Make Money and Get Paid

Make Money and Get Paid

10 Ways to make money and get paid in the next 10 days.

  1. Sell something you own.
  2. Get a job,
  3. Collect recycling items and turn in for money.
  4. Get a job.
  5. Sell a service to someone who needs something you do.
  6. Get a Job.
  7. Sell a product or service for someone else.
  8. Get a Job.
  9. Stand on a corner holding a sign.
  10. Get a Job..

So many things you can do to make money, they all revolve around you getting out and doing something. I would really hate to have to come to the point of having to do number 9.

But in case you cannot make money with many business ideas out there, the fastest way to generate a regular income is GET A JOB..

Once you have a regular source of income try to create something on the side, once you develop a system that brings in consistent income, not make a plan to quit the job..


Good Luck.

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2 Replies to “Make Money and Get Paid”

  1. Yes it is… I always when broke and needed income, went for whatever job I could get and did the best I could at that job. Once I was offered a top management job with an IT company while making the owner of the company a coffee at starbucks. So it may be tough so I would encourage people in these shoes to get what you can, with some money coming in you can always find something better.
    Thanks for sharing Christine, love your input.

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