Make America Great Again. Really?

Make America Great Again. Really?

Take a long look at your life. Now look at your business. If you do not have a business then how is your job doing?? A few years ago I did the blog series, “Real Hope and Change.” I thought it was only fair to apply these same ideals to the campaign slogans of this year’s presidential race.

BUT this is not my formal endorsement of Trump or Clinton. And my next blog post, titled “Stronger Together,” will also not be an endorsement for either candidate.

I attended a networking event in the Dallas area this week and was inspired by the way one insurance agent shared her company with the group, just full of excitement about how they help people and who she was looking for to help with the insurance policies she sold.

The idea of insurance really does not excite me and I have watched many agents come and go in her company. When they start with the company they are excited; after a year or so, some of them struggle to keep making the sales and sign-ups.

That’s the point in many entrepreneur ventures: the enthusiasm gets lower and lower with each passing day when you are not making enough sales to keep the doors open.

So I was thinking about the idea of “make America great again,” the idea that we have somehow lost faith in those good things we believe we were supposed to have in our daily lives, living in the country we live in.

In 2008 I watched many people whom I spent time around, including a men’s prayer breakfast that met once a week. I found that the group was leaning more and more to the discussion of the presidential elections. Many of these men talked of such doom and gloom, believing that this country could be in sad condition depending on who won the election.

One person in my life at the time, Nate, would visit our group from time to time. Nate was an entrepreneur, and a positive mind entrepreneur at that. He shared with us that in this country we make our own economy.

The idea is still the same eight years later: WE hold the power in our hands to make America great. Having a leader who claims what he is going to do is not what is going to make this country great again IF we the people are not willing to get up and make changes in our lives and businesses to make it great.

Are we in tough times?

YES, but everyone faces challenges. Change your attitude about the problem and your problem will not look as bad while you are fixing it.

Can we make our America great again?

YES. Each and every one of us needs to get up tomorrow and make that our Personal America great.

Are you willing to do what it takes to make your business, your life, your family, America great again? For my readers who are not in America, you have the power to make the world you live in great again also. Start with your attitude about the problem.

Making America great again starts with you; I still think you need to vote. You need to vote for whomever you feel is the best person for the job. See you next week when we talk about being “stronger together”.

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