Setting up the Big Idea

Setting up the Big Idea

IMG_2717So I am sure we could all list a ton of those big ideas mentioned yesterday. But are you looking for doors to open for that big idea?

One of my mentors and coaches is Craig Duswalt, if you have not heard his story, I encourage you to look his story up on YouTube. Craig tells how he was just a bottom of the list employee at a music venue in New York, But always did the best job he could with the best attitude he could.

That opened the door for Craig to become the bands assistant for Air Supply, which opened the door for him to work as manager for Axl Rose of Guns N Roses. It was doing that best that opened those doors.

Many times when we hear a story like that we cannot believe it, I myself have had people walk up to me while working at Starbucks and offer my a job as well.

Just because you have the idea, does not mean you can pull it off all by yourself. Usually a big idea requires a big team. So you are going to have to find that team. Or maybe that person who has the opportunity that will open the doors for your idea to come to life.


Imagine this you have to work part time job bar tending to help pay the family bills, because your day job as an accountant was not paying the bills. While serving a regular customer you find he has a large company that is looking for a new accountant.

Now this is a made up story, but imagine for a moment being in those shoes, if you give average service each night, you may get a tip to help the family bills. But if you gave exceptional service, never really asking to find more, just doing you job the best you can. Imagine the doors that could open up, with some friendly conversation.

So what are you doing while you are waiting for that big idea? Are you doing the jobs you must with exceptional service? Or just getting by looking for the doors to open, and not finding much? Change your attitude and give exceptional service, you never know who is watching.

Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ’n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to take action and start living your dream. Are you ready to change and make 2013 rock?

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