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Tim Gillette is an author, speaker, radio show host. Creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. Using Music, Motorcycles, and Mentorship to help Entrepreneurs Rock their business and become leaders.  Bringing the message alive that its time for you to take action to make the changes in your world.

Speaking to crowds of all sizes, Tim brings the audience he speaks to a point of making the choices that are meant to change their world. Taking the idea of hope in their future and Showing that anyone can live the dream if they are willing to get out of the comfort zone they are in and change.

Speaking to Networking groups, Speakers Groups, Church Events, Personal Growth Workshops and any group who want something Different to bring life to their organization. If you need someone different to bring Life back to your event. Let Tim help you make it ROCK.


RADIO SHOWS: Tim Has been a guest on many radio shows, as well as hosting his own show.



Here’s what others have said
after Tim has spoken to their group.

Jennifer Luney“Tim brings a fun, educational and ‘rock star’ performance to his speaking engagements. He delivers a positive message and action-oriented style to his audience participation workshops and presentations. Connecting, engaging, entertaining and motivating, Tim brings his knowledge, street-smarts, and experience along with purpose for a results-driven outcome. I highly recommend Tim Gillette as a speaker to inspire your next group.”

Jennifer Luney (BHarmony Events)

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jeff fagin“Tim rocked the house at our 2% club…I highly encourage everybody who has the opportunity to work with Tim, to have Tim come speak at their engagements or to have the opportunity to learn from Tim to take full advantage of it. Thumbs up for Tim Gillette!”

Jeff Fagin (Phoenix 2% Club, Phoenix, AZ)