brings our week to a close. You can find out more about these social media tools and how they can help you connect. J.R. Atkins helps train others to use social media. Eve Mayer Orsburn has a social media company that helps others by showing them the many ways they can use social media in their businesses. You can connect with Mike and Lori at Integrated Alliances. They work with large companies training their employees on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Use social media in a way that matters and be the RockStar in your world.

Social Media and the RockStar Professional

 Good Monday morning to you. It’s the last full week in the month of November and for those who are in the working world, it is a short week. I wanted to gear our week around a topic of RockStar professionals. The idea for professionalism with the RockStar twist came to me a few months ago. Gwynne had been on my case to change the voicemail message for our business line. The fact that I am a fan of the movie, The Big Lebowski, had prompted me to have the message that Jeff Bridges’ character had in the movie: “The Dude is not here. Leave a message after the beep.” It was a tag line and if you knew me, that is how you would expect to hear me talk on my phone line. But was it professional enough for my business? Gwynne didn’t think so and I ended up changing it to something that kept my character but sounds more professional.

So this week we are going to cover four areas about a RockStar image and using things in a RockStar way. Today I want to cover the idea of using social media. There are some things I believe we simply should not do in this medium to be professional. This is a world media that can reach thousands, even millions of people. Even the “expert” Ashton Kutcher makes a mistake from time to time.

The idea of the professional use of these channels of media in a cool, RockStar way, while remembering how they look on our brand, on our name, or even our business is important.  Last week, I watched a business owner in the Dallas area make remarks from his personal facebook account on a group page with a lot of members who are also personal friends with each other. Within this group, it stirred a large battle among the members. It made me think about how a business owner should and should not use a personal facebook page.

When you operate a business and are its face, you must work to serve your customers – all of them. That often means making decisions about whether or not to reveal your personal life and opinions in an open forum – such as in social media avenues like facebook. When you express personal opinions on your business page, you run the risk of alienating some of your customers.

Last year I started to travel many miles with my business. It was also the time that I got more involved with the social media networking world. I learned I had to make my content on the web more professional. I also had to learn what to post and what not to post on a social sight. I did use the features on Foursquare and facebook to tell how I received bad service from two national service brands. When going into a franchise, most fast food and some other companies now have ways for you to fill out surveys online to tell what you thought of the service. Social media is better for that, as it’s a place where your info can get out to people. If it is wrong, many people will defend a place and the great service they had there.

So here are a few things to show professionalism in a new world of social media while still keeping your business unique and being true to your character.

1.  Never start an online fighting match with the customer, whether in your personal or business forum. The only thing this shows is that you are willing to argue a point. Too many times, we want to defend ourselves when someone puts us down. As a business or brand you never want to do this because it shows you to be childish. If a customer calls you out in a public forum and you feel you must reply, you should follow the exact same rule you would in the business itself: the customer is always right. You can apologize for their bad experience and invite them to come by to talk to you in person or call you so you can try to make it right. I think the best thing to do is to still send a private message to that person, tell them who you are and it was your company. Mention that you want to resolve the issue, maybe ask them to stop by again and tell you what went wrong. Doing this in private and resolving the problem to make them happy will give them a higher respect for your business or brand. Let them be the ones to put out how you helped them resolve a problem, praise works so much better when it comes from others not yourself.

2.  Never work to sell someone by talking down the competition. We all have those who we feel short cut the system on deals, competitors who took that big sale away from us. But you never want to make a public display of how they cut prices thinking that will somehow make you look better. Instead what you should do is build them up. Say, “Yes, they have a great sales process. If you choose to buy from them, see Charlie. I know him from an old place we worked together.” Then maybe tell them to come by and show you the great deal they got. Over the summer I bought a new bike from a salesman I knew. A week earlier I was at a sister dealership where my friend Bryan is a manager. When I told Bryan I got the new bike he told me, “That’s great. I’m glad you finally got it. You look good on it. Ride safe.” He was not upset. He’s watched me buy two new bikes, never one from him. Yet he is always excited to see me buying new ones and he knows I will buy again; he is making sure he is still someone I will think of when it happens.

3.  Always make yourself open to talk about problems. Maybe create a forum page or question page where you can ask customers to go on and tell you what they want to see improved bout your business. This is a great way to use the social media to get ideas, but also use it to ask customers, “What is the one thing you would like to see change at our business?” Make it so they can come to you with truth.

4.  Never hide behind your online profiles. I have met people who, when it comes to their business, use a business page to show a false image of who they are. A few years ago I watched the filming of a reality TV show. I had chosen not to be involved with it, even though I knew the group that was in the filming. I watched as the TV crews scripted an event for filming that showed two members of this group looking different from their true selves. It is so hard to change a false image about yourself or your business. In the world where we create uniqueness it’s time to show your true self.

5.  Separate your personal and business pages. I had a friend on LinkedIn tell me that she was a business connection to me, but was seeing too much of my personal life because, when I posted on Twitter, it copied to my LinkedIn page. Yes we are unique in what we do and we do things in different ways, but be professional when you need to be and personal when you need to be. It’s the personal life that will attract your friends to your business, but most of the time your business friends are there to do business. Let them ask to be a friend on your personal page instead of you asking them.

Take these short bits and make your business a better place by attracting new customers. The key about social networks is they are about building relationships. If you lose a sale and find out about it on facebook, take that info and work to build your relationship with that person – outside a public forum – so they will become a customer again. The only people buying for the last time are those buying coffins. And remember, they have family and friends who are still potential customers.

Social media has given us great ways to share life with those we can’t be with all the time. Use it to make your business better by sharing the great stuff and working to improve the stuff that went wrong. Use it to make your life better by separating your personal and business lives to keep your customers comfortable and your friends knowing the real you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dreams, to love what you do and those you share life with. Be professional and build lasting relationships, both in your brick-and-mortar business and in your social media forums, to become the RockStar in your world.

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