RIP Prince: The Purple Rain

RIP Prince: The Purple Rain

2016 is getting to be a tough year for Rock N’ Roll. We have lost some of the most influential artists this year and its only April. If only we could get a preview of this big concert in the sky that God is putting together up in heaven.

I recall the first time I ever heard a song from Prince, it was 1999 I was 15 years old and it was being played on the radio allot. I worked part time after school for this fast food joint Ginos I believe. After the store would shut down for the night the girls would turn on the radio and that is the first place I heard the song. Prince was not in my normal music playlist at the time. I was more of a metal rocker.

Then in 1984 the movie came out, I have to say the only song I liked at the time of the movie was Lets Go Crazy. Purple Rain was not that impressive to me. Looking back I see where my music taste rot 004have changed so much over the last 30 years. So much of his music has been on my iPod over the past 10 years since moving to the digital music lifestyle.

When I did my daily song of the day on periscope today I talked about how losing someone like this impacts us all, some of us more than losing a family member. I asked why do you think that is? Then I think back to the memories I have, what listening to these songs did for me. And think to a line that Glenn Fry mentioned in the History of the Eagles movie a few years back. Glenn said something in reference to the eagles, that I think could be applied to many of our teenage music from the 70s and 80s. We did not just sit and play computer games, we actually went out and did things. We went on road trips, went on camping trips, went to show, amusement parks. We did things and that music playing on the radio, Well that was the soundtrack to our life.

We now look back and see all those good times, bad times and everything in between, and we remember the music we had playing on the radio. That impacts us, now we are older and so many of our younger years heroes , from musicians, to movie stars, to sports stars. They are getting older and its their time. We are losing the good ones, and some of them at an age that is still way to young. Prince was only 57, I remember when 57 seamed so old, its not anymore.

Before all your music heroes are gone maybe you need to go see them one more time in concert, I must say one of the greatest things I am glad for is taking a road trip to Kentucky in 2013 just to see the opening show of the last tour from the Eagles. I wished I would have gone to just one Prince concert now.

Who is it you want to see???

Who do you wish you would have gone to see?

What was your favorite Prince song?

What have you done to remember Prince?

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