How to Make EASY money in 2 steps

How to Make EASY money in 2 steps

First before I give the 2 step process, I think I should give credit to whom credit is due. I noticed this post on facebook today from the great internet marketer Frank Kern. If you have not been to one of Franks online trainings from webinars, to his video launches you must check him out. at

hundrred dollars from Tim

Ok now that I have given credit to Frank here is the two step process

STEP 1: Stop trying to be entrepreneur, owning your own business is not for you. Before you move on to step 2 make sure you get this step. You must check out from the idea that if you are in business for yourself that you get to take it easy. You are not set up for this entrepreneur lifestyle and its best that you accept that now.

Now if you are ready for the second part lets move on.

STEP 2: Get a JOB. This is the easiest way that you can make money, you exchange your time to get a paycheck. This paycheck will come to you on a regular basis and they will take care of things for you like taxes. Guess what you might even get some good health insurance, maybe get vacation time where you can take off and not have to work for a week or two and actually still get a check. In some cases they will pay you a few days a year if you get sick, or need to take some personal time off.


You see for the entrepreneur the idea of “easy money”  is not even a reality. I have met many an entrepreneur who spend 2, 4, 7, and sometimes 10 years on becoming an overnight success.

If you want to be successful at something and make a good living doing it you are going to have to work at it. for years I have given my 4 guarantees.

  1. You will work for a dream. Your dream or someone else who has a dream, BUT you will work for a dream.
  2. You will do something you HATE to do. Just a fact, no matter the job and no matter how much you hear “I love what I do” there is always part of the job that is WORK.
  3. You will market and promote. I usually tell people you will learn to market and promote your own business, dream, vision, or you will learn to promote ” Can I get you Fries with that? “
  4. You will only get out of something what you are willing to put into it. You see if you want to give minimum energy, do the least of what is required, you will get the least amount of reward. Some will get that quick bonus, but if they have not learned to put more into things, soon that small amount of energy will change the results you get, and you will watch your rewards get smaller and smaller.

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