Level Up Your Standards Now

Level Up Your Standards Now

IMG_2930I was given the idea for this week’s them, the idea of a sexy body, by my radio show guest today, Dr. Linda. She is someone who really works to get people to be healthy.

As I was thinking about this blog last night, I decided to make a run to finish up some tasks at one of our rental units. While there, I got a phone call from Dr. Linda about the show and that was what gave me today’s idea.

Just in case you thought I was always prepared, well sometimes the post is an idea that comes the night before. Dr. Linda was talking to me about how I take care of my Harley. She asked if I maintain my body as well as I take care of my bike.

I think about my dad passing away in 2010 and the fact that if he had maintained his body like he did his trucks, he might still be with us. My Harley requires that I run synthetic motor oil in it. Both my wife’s bike and mine require premium gasoline with a 91 octane minimum.

Over the years I have always run good gas in my vehicles, always kept the oil changed and the filters clean. I always ran a higher quality of oils and fluids in my cars. I know that is how I was able to run my vehicles longer than most.

Now I must use the better quality stuff in my Harley because it is a high performance vehicle. The years of doing that for the non-high performance cars set me up to maintain this one now that I have it.

Now let’s look at our bodies. As I was about to walk into Taco Bell last night, I thought about this. We run junk foods and processed chemicals in our bodies and talk of the better life. Well if you want to be able to afford the better life, you better take care of the body you have now.

We all want the sexy healthy body, but we do not want to do the work to get it. The truth about that body you want is that you’re not going to get it at a discount. I’m not talking money here; I’m talking quality of input. I’m saying that you need to put top shelf into your body, even when you think you don’t need it.

As I was putting premium gas into my bike tonight, I thought, “What did I put into my body for energy and power today? Did I put less fuel into my body than I needed for what I had to do? Did I put more food or fuel into my body than the energy needed to run me for that day?”

So many things could be addressed on this concept of the performance of your body versus the fuel you put into it. Think about what you are feeding yourself next time you pull up to that drive-through. Think about how you take care of your car, or motorcycle, next time you put gas into it and compare that to what you put into your body.

Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ’n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to take action and start living your dream. Are you ready to change and make 2013 rock?

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