Let’s Get It Started In Here

That’s right. It’s Thursday and late last night we got back home from our days of driving. It’s time to get started from the home front, fired up and ready to rock. But like any new goal or dream that you are in pursuit of guess what comes with it?

So we were about 200 miles from home last night and we stopped to get gas one more time – the last fill-up after more than 3,000 miles of driving. As I was about to climb back into the truck, I reached in my back pocket to get the keys out and my phone, which I almost never put in my back pocket, fell out. Well, I’m faced with my first challenge. I have to head to the Apple store and get a new glass screen put on my phone.

After it happened, for the first 30 minutes of driving I spent the time worried about how I did it, trying to replay the incident in my mind like I could go back in time and keep it from happening. Then I realized one thing I tell people repeatedly is when you get that big goal, that big dream, you will also be handed a big challenge. This is not that big of a challenge as I’ve broken an iPhone screen before. But still, it distracted me from my important goal of taking charge after last week’s RockStar Boot Camp.

When challenges come up, most people start to face and focus on the challenge and lose focus on the dream (and for most it’s a much bigger challenge than this). This is why so many never reach the dreams or goals they want in life. We are always focused on the problem not the solution and the life beyond the solution. In this case, the solution was easy. But I’d already given the problem – an accidental dropping of my phone – enough time to divert my attention for several hours from the plans I’m making to achieve the dreams and goals I have.

I’m home now and the party is going to get started. I was so excited last night, poor Gwynne was falling asleep listening to me tell all that I learned. So, get ready world. It’s time to get it started in here.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get you dream started, don’t let your focus be diverted by obstacles, and soon you will be the RockStar in your world.

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