What Makes a Leader a Good Leader?

zig-ziglarSo I asked that question in one of many of the online forums I am on and the first response I got was from my wonderful and funny mentor, Mr. Craig Duswalt. What makes a good leader? “Being able to lead.” I’d say Craig is good at pointing out the obvious.

It was Saturday, and asking people to think on a Saturday morning was a bit much. But the idea was to find out what people are looking for in a leader, what they felt a good leader was, who we follow, and who we don’t follow because we feel they are not a leader.

Right now in America, we are in tough times; we are in a country that is as split as always on politics. Many are still not pleased with who the choice is for president. But he was elected, and, good or bad, is our leader.

This week of posts will be about leadership – those things that make a leader a good leader, and those things leaders do that give us the desire to follow. Yes, just like Craig’s note they have to be able to lead. And there are many who think they are leading, but really they are so far ahead of those they think they are leading, that they are really just out for a walk.

In contrast to the answer Craig gave was my friend, Karen (publisher of my upcoming book, “You Can Always Get What You Want”). She mentioned one thing that goes hand-in- hand with the being able to lead: Communication. You see, to lead you must be able to communicate your vision, and you must be able to hear from those who follow you.

Being able to lead will go hand-in-hand with hearing from those who follow you and talking to them. Again I want to emphasize that if you are leading from so far away that no one is directly following you, then you are just out taking a walk.

Are you able to lead? Who is following you? Are you in communication with those who are following? Do you want to build a bigger following?  Subscribe to the blog this week so you won’t miss the posts about good leaders. You might want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well to catch the videos I will launch about leadership.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and lead while you’re doing it. Are you ready to make 2013 the year that rocks?

Just Say Yes

I just came off another fantastic week of education on business, marketing and entrepreneurship. It’s so good to see great mentors and friends, to take time and learn from many who have done things in their lives and made success from what life handed them.

A theme that struck me last week while at this event was something that I need to apply more in my life. I was reminded of this from my mentor and friend, Craig Duswalt, as well as many other teachers like Les Brown, James Malinchak, and Loral Langmeier, who coach people on being successful, excelling in business and managing money well.

The one thing I need to apply that they teach is to just say “yes” and find a way to make it happen. My wife has this down; she is the first to just say “Yes, we need to do that” then work to find the way to make it happen. Now you may think I’m talking money, but I found this theme needed to be applied in so many areas of life.

So I want to look at it in a few different ways. We’re going to talk about getting life moving and getting some feedback from you on ways you learned to just say “yes” and then find a way to make things happen.

This year I stepped out and just said “yes” to attending many of the events that I was putting off. I preferred to have the money in the bank before I would plan on attending the event.

The truth is, we shut a part of our mind down when we think this way. Our minds automatically shut off the creative side when we say “no.”  I have watched as many people look to build a better world with close-minded ideas.  Too many times we wait till we are backed into a corner before we make the choices that could make the changes we should have made months before to save ourselves.

So as we go through a few ideas this week, think of how your mind works. Have you actually begun a habit of saying “no” when you mean to say “yes?” Are you ready to open your mind to possibilities? Get ready and let’s learn together to say “yes” and find a way to make it happen.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to say “yes” to becoming the RockStar in your world?

Sometimes You Must Find the Fork in the Road to Take

A week of blogs on purpose is not always easy to write. I believe we all have a purpose and the book I referenced at the beginning of the week begins by telling us we are here for God’s purpose. Some think this is true; others think they just have to get by however they can and that there is no purpose in life.

So many have found where they are working to be their life purpose; and some have bumped into it while traveling another road. The past few months I have worked with a man named Jason who has a great history of bringing life-changing products to the world. Some of the products are his creations and some are the creations of people he has found whose ideas and products he brings to a market and life.

Jason tells the story in his presentation of how people have come to him with great ideas and no money. You see, he can get the idea to market, but you need the capital to build the product. That very idea worried Jason so, being the brilliant mind that he is, he went to looking to solve that problem. Now he speaks, coaches and helps people to navigate the system of crowd funding.

You see, sometimes when you head down a road you will come across a greater need that will cause you to leave what you thought was a plan to pursue a greater plan. And your purpose moves to another level.

This week I will again be in a seminar and boot camp held by Craig Duswalt. He is another man who had the same thing happen to him. He headed down one path until hitting a personal wall that left him searching.

Craig has many times found that if he just showed up, something presented itself in the form of an opportunity. This has worked for him from his first time working with a band, to his speaking career where he showed up to a meeting and as a result found a seminar that gave him an entire new purpose of teaching marketing concepts – concepts that are so far outside the box he calls it RockStar Marketing.

Many of you are looking for that grand purpose; you want it to just come to you in your sleep one night, to just present itself. Well it’s not going to happen, you need to get out and do something and it will meet you.

Remember the time I had two gentlemen say “hi” to me while I was making their coffees at Starbucks? They met me and researched who I was then hired me to help transform their company, to make changes to help it grow. Had I not taken a job at Starbucks when I was just wondering what to do next, that would never have opened up to me, I would not have met some of the people who helped build our investment company. I would not have taken the steps that helped me to found this coaching business.

So what steps are you going to take to find out where you need to head to reach a purpose in your life? It’s out there, and you have to go find it; it’s not coming to you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready for the next level to become the RockStar in your world?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Icon: Gene Simmons

Another day and another rock ‘n’ roll icon. Today again, I’m going to mention one I have talked about before. Check out my past post here on Gene Simmons.

He still gets a spot in my Rock Icons list and let me tell you why: it seems that Gene has been the marketing mind behind KISS, the reason they have rights to everything with the KISS name from condoms to caskets. That is the reason he gets to be on my list of American Rock Icons.

I was also trying to find the exact number of platinum records that KISS holds. I believe it’s actually one or two more than the Beatles. Now when I mention that to people, I then ask them how many Beatles songs they can name in under 10 seconds.

I know right now you’re going through as many as you can; you’ve probably pulled out your watch to time yourself to see.

Now use the next 10 seconds to name as many KISS songs that you can. People will remember all those Beatles songs, and those songs have been around longer while there are not that many KISS songs that everyone knows. You see, it was the marketing genius that got them to that level.

So now how many of you tell me you do not have a top-selling product? Well, you just have to get some great marketing to go behind it. I suggest that you first review your product to make sure it’s really good; then come up with a great way to market yourself.

I know all of you are going to ask me, “What big idea could you come up with to market my product?” Glad you asked.

If you ever wanted to learn the secrets to marketing like a RockStar, guess what. This next month is your chance to learn about that very thing. If you want to learn to market in a way to become an icon like Gene Simmons, then you need to attend this event: Craig Duswalt’s RockStar Marketing Boot Camp.

So, are you ready to be a RockStar? Do you want to see your name on my Icon list? Then take the action and I’ll see you at soon.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Learning and growing are needed to become the RockStar in your world.



UPDATE: Have you checked out the recent book from Gene? Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business

Are You Online Yet?

It’s another day in our week of helping coaches rock the coaching world. I thought about this week after realizing my wife is set on catching all of the Olympic events she can. If you are watching the games in London this week, they are something that takes over the world every 4 years. If you love it, you watch. Many work to get there in person.

But on TV, you can see the relationships between the coaches and those competing. It shows the value of coaching, from the coach who worked with them for years to get to this point to the team members who are coaching and encouraging along the way.

The team members learn coaching because many of those competing will be back in years to come as they get older, coaching those who come after them. Like the many who contact me about how to build the coaching business, they are following after me and I want to help them succeed by showing them the mistakes I made and helping clients learn from them.

So in our week of how I help coach the coaches, it’s important to understand that we will help more coaches, and once those we coach succeed, they might actually be able to offer coaching to others as well. I know to the many competitive careers out there it sounds like we are pushing to get more and more out to coach.

Well, we need more people to make this world better, and if more successful people would offer coaching programs to help, we could build many more successful businesses and organizations. Part of what Donald Trump is doing with his “Apprentice” show is helping to train others to build themselves to success, as well as building his company to a stronger place.

Now we take it to the practical level of where to grow your coaching. Yesterday I shared how we need a program to help others. Now we need a place to share it. We need an online presence.

I built an online presence for my coaching programs before I ever stepped out to meet people. So here are the places you need to be online to start your coaching:

1. Start with a website or a blog. You can start out with some of the free sites to get going and build from there. I started with a blogspots and WordPress.com site. WordPress.com had an option for me to take the domain name and make it look like a real site. But building a blog and posting on a regular basis is the first thing you need. Be sure to get the domain name that matches where you want to go, but also get [your name].com. Getting Rockerlifecoach.com was the first thing I did to set the position of brand I wanted to build from.

2. Get on the social networks. Once you have the domain name and the business name, you can build a Twitter name, a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel. All of these are places that you will need to build a following to get people to go back to read your site and blog posts. I know speakers and coaches who try to build a coaching business with an online presence, but you need to have some footprint in the online world for others to easily find you.

3. Get an email system. There are many of these out there from the A-Webber, Constant Contact, iContact. I used Mail-Chimp to get started because they have a free version that you can use until you build a list of people. You will need this to email as sending individual emails out can become long and hard to do and you will look like a spammer if it’s done wrong. You want a system where people can find you and know you are running a real business.

4. Online media. So many create things on other sites like E-zine and radio shows like Blogtalk Radio. These are great places to get yourself online to build a presence and get your name known. I am just now starting the online radio show; it comes with some work, as you need to find guests and topics to talk about each week. That scares so many but once you get it started you will see followers coming.

The online presence it a big thing in our internet world. I encourage many forms of online activity for my clients. I started with a blog and social sites like Facebook and Twitter. When I met online training people like Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, they worked to help me with LinkedIn. Then I started to follow people who taught me video, like Lou Bortone and Frank Kern. They said “you need to be on video,” so I built a YouTube channel. Now I’m working on a radio show from what Craig Duswalt taught me.

Each of these parts is needed to help build a world of attraction to get your message out. Over the next two days I will share how getting out to meet people face-to-face works to build your business more. In each of these steps you should be attracting new clients.

RockStarTim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

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